Take the fun to the extreme in 2022

Colour Splatacular

An Australian Fundraising Exclusive in 2022 Everything you need to know

It’s time to kick it up a notch! New in 2022 and exclusive to Australian Fundraising is our biggest, slimiest, and most colourful fun run to date: Colour Splatacular. As Hannah Montana once said, you get the best of both worlds with this new Colour Slime Fun Run! Give participants a colour event they will never forget by covering them from head-to-toe in genuine Holi Colour Powder, topped off with a glazing of ooey-gooey slime.

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The Newest Colour Slime Fun Run

Forget bake sales and chocolate drives. It’s time to take your fundraising efforts to the next level with our new Colour Splatacular! Exclusive to Australian Fundraising, your students are guaranteed to have the slime of their lives with a colour slime fun run, making their way around an obstacle track while being blasted with genuine Holi Colour Powder AND safe non-toxic Slime. Make 2022 your biggest year yet with the experts in fundraising!

Slime a teacher at your Colour Slime Fun Run

You could even slime a teacher at your Colour Slime Fun Run fundraiser!

What is a Colour Slime Fun Run?

How does a colour slime fun run work?

A colour slime fun run is when participants are covered in colour powder and water-based ooey-gooey slime while running (or walking) around a track. The colour and slime may be your only ‘obstacles’, or you may choose to make it extra exciting with other obstacles like climbing tyres, mini hurdles, a slip-n-slide or weave course.

If you’ve enjoyed either our Colour Explosion Fun Run or Slime Spectacular Fun Run events in the past, then you are sure to have an absolute BLAST with this new amalgamation of both. The Colour Splatacular by Australian Fundraising is Australia’s favourite fun run event to date!


What is Involved?

Jam packed with activities and obstacles, the day is sure to be an absolute hit for all involved. You can even offer students a chance to slime a teacher or fun run coordinator at your Colour Splatacular as a fundraising incentive!

Participants begin their colour slime fun run at the starting line, where you may spray them with water. Not only does this get everyone in the mood for the race ahead, but it makes the genuine Holi colour powder extra vibrant on their white clothing.

Fundraising - Cookie dough fundraiserYour colour and slime blasters will be stationed around your colour slime fun run track, ready to blast your runners as they go past! Before long, participants will be covered from head to toe in vibrant colour powder and ooey-gooey slime! Did someone say photo-op?!

With half a litre of slippery slime provided for every student, along with 50g of genuine Holi colour powder, participants will have the most memorable day at your colour slime fun run.

In addition to the best colour slime fun run, you will also benefit from our premium fundraising program! The Colour Splatacular comes with everything you need to host the most profitable fun run fundraiser. Australian Fundraising relieves you of the pressure of fundraising by providing every promotional resource required for a successful fun run fundraiser. Forget making posters, newsletter announcements, social media posts, sponsorship forms – we provide everything up front!

Exceed your fundraising goals with our FREE online fundraising platform, complete with digital milestones, online donations and up to $200,000 of extra prize credit to use towards bigger and better incentive prizes.

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Why Choose a Colour Slime Fun Run?

How do we fundraise – What’s Included?

A colour slime fun run is one of the easiest fundraising ideas for schools and groups! Based on a sponsorship format, participants collect donations with their sponsorship booklet and free cyber safe online fundraising platform.

Inspired by the hottest incentive prizes (which are updated yearly) in fundraising or our Go Green option, fundraisers collect donations big and small before the fun run event. Every two weeks and after your fundraiser, profits from online fundraising are deposited directly into your account!


Your colour slime fundraiser comes with everything you need to fundraise an awesome profit! You could 60% of all profits raised*

     * Based on your organisation being able to claim back the GST on our invoice


Australian School and Club Fundraising activity materials


Did you know? Australian Fundraising does not charge you anything upfront! You receive your fundraised profits as you go, meaning you are never out of pocket. A colour slime fun run is entirely risk-free, making it perfect for all schools and groups – big and small.


Ready to Race? Plan Your Course!

Colour Powder and Slime

Included in your package is half a litre of slippery slime and 50g of genuine Holi Colour Powder for EVERY student. You can purchase colour powder in bulk boxes, paper bags, cardboard tubes or prepacked squirt bottles – whatever will be most convenient for your Colour Blasters!


What is a Colour Explosion Fun Run?

A Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun is the brightest day at school!


UV400 Sunglasses

Not only are our bright, colourful UV400 Sunglasses great for protecting eyes from the sun – they make great protection from Colour Powder and non-toxic Slime being squirted in participants’ eyes! Although both the colour powder and slime are completely safe for skin and eyes, the extra protection doesn’t go astray for your students!


colored plastic bottles for color fun run
Water / Slime Blasters

Included in your booking is also free multi-purpose water / slime blasters. Water is a perfect way to make the colour of our Holi Colour Powder POP! Add an extra layer of fun – blasters are a must for your Colour Slime Fun Run stations!


Blaster and Colour Stations

Depending on the size of your track, it’s best to have four Colour Powder stations, and three Slime / Water Blaster stations. These should be spaced evenly apart, to make sure ALL participants gets coated in vibrant colour!

Set up your Colour Blaster stations on tables with plenty of colour powder and drums of slime. Your water stations should have large buckets to refill your water blasters.


Start and Finish Banners

Make sure your racers know where to go! An inflatable Start and Finish Arch or banner is the perfect way to help them know exactly where to run.



If you’d like to add something extra to your Colour Splatacular fun run, you could set up some additional obstacles for your runners! Things like tyres, hanging foam noodles or a Slip-N-Slide are all easy and affordable obstacles to take your event to the next level.



Learn More About Colour Splatacular!


So, what are you waiting for? Double the fun on your event day with both colour and slime! You will receive every standard inclusion of the Colour Explosion and Slime Spectacular Fun Runs, all for the same cost! The only difference is you get half colour powder (50g per student) and half slime (0.5L per student). Book now and take the fun to the EXTREME!

Discover everything you need to know about a colour slime fun run with Australian Fundraising! Our friendly team of fundraising specialists are available to help you get started. Simply call us on 1300 133 022, or submit an online enquiry.

We can’t wait to help you have the biggest and brightest fun run fundraiser. If you’re ready to lock in your fundraiser, book now!


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January 27, 2022

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