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Care For A Cause - Australian Fundraising and Carbon Neutral

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Make a difference to one of our country’s most valuable yet devastated ecosystems.

For over two decades, Carbon Neutral has been working with hundreds of organisations and individuals from across the globe to reduce their impact on the planet.

For every $20 a student raises for your school with any of our School Run 4 Fun or Glowtastic Disco Programs, Carbon Neutral will plant one tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, one of only 36 biodiversity hotspots worldwide.

Hotspots are irreplaceable and preserving them secures our global biodiversity.

Care For A Cause - Australian Fundraising and Carbon Neutral

Help plant trees with Carbon Neutral!

Your school or group has the unique and powerful opportunity to not only raise money for your school, but also to plant trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor!

Not only can your school or group experience an awesome Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun, Standard School Run 4 Fun, or Glowtastic Disco Party, you can choose to replace your incentive prizes with tree tokens that will plant one tree for every $20!

And the best part is you get all the regular inclusions for EVERY STUDENT based on the specific program you choose, like:

  • Colour Powder / Slime / Glow in the Dark Face Paint
  • Sunglasses / Glow in the Dark Glasses
  • Headbands / Motivational Wrist Bands

You also get access to win our sought after Monty Prizes.

Care For A Cause Prizes

Care For A Cause Prize for all online badges

Once you’re finished your program, you’ll also get a Certificate of Participation.


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