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Best Fun Run Themes

7 Best Fun Run Themes Perfect for Fundraising

Fundraising, and especially fun runs, are even more exciting when you have a theme. But choosing a great theme can be a challenge! Here are Australian Fundraising’s 7 best fun run themes for schools and groups of any age, size and location!

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Best Fun Run Themes

A theme is a brilliant way to spice up your school or group’s fun run fundraiser. Not only does a great theme give participants a chance to dress up, be involved, and become more excited, but choosing a theme often boosts your fundraising profits as well! Discover 7 of the best fun run themes, as chosen by the team at Australian Fundraising!


What are the best fun run themes?

Many people agree that thinking of a theme idea can be the hardest part of a fun run! If you are stuck for ideas, or just looking for some extra inspiration, consider 7 of the best fun run themes below!


1.     Monster Mania

The monster trend has taken the world by storm lately, with younger students especially loving the idea of furry friends! Capitalise on their interest with an exciting Monstar Mania fun run!

One of the best fun run themes for 2022, you choose how to host your Monster themed fun run. But, Australian Fundraising makes it easy with Monty the Monster, our new and friendly fundraising mascot. Monty is incorporated in all of our fundraising materials, meaning it’s easier than ever for you to host a marvellous monster themed fun run!


Ask about our Monster-themed Fun Run!


A Monster Themed Fun Run is one of the best fun run themes.

A Monster Themed Fun Run is one of the best fun run themes.


2.     A Rainbow Colour Explosion

How could you resist the brightest day at school? A crazy colour theme is the brightest and best fun run theme idea, giving every student an opportunity to get involved!

Not only is a rainbow colour theme easy for any age group to dress up, decorate and promote, it also gives you an opportunity to host Australia’s most popular colour school fun run, the Colour Explosion!

Host a mind-blowing colour extravaganza when you choose Australian Fundraising for your Colour Explosion fun run event. With free rainbow headbands, colourful sunglasses and 100g of Genuine Holi Colour Powder for every student, the fundraising component is the cherry on top!


Discover the Colour Explosion Fun Run!


Colour Explosion School Fun Run

Colour School Fun Run is a brilliant fundraising idea for schools and groups!


3.     Ninja Warrior Obstacle Challenge

Challenge your participants with a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Challenge! Make your fun run a little more complex by having participants climb, jump and swerve their way through your obstacles.

Have participants dress up in the best Ninja Warrior suits, including rainbow headbands, long socks and gloves.

Design your Ninja Warrior track with a myriad of fantastic fun run obstacles, including giant tyres, slime pits, foam cannons, mini hurdles and more! You can even time students laps and award a prize to your fastest competitors.

You can take your Ninja Warrior Obstacle Challenge to the next level and combine it with a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun or Slime Spectacular Fun Run.


Best Obstacles for a Fun Run

Inflatable rings can be a great obstacle for your Ninja Warrior Obstacle Challenge.


4.     Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular

If you love a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Challenge, but are looking for something with a little bit more WOW, a Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular fun run might be exactly what you’re looking for.

With one litre of slime for every student in your school, you can easily host an amazing slip and slide slime fun run! Have students dodge your slime blasters as they navigate the track, and finish your race with a slip and slide slime pool! You can add extra obstacles if you wish, or have your slip and slide be the main event.

Check out Worongary State School’s awesome Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular on Channel 7 News.


Explore the Slime Spectacular Fun Run!


A Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular is one of the best fun run themes

A Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular is one of the best fun run themes


5.     Under the Sea: Go Green!

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly fun run theme, an Under the Sea theme is perfect for your school. Whether you live coastally or not, students love the idea of getting dressed up and embracing the mystery of the ocean.

Pair your Under the Sea themed fun run with our environmentally friendly charity partner Carbon Neutral. Instead of incentive prizes, swap your toys for tree planting in one of Australia’s largest carbon sinks, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. You will also be able to reduce your landfill and minimise the impact of your fun run with bulk supplied colour powder, rather than recyclable plastic bottles. Environmentally friendly fundraising has never been so fun!


Choose an Environmentlly Friendly Fun Run!


A partnership with Carbon Neutral helps schools go green.

Australian Fundraising’s partnership with Carbon Neutral can help schools Go Green.


6.     Double the Fun: Colour and Slime

Double the fun! Give participants the best of both worlds, by drenching them in both Holi genuine colour powder and ooey-gooey slime. The colour slime fun run by Australian Fundraising is Australia’s newest fun run event, as participants enjoy the best of our Colour Explosion and Slime Spectacular Fun Run events.

Your colour and slime blasters will be stationed around your colour slime fun run track, ready to blast your runners as they go past! Before long, participants will be covered from head to toe in vibrant colour powder and ooey-gooey slime!


Double the Fun! Ask us about a Colour Slime Fun Run!


Double the fun with a dual Colour and Slime Fun Run!

Participants of any age will love a colour slime fun run!


7.     Carnival: inflatables galore!

Some schools choose to host a biannual fun run, with a school fete occurring every second year. What if you could participants a taste of both at your next school fun run?

An inflatable fun run event day could be the perfect fun run theme, taking your fun run from bland to grand! With lots of inflatable options available, you could choose an inflatable starting line arch, a tunnel, inflatable hurdles, or a jumping castle for the end of your race. Ask the team at Australian Fundraising how we can help you host an amazing inflatable fun run event!

You can take your Carnival theme even further, and invest in a snow cone stall, fairy floss machine or small canteen on the day. Children can spend some extra dollars to treat themselves after the big race. Consider any other possible extra inclusions participants may enjoy, such as a dunk tank (even better if teachers are on the plank!).


Get started today!


Awesome inflatable event days with Australian Fundraising!

Host an awesome inflatable event day with Australian Fundraising!


Bring your themed fun run to life!

Discover how you can bring 7 of the best fun run themes to life with Australian Fundraising! Our friendly team of fundraising specialists are available to help you get started. Simply call us on 1300 133 022, or submit an online enquiry below.


We can’t wait to help you have the biggest and brightest fun run fundraiser. If you’re ready to lock in your fundraiser, book now!


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How to choose the best fun run theme

Everyone wants to choose the best fun run theme for their school or group. But how do you know what will get your unique school or group excited to fundraise?

Although there are 7 ideas that are the most exciting (according to our team, anyway!), there are a few extra things to think about when choosing the best fun run theme for you.



Firstly, consider the age of your participants. Make sure your theme relates to them, and they understand what the theme is. Kindergarteners may not understand an outer space theme, and high school students may not enjoy a monster theme. Think about your demographic and choose a theme they will love.



A second consideration is the diversity encouraged by your topic. Is your theme broad enough to give everyone lots of different ideas? Are there lots of graphics you can use for promotion, and lots of decorations for the event itself?

You don’t want to choose a theme that is too niche and limits your participants from truly getting involved. Think about diversity when considering the best fun run themes for you.



The last thing any fundraising committee or organiser needs is more stress! Choose a theme that is simple, easily understood, and basic to plan. Think about how difficult your theme may be for children, parents, and your volunteers to get involved. Remember that simple is always best when it comes to the best fun run themes.

Alternatively, you can have a team of fundraising specialists help you plan your fun run, lightening your load dramatically! Australian Fundraising Specialists are available to help you plan your ultimate fun run.


The event itself!

What do you want your event day to look and feel like? Choose a theme that fits with your overall fundraising goals and vision.

Similarly, think about access and resources. If you don’t have access to water on your school oval, a Slip and Slide Slime Spectacular may not be the way to go. But, a Carnival theme might be perfect! Think about your resources and the relevant access required to make your themed fun run come to life.

November 3, 2021

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