Best obstacles for a Fun Run!
Challenge Your Students with the Best Fun Run Obstacles!

Jump, Climb and Swerve! Fun Run Obstacles Everyone Loves

Obstacles can be the secret ingredient for an amazing fun run! Discover some awesome obstacle ideas to help you host the best fun run your group has ever seen!

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Best Fun Run Obstacles

Obstacles can help take your fun run to the next level, and keep participants engaged lap after lap! Obstacles don’t need to be expensive or elaborate to be exciting. In fact, sometimes simple is better when it comes to fun run obstacles. They are easy to set up and pack down, and can be made from things you already have available. Although, a little extra pizzazz never goes astray either. Discover Australian Fundraising’s collection of best fun run obstacles!


The best fun run obstacles are:

  • Slime Pit
  • Foam Cannon
  • Speed Ladder Rope Obstacle
  • Noodle Tent Obstacle
  • Inflatable Obstacles
  • Giant Tires
  • Colour Powder
  • Slip and Slide


Slime Pit

There is nothing more exciting for a child than slipping and sliding their way through a pool of slime! A slime pit is a surprisingly easy obstacle to create, yet it brings endless joy to students and volunteers!

Simply purchase a tarp, some foam pool noodles, and of course, your slime! Create a contained area around your tarp with the pool noodles, and the release then slime into the centre! As kids approach your slime pit, then can slide their way through the pit and out the other side, covered from top to toe in ooey gooey slime. Child-safe instant slime can be purchased online from Holi Colour Powder.


Why choose a slime pit obstacle?

Easy to set up and surprisingly low cost, a slime pit is by far the best obstacle for a fun run! Students adore slipping through the slime, and it ensures they truly are covered from head to toe! To learn more about the Slime Spectacular Fun Run and how you can give students the slime of their life, discover the Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun program page.


A Slime Pit is one of the silliest (and most entertaining!) fun run obstacles.

A Slime Pit is one of the silliest (and most entertaining!) fun run obstacles.


Foam Cannon

If you’re looking for an eye catching and bubbly brilliant fun run obstacle, you can’t go past a foam cannon! Although a foam cannon does require an upfront cost to hire the foam cannon and purchase your bubble liquid, it doesn’t need to break the bank.

With Australian Fundraising, your fundraised profits are delivered to your bank account every 2 weeks. This means, you can use the profit you raise to pay the deposit or full hire costs for your bubble machine. That is just one benefit of Australian Fundraising’s profit guarantee!


Why choose a foam cannon obstacle?

A foam cannon obstacle is an awesome fun run obstacle because it has minimal clean up! If you choose an environmentally friendly bubble foam, the foam will simply disappear all on it’s own! Students love the foam cannon because of it’s fun visual appeal, and of course – who doesn’t love a bubble beard?!

Keep in mind that someone must be operating your foam cannon at all times, and some foam liquids may make the grass slippery. You will need access to a generator or electricity on your fun run track to power the foam cannon.


Watch Worongary State School have a bubbly brilliant time with their foam cannon obstacle!

A foam cannon is an awesome fun run obstacle!


Speed Ladder Rope Obstacle

A speed ladder is one of the easiest and most popular fun run obstacles for school fun runs. These rope ladders are often already a part of your school’s physical education equipment, and are very easy to set up and pack down.

Simply lay your speed ladders on the grass, and instruct students to put one foot in each square as they run through the speed ladder obstacle. Students can also hop, jump or zig zag their way across the ladder.


Why use a speed ladder rope obstacle?

This is one of the best fun run obstacles because it is adaptable for students of any age, from preppies to seniors! It is familiar for students, so they require little instruction on what to do when they get to the obstacle. This obstacle also slows students down, giving your Colour or Slime Blasters the perfect chance to spray your students!


A speed ladder is one of the best fun run obstacles.

A speed ladder is one of the best fun run obstacles.


Noodle Tent Obstacle

A noodle tent obstacle is as fun as it sounds! A noodle tent obstacle is a colourful and humorous obstacle that all participants find entertaining. Simply purchase some foam pool noodles from your local department store or discount shop. Then, hang your noodles using string to the framework of a gazebo or large tent.

Students push your noodles to the side as they run through the tent, enjoying the colourful sea of foam sticks!



Inflatable obstacles could be the secret ingredient in taking your fun run to the next level! With Australian Fundraising, you can host a vibrant inflatable obstacle day, with an inflatable start finish arch, or awesome monster theme crawlers*!

You can also arrange your own inflatable obstacles, choosing bigger obstacles or more complex challenges for students. Inflatables do require a generator or access to electricity, and staff or volunteer supervision.

Inflatable obstacles may also be dangerous if children are wet or slippery from a slime pit or foam cannon. Make sure you consider how your obstacles will fit into you overall School Run 4 Fun event!


Inflatables can help take your event from bland to grand!

Inflatable obstacles can help take your event from bland to grand!

Ask about an Inflatable Fun Run Event!


* Note: Terms and Conditions apply for Monster Mania events


Giant Tires

Giant tires are a great fun run obstacle! Students jump and step their way through each tire, navigating both the obstacle itself and the colour or slime blasters that are aiming for them! Giant tires require a certain amount of concentration, and can be great for exercising students physical motor skills.

If giant tires are a little hard to come by, you can also use blow up pool rings from your department store or bargain shop. You could also consider visiting your local mechanic or tire dealer and ask if they have any old tires they are willing to donate to your school or group.


Why choose giant tires?

Giant Tires are one of the best fun run obstacles because they resemble strength challenges seen on television. Students love jumping and stepping through the tire obstacles, while volunteers have a great chance to spray participants with colour powder, slime or water.


Giant tires or inflatable hoops are one of the best fun run obstacles.

Giant tires or inflatable hoops are one of the best fun run obstacles.


Colour Powder

Popularly regarded as the most exciting school fun run on the market, adding Colour Powder to your fun run can take your fun run from bland to grand! With Australian Fundraising now offering free colour powder as part of our Colour Explosion Fun Run fundraiser, your colour powder stations can become one of the best fun run obstacles you have!

Genuine Holi Colour Powder (like this product from Australian owned Holi Colour Powder) is popular for it’s vibrant colour, no-stain properties and no-harm ingredients. Made from corn starch and food grade colouring, you can guarantee this product is safe for skin, eyes and clothes.


Learn More About A Colour Explosion Fun Run!


Colour Powder is a fun and exciting obstacle addition to any fun run.

Although not traditionally considered an ‘obstacle’, colour powder, water guns and slime blasters are all popular for fun runs.


Slip and Slide

Last but not least, a slip and slide is one of the best fun run obstacles due to it’s flexibility, nostalgia and of course – it’s so much fun! With a similar appeal to a slime pit, a water-based slip and slide is the perfect way to cover students with water, slime or colour powder!

Plus, the corn-starch based colour powder from Australian Fundraising becomes extra vibrant when clothing is wet – a slip and slide obstacle is a great way to make sure all students are drenched and the powder pops with colour!


Why choose a slip and slide?

Choosing a slip and slide is a great idea because it is fun for participants of any age. From kindergartens to adults, there is something inherently wonderful about a slip and slide! Plus, as long as you have access to water and appropriate supervision, a slip and slide is easy to set up, manage and pack away at the end of your fun run event. It’s also very low cost, requiring only a tarp!


A slip and slide is one of the best fun run obstacles.

A slip and slide is a fun and exciting obstacle for fun runs.


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