What is a Slime Spectacular Fun Run?

What is a Slime Spectacular Fun Run? with Australian Fundraising

Are you ready to have the slime of your life? Our Slime Spectacular Fun Run is the silliest Fun Run around, giving kids an amazing Fun Run experience they never forget. Learn more about our Slime Spectacular School Fun Run!

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What is a Slime Fun Run?

Fundraise for your school or group while having the slime of your life with our brand new Slime Spectacular School Fun Run! Navigate the Fun Run course while being covered with safe, non-toxic vibrant slime from head to toe!

Kid is covered in slime from head to toe

Students will have the slime of their lives as they are covered from head to toe in slime!


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What is the Slime Spectacular School Fun Run?

The only school-based Slime Fun Run Fundraiser offered in Australia, the Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun is the silliest Fun Run yet!

Watch participants work together to navigate your Fun Run course while being squirted with colourful, water-based Slime.

Leverage mounting anticipation to fundraise before your event, making your Slime Fun Run the highlight of your fundraising campaign.


Smiles all round as kids navigate the Slime Blasters!

Smiles all round as kids navigate the Slime Blasters!


Fundraising with a Slime Spectacular

Choosing a school fundraiser is a big decision, and there are likely lots of stakeholders that need to agree on which type of fundraiser will be the most effective for your school.

You need to consider the different reasons for fundraising, your fundraising goal, the workload involved, and if your participants will enjoy the type of fundraiser you are hosting.

Having run fundraisers for over 20 years, every fundraiser with Australian Fundraising is guaranteed to help you raise a profit!

Not sure if a School Fun Run is right for you? Discover our Top 10 Reasons to Host a School Fun Run Fundraiser.


Why Choose a Slime Fun Run?

When choosing a fundraising idea, it’s important that you select a fundraiser that will be exciting, engaging and high profit! Most of all, you want to encourage your school community to get involved with fundraising.

The newest School Fun Run fundraiser on the market, the Slime Spectacular is sure to be a stand-out event on your school calendar!


Glasses - Gift

Different and exciting!

Slime Spectacular is easy to organise.

Easy to organise

A Slime Spectacular Fun Run is safe for school aged children.

Friendly for all school aged groups

Profitable Pilates: Everything But the Exercises - System

Engaging and high-profit fundraiser

Slime Fun Runs are different and exciting!

If you have completed Fun Run fundraisers previously at your school or group, your fundraiser may becoming a little bit stale. Repetitive or boring fundraisers will fail to engage your participants, and ultimately, they will be less excited to fundraise – bringing in less money for your cause. This is a common mistake made by P&C committees.

Turn your event from bland to grand, and get kids excited for a new type of Fun Run fundraiser at their school or group! The Slime Spectacular Fun Run is a great way to introduce a new fundraiser without confusing students or parents with an entirely new fundraising type.

The Slime Spectacular is awesome for volunteers too!

Even your volunteers will have the slime of their lives!


Engaging and High Profit Fundraiser

Did You Know? Students who fundraise online can raise up to 3x more compared to those who don’t? You can easily turn your $20 000 profit into $60 000 with Australian Fundraising awesome FREE online fundraising platform!

To learn more about why you should fundraise online for your next school or club fundraiser, discover our easy tips on running an online fundraising campaign.


How does a Slime Spectacular School Fun Run work?

With only four simple steps to spectacular success, you can’t look past the Slime Spectacular for your next School Fun Run!


1. Let the Fundraising begin!

It’s never been easier to start fundraising for your school or group. With Australian Fundraising, you can complete your fundraiser 100% online, saving you the hassle of arduous spreadsheets, coin collection and time consuming paperwork!

Fundraising - Australian School and Club Fundraising


To register your school or group for a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, simply complete our short booking form.

From there, we will send you everything you need to have the slime of your life and host your Slime Spectacular fundraiser. You can also start fundraising online, or try these three tips for hosting a successful fundraiser.

Wondering what is included with your Slime Spectacular Fundraising Kit from Australian Fundraising? Make sure you request your free information kit today!

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2. Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you have started fundraising and have received all of your materials from Australian Fundraising, it’s time to host your big Slime Spectacular event day!

