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Ready to fundraise? Book now!
Ready to fundraise? Book now!
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Early Learning Centres are a vital part of our communities and provide great starts for the little people in our lives. There’s always something to fundraise for to keep the centre vibrant and maintained such as:

  • Outdoor play equipment or playgrounds
  • Reading books
  • Toys, games and craft materials
  • Water coolers
  • Dress ups!
Australian Fundraising offer the best range of early learning centre fundraisers to choose from. Plus we take out all the hassle to make sure they are easy to coordinate and run. Most of all they are highly successful and genuinely profitable!

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Ideas for Your Fundraising Committee


on what fundraiser best suits your centre


the event well in advance and lock it into the yearly calendar


What's your fundraising goal and reason for fundraising?


a fundraising committee to manage all aspects of the fundraiser


regularly to progress the fundraiser planning and implementation
Ideas on how to market your fundraiser

Engaging your community is key to create a successful event and raising those all-important funds. We have some great ideas on how you can engage your community to support the event.

Use the following avenues to promote the event:

  1. Send an email to your parents
  2. Facebook page
  3. Create posters to place around the centre
  4. Provide each family with a parent information letter
  5. Speak personally with as many other parents as possible
Ideas on how you can engage the community
  • Seek volunteers to help with the fundraiser
  • Challenge teachers and children to see who can raise the most money. Offering a prize for the highest fundraising class is a great motivator
  • Depending on your fundraising theme, encourage a special dress up day around the event to get everyone aware of the fundraiser
  • Encourage parent participation as much as possible
  • Thank everyone for contributing to the success of the event
  • Ensure you tell the community, after the event, how much you raised.

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