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Eco-Friendly Fundraising at Your School

Go Green! Fundraising That Doesn’t Cost the Earth!

Choosing to Go Green and participate in an eco-friendly fundraiser may seem detrimental to your profit. But it doesn’t have to be! At Australian Fundraising, you can be kind to Mother Earth without sacrificing the hard earned profit raised for your school or group. Discover more about an eco-friendly Go Green school fun run today!

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Environmentally Friendly Fun Run

You may be feeling like there are no options for a vibrant, high-profit and environmentally friendly fun run, especially for schools and groups! But what if there was an environmentally friendly alternative that gave you the big profits of fundraising, but didn’t cost the Earth?


Big Profits, Low Impact!

The good news – there is! With Australian Fundraising, you can choose to Go Green when your school or group participates in a Slime Spectacular, Colour Explosion, Colour Splatacular or Classic Fun Run! Forget wasteful fundraisers that derail all of your hard work towards sustainability. Our Go Green school fun runs are leading the way in environmentally friendly fundraising for schools and groups.


What is a Go Green Fun Run?

Have all the fun without the landfill with a Go Green Fun Run! Our Go Green Fun Run programs reduce waste and encourage positive environmental consciousness. Your school or group will have all the fun of a Fun Run fundraiser without the landfill!

Instead of incentive prizes, your students will help fund tree planting in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, or coral planting in the Great Barrier Reef!


Eco-friendly Colour Powder and Slime

Rest easy knowing that all Genuine Holi Colour Powder for Colour Explosion Fun Runs is non-toxic to plants, animals and humans! The water soluble powder is based on corn starch and food-grade colouring – it’s safe enough to eat!

Likewise, when you choose a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, our water-based non-toxic Slime is safe for skin, eyes and waterways! With no harmful chemicals or irritants, you can be rest assured that no harmful side effects will come to your students or the environment.

And if you choose a Classic Fun Run, you can make your own confetti out of fallen leaves or opt for rainwater filled water guns instead!


No Plastic Squirt Bottles

Concerned about the amount of plastic that is wasted with plastic squirt bottles? At Australian Fundraising, we are too. That’s why we provide bulk boxes of Genuine Holi Colour Powder for all of our Go Green Fun Runs, keeping thousands of plastic bottles out of landfill. Your colour powder can then be distributed in paper bags or in the bulk boxes themselves.


No Prizes, No Worries!

Incentive prizes are often one of the first things people think of cutting back on when seeking environmentally friendly school fun run options. Although Australian Fundraising endeavors to make our incentive prizes as low waste as possible, you can skip incentive prizes all together! Instead, for every $20 raised, students can choose to help plant one tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor or one coral in the Great Barrier Reef!

Not only are you preventing damage to our Earth, but you will be contributing to the active restoration of some of Australia’s most vulnerable habitats.


Learn More About Plant-A-Difference!


Completely online fundraising

Opt to fundraise completely online! Did you know that with Australian Fundraising, you can choose to opt out of sponsorship forms all together, and fundraise entirely online instead? This saves lots of paper from ending up in the rubbish, but also saves hundreds of hours in distribution, cash handling, and paperwork! It’s a win for you and the Earth!

Our online fundraising platform is also designed for primary school aged children, meaning that it is more exciting for them to jump online with a parent and fundraise some big bucks! Students can collect their virtual coins by completing online tasks, and design their own personal fundraising avatar. Students can also explore a virtual map, where they discover how their tree or coral planting is making a difference!


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Benefits of Going Green

If you’re not quite convinced why a Go Green school fun run is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to fundraise, perhaps a few extra benefits will help! Discover more reasons why a Go Green Fun Run is one of Australia’s best environmentally friendly fundraisers. Some benefits include:

  • Reflect school values.
  • Teach students to be environmentally conscious.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Align school culture with the school curriculum.
  • Make a difference, one tree or coral at a time.


Discover more benefits of Going Green!


Get Started with a Go Green Fun Run!

Is a Go Green Fun Run the environmentally friendly fun run you’ve been looking for? Get started today!

Our awesome team at Australian Fundraising is ready to help you get started with your Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular, Colour Splatacular or Classic School Run4Fun! Simply request your free information kit below, or contact us on 1300 133 022 today!

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May 4, 2021

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