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Fundraise for Charity with a Colour Explosion Fun Run!

Say no to violence and bullying with a charity Colour Explosion School Fun Run! Our partnership with Dolly’s Dream means you can have all the fun from a Colour Explosion Fun Run, and make a difference by donating your fundraised profit to charity!

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Working to empower and educate families, schools and communities about bullying prevention and the power of kindness, Dolly’s Dream is committed to preventing bullying and cyber bullying across the country. Discover our Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion Fun Run today!

Charity Fundraiser for Schools

Many charity fundraising ideas forget the fun! Not Australian Fundraising – you can have the brightest day outside the classroom while fundraising for an amazing Australian charity like Dolly’s Dream.

Designed to prevent violence, bullying and cyber bullying in the lives of children, our charity fundraising events help you make a difference. By choosing one of our charity fundraising ideas, you are helping children affected by violence and bullying, as well as helping educate and empower families, schools and communities to say no to bullying.

Choosing a charity fundraising event can be challenging. Our vibrant and exciting charity fundraising ideas are low on organisation, easy to understand and full of fun!


Why Choose A Charity Fundraiser?

Bullying and cyber bullying is one of the biggest issues experienced by young Australians aged 12 to 24 years old. Choosing charity fundraising ideas that help raise awareness and support can help change lives and safeguard the future of our young Australians.

Charity fundraising ideas for schools can be few and far between, or lacking in vibrancy and excitement. The Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion School Fun Runs are charity fun runs students will never forget!


How does a Charity Fundraiser work with Australian Fundraising?

Our charity fundraising events are the easiest, most exciting charity fun run events for schools! For no cost to your school (at all!), your students can experience all the fun of a Colour Explosion School Fun Run! In return for your generous donation to charity, you will receive FREE Colour Powder, FREE sunglasses for every student, FREE wristbands, incentive prizes, our online fundraising platform and a suite of incredible fundraising resources to help you achieve your goals.

Regardless of whether a student chooses to fundraise for charity or not, they can participate in the Colour Explosion School Fun Run.

At the end of your fundraising period, your donation will go directly to Dolly’s Dream. No need to arrange bank transfers or paperwork – we do everything for you!


When can we host our Charity Fundraising events?

Our charity fundraising event can be run at any time. If you host your charity fundraiser in Term 1 or Term 2, your event will coincide with the annual Do it for Dolly Day.



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