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Running a DIY Fun Run

Which Is Better? DIY or a Fundraising Provider?

Fundraising can be an overwhelming and confusing aspect of your role as a decision-maker. In an organisation where every dollar counts, it’s only natural that you want to choose the highest profit fundraising option for your school or group. It’s important to make sure you are choosing the Fun Run option that will bring maximum net profits: either DIY or through a fun run provider. Discover the comparison guide below to help make the better choice!

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Running a DIY Fun Run

If you are looking to host a fun run fundraiser, you may be considering a DIY fun run event! With colourful dust filling the air or slippery slime shot in all directions, Colour and Slime Funs Runs are sure to be an awesome experience for everyone involved. So why not make the most of the excitement and anticipation and fundraise in a way that brings in MAXIMUM profits?

Keeping control of your fundraising costs and opting to run your Fun Run alone can seem like an appealing option. However, time and time again we see schools taking a cut in net profit when they choose to run their Fun Run themselves. Not only does each participant contribute less money to the fundraiser, schools and group miss out on extra event inclusions, step-by-step support and the custom built, gamified online fundraising platform that we offer.

There is a better choice for fundraising – and that’s one that gives you the biggest return on your investment! Discover how you can bank a bigger buck with Australian Fundraising.


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Raise More Net Profit

If you’re serious about your fundraising goals, you’ll choose a fundraiser that has a track record of bringing in BIG net profits. Australian Fundraising pioneered the School Colour Explosion Fun Run, and have over five years of incredible school results to back up our success.

How does the net profit from running a DIY fun run compare with the net profit from a fundraising company?

Click here to read a Case Study of what it meant for one school that switched from DIY.


DIY Fun Runs and Ticket Sales

If you are running a DIY Fun Run and selling tickets (instead of having students collect donations), you are limiting the amount of profit you can raise. Rather than allowing students to contribute $10 or $100 each, you are limiting their contribution to the price of a ticket (in many cases, $10 per student).

If you run a DIY fun run, you may also be running the risk of a loss if your participants are too few, or surprise costs (such as obstacles, promotional material printing or theme decorations) exceed your income. Choosing a fundraising provider like Australian Fundraising is ensures that you have nothing to worry about it when it comes to making a profit!


Put the fun back into fundraising!

Put the fun back into fundraising, and raise more net profit from your Fun Run fundraiser.


Child-focused online fundraising platform

When working with students, it’s important that everything is tailored to their unique way of thinking! This includes online fundraising. Students are drawn towards elements that move, light up and encourage them to unlock new milestones.

A custom built, gamified online platform will be the most successful way to encourage students to fundraise. You can’t just find this anywhere!

At Australian Fundraising, students raising 3x more when they fundraise online (compared to in cash)! It’s obvious that our exciting, Monster themed fundraising platform is the best way to achieve your biggest net profits!


Screenshot of Australian Fundraising's custom built fundraising platform.

Australian Fundraising has a custom built online fundraising platform, perfect for cybersafe school fundraising!


Can’t we just use GoFundMe? You could use another crowd-funding site like GoFundMe, but there are some issues. Firstly, GoFundMe is not designed for children or education departments. This means it lacks the exciting child-like features that motivate students to keep coming back! It’s also internationally based, meaning that your data is not subject to the strict Australian privacy and security laws that apply to Australian-owned and operated platforms like ours. Finally, you will lose hundreds of dollars in set up fees – fees that are entirely waived with Australian Fundraising!


Motivate Your Community to Fundraise

Choose a fundraiser that gives you more than just materials for a fun run. When you choose Australian Fundraising, you can motivate your community to fundraise with incentive prizes, competitions, game-based online fundraising and every resource you need to succeed!

Running a DIY fundraising program alone doesn’t come with these incentives – and can cost you thousands to arrange yourself! Incentive prizes and competitions also take hours to organise, purchase and distribute without the help of a dedicated fundraising company doing the heavy lifting for you.


Supersize the Fun with Extra Inclusions

Want to take your fun run to the next level? Our awesome team of fundraising specialists can help you take your fun run from bland to grand. You will benefit from our network of partners and awesome supporters to supersize the fun! Your Colour Explosion or Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun will blow everyone away when you choose Australian Fundraising.


Everyone loves the extra inclusions that come with an Australian Fundraising School Run 4 Fun.

The extra inclusions that come with a School Run 4 Fun are just some of the many reasons why people choose Australian Fundraising over DIY.


Benefit from Ongoing Support

You don’t need to hold the burden of fundraising all on your own. Our team are here to help every step of the way! When you choose Australian Fundraising, we will provide your communication resources (such as social media templates, newsletter articles, assembly scripts, parent letters and more!), organise your colour powder and slime, sunglasses, headbands, incentive prizes and more! Fundraising will be a breeze when you choose Australian Fundraising.


Ditch the DIY Fun Run!

Make the Better Choice for Fundraising!

Although percentage-based fundraising may seem daunting, the return on investment that you get with Australian Fundraising is the biggest in the business.

Click here to read a Case Study for a school that switched from DIY to working with Australian Fundraising and what it was like for them.

You can be sure you are going to bank the biggest net profit for your school or group, compared to doing it alone. Australian Fundraising are the only company in Australia offering the Colour Explosion and Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun – you are in the best hands with us!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 1300 133 022 or submit an enquiry using the form below!


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November 4, 2021

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