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Meet Your Team!

At Australian Fundraising, we have more than 20 Fundraising Specialists who are here to help you achieve your fundraising goals! If you’re ready to start fundraising with us, give us a call on 1300 133 022 or submit a contact form today!

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Management - Happiness

Beth B

Fundraising Specialist
Beth loves seeing the joy of fundraisers being squirted with the colour powder at their events! On Beth’s weekends, she enjoys a lovely bike ride with friends through the city and botanical gardens.

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Hilary C

Fundraising Specialist
Hilary loves getting out on weekends to inner city cafes, markets and spending time with family. She has been a part of our team for over four years, and looks after enquiries for South Australia and Western Australia.

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Face - Head

Kym C

Fundraising Specialist
Kym’s favourite fundraising program is our School Run 4 Fun, especially the Colour Explosion! On the weekends, Kym likes to bake with her children and spend time with her loved ones.

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Billy G Avatar

Billy G

Founding Director
Billy G is a real person! He started Australian Fundraising back in 1998. Billy G LOVES Cookie Dough (obviously), and is known for his weekly delivery of Aldi catalogues to the rest of the team.

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Kylie G

Operations Manager
Kylie is the brains here at Australian Fundraising, making sure everything runs smoothly! Kylie loves her horses, murder mystery documentaries and of course, her family dog!

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Robert G

General Manager
Rob is the ideas man at Australian Fundraising, spending lots of time ensuring our fundraising programs have that little something extra! Rob’s the office jokester, never far from the source of silliness and fun.

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Silvia G

Founding Director
Silvia launched Australian Fundraising with Billy G in 1998. Although still a regular at Australian Fundraising, you are most likely to find Silvia gardening and spending time with her beloved grandchildren.

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Declan H

Warehouse Team
Declan is Australian Fundraising’s resident Canadian! Declan loves travelling all over the world, which is how he found himself here! Declan loves looking for the spiciest foods that make his eyes water.

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Face - Head

Ashlee I

Account Manager
Ashlee loves enjoying a hot coffee with some of Billy G’s Golden Classic Cookie Dough! On her weekends, Ashlee loves spending time with her playful dogs, or soaking up the sun at the beach.

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Cindy M

Account Manager
Cindy has worked for Australia Fundraising for several years and enjoys helping her Fun Run customers get the most out of their fundraiser! She enjoys spending time with her family, 4x4ing, beaching and her art!

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Aymon C - Fundraising Specialist graphic illustration

Aymon C

Account Manager

Aymon plays soccer, guitar, loves to hike and get outdoors as often as he can. With his passion for staying healthy, he’s excited to get kids out experiencing all the benefits our fundraising programs have to offer!

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Doug M

Warehouse Team
Doug is one of the team who distribute our fundraising materials, incentive prizes and Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough. Doug thinks the  bikes and scooters are the coolest incentive prizes at Australian Fundraising.

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Fundraising - Australian School and Club Fundraising


Fundraising Superstar!
Monty the MonSTAR knows all the tips and tricks to helping students raise big bucks. You can spot him everywhere, from our catalogue, to our fundraising website and incentive prize selection!

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Jamie - Fundraising Specialist graphic illustration

Jamie M

Events Team
Jamie is one of the smiling faces you see at some of Australian Fundraising’s School Run 4 Fun events! Jamie loves helping students enjoy their School Run 4 Fun safely and with lots of genuine Colour Powder and Slime!

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Rachael N-E

Fundraising Specialist
Rachael looks after all of our fundraising enquiries for New South Wales and the ACT! Rachael is known for her kindness and love of indoor plants, often rescuing plants that other team members haven’t shown enough love!

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Face - Head

Jordyn N

Account Manager
Jordyn is the bubbliest person in the Australian Fundraising office! But when she isn’t here, you might find her with a book on the beach, or supporting her beloved Hawks at the AFL. Jordyn has been a part of our team for over 5 years.

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Ricky S

Warehouse Team
Ricky is one of the team who help distribute our genuine Colour Powder, fundraising materials, incentive prizes and more! When he isn’t keeping our warehouse in tip top shape, he’s smoking up delicious meats for dinner!

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Ros W

Marketing Coordinator
Ros ensures everyone who needs a fundraiser can find exactly what they’re looking for! Ros helps make our fundraising programs shine, and is involved in creating all the great information we have on fundraising.

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Teresa M

Data Entry/Accounts 
Teresa is the data entry Queen and also enters financial data into a computer system and ensuring that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Flor C

Marketing Manager
Flor is one of our fabulous members of our marketing team. Flor brings a fresh perspective and unique strategies to engage audiences and drive results.

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Chloe S


Chloe is at the head of our frontline on reception, answering phones, directing traffic, and keeping everyone happy and connected. She is bright and bubbly, and is always ready to help anyone out.

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Art - Management

Tyla H

Administration Assistant 

Tyla is part of our admin team, ensuring everything is on track and under control. She enjoys helping people, and nothing is ever too much trouble for her.


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Sarah M

Fundraising Specialist

Sarah joins our team of fundraising specialists that live, eat and breathe helping schools and groups to raise money for worthy causes. Sarah enjoys helping others and is a real people person.

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Brandon A

Warehouse Team

Meet Brandon, our Warehouse Team member who is dedicated to making sure your school or group receives their orders quickly and efficiently. He can often be found carefully picking out incentive prizes or meticulously packing our colour powder or slime to ensure your orders are delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Management - Finance

Arju D

Finance Manager

Arju’s bright and bubbly personality makes everyone’s day here at Australian Fundraising. As our Finance Manager she has a keen eye for detail, and her honesty and integrity is valued greatly.


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