You will need to recruit some teachers or parent volunteers for each of the Slime Stations around your track. Ahead of the big event, you will also need to fill your Slime Buckets with water and make your slime. It instantly thickens up, so you only need to make it a few minutes ahead of the big race!

When everybody is ready on the starting line, it’s time to race! Get ready, get set, go!


Fundraising - School

Get readyto race! Your Slime Spectacular School Fun Run event will be the most exciting day on your school calendar.


3. Claim your incentive prizes

Once your fundraising period is over and you have hosted your Fun Run event, it’s time for participants to order their incentive prizes! Every student who raised $10 or more is able to claim an incentive prize, up to the total value of their fundraising amount! The more students raise, the bigger their prizes can be. Alternatively, students can mix and match smaller prize categories to get more for their hard-fundraised money!

Incentive Prizes are included in your Slime Fun Run fundraising kit!

Students can choose incentive prizes, or you can swap prizes for tree planting. Ask us how!


No prizes, no worries! At Australian Fundraising, all of our awesome School Fun Runs can Go Green! Instead of incentive prizes, your school or group can choose to plant a tree or shrub in one of Australia’s few biodiversity hotspots, the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

Not only will your school do their part in reducing landfill, you will also contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change and restoring natural landscapes. Way to go! To learn more about our Go Green Fun Runs, make sure you check our blog post where we celebrate having planted 10 000 trees with Carbon Neutral!

Learn more about Plant-A-Difference


Plant A Difference Environmentally Friendly Fundraiser

Choose to support the environment with your Slime Spectacular Fun Run and Go Green!


4. Receive your profit!

Once you have finalised your fundraiser, it’s time to out your hard earned profit back in your pocket. 60% of everything you raised is yours to keep, while the remaining amount covers all of your supplies that were provided upfront when you registered.

Are you ready to start fundraising with a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun? Enquire today!

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What do I need for a Slime Fun Run?

A Slime Fun Run is one of the easiest ways to turn your event from bland to grand! The best part of hosting your Fun Run with Australian Fundraising is that we take the load off of your shoulders by provided almost everything you need to host the silliest day at school!

Together with your fundraising kit (provided by Australian Fundraising), all you need to arrange is:

  • Some 50L water buckets, wheelie bins and other large containers to hold your Slime;
  • Water blasters or water bottles to cover participants in Slime as they navigate the track;
  • Any chosen obstacles, such as old tyres, pool noodles, or a parachute;
  • Your Start and Finish Arch and
  • Some parent or teacher volunteers as your Slime Blasters!


Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a fundraiser for your school or group is a big decision, and we know that there are lots of questions that need to be answered! Discover some frequently asked questions below, or contact our friendly team for help!


What is in the Slime? Is it safe for skin and eyes?

Our water-based slime is non-toxic, and very safe for skin and eyes. Designed for contact use, there is no need to worry. Risk assessments are provided to schools, and can be accessed on request.


How much does a Slime Spectacular Fun Run cost?

There are no upfront costs associated with a Slime Spectacular Fun Run! We issue your invoice based on your total fundraised amount at the end of your fundraiser, meaning that you are guaranteed to make a profit!

The Slime Fun Run costs 40% + GST of your fundraised amount, and the remaining 60% is yours to keep!


What is included in my program cost?

Within your program costs, you are provided with everything you need to reach your fundraising goals and host a stress-free fundraiser for your school or group. Your program costs include: FREE Slime for your Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, our FREE online fundraising platform, FREE Rainbow Sunglasses for every student, water blasters, Slime Blaster Crew Kits, sponsorship booklets, promotional posters, a giant vinyl banner, assembly scripts, newsletter inserts and so much more!

For specific details about costs and program inclusions, download your FREE information kit today!


Have more questions?

Is your question not answered here? You can find some more FAQ’s about our Slime Spectacular Fun Run.

Or, our friendly team of School and Club Fundraising Specialists are available to help answer any questions you may have about a School Fun Run! Request a call back using the form below, or give us a phone call on 1300 133 022 today!

Slime Spectacular School Fun Run is the silliest fundraiser yet!

Enquire now about giving students the slimiest day at school!


Ready to Race?

Are you ready for the slime of your life? Kick your fundraising goals while giving kids a Fun Run experience they never forget! Express your interest in a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun today!

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February 5, 2021

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