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Put the fun back in fundraising with Australian Fundraising’s School Run 4 Fun programs! Choose from five awesome fundraisers for your school or group. Supersize the fun with no upfront costs, huge incentive prizes or environmentally friendly tree or coral planting and more inclusions than any other fun run fundraiser on the market! Discover how you can make a profit with a School Run 4 Fun from Australian Fundraising.

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Fundraise big bucks for your school or group while creating awesome memories! Participants are covered from head to toe as they run through clouds of vibrant, non-toxic Colour Powder. The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is the brightest day at school!

Give students the slime of their life with Australian Fundraising’s EXCLUSIVE Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun! Watch participants slip and slide through your slime blasters, being covered from head to toe in water-based, non-toxic slime! Fundraising is the cherry on top of your school’s favourite fun run!

Enjoy the best of both worlds when you choose a Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun! Take your fun run to the extreme with 50g of colour powder and half a litre of slime for every student. Discover how you can get more bang for your buck and double the fun with a Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun!

Get back to basics with Australian Fundraising’s Standard School Run 4 Fun! With everything you need to host a successful fundraiser, you can adapt your Standard School Run 4 Fun to host a Skip-a-Thon, a Read-A-Thon, or even just a Walk-A-Thon! Learn how you can create your perfect fundraiser with a Standard School Run 4 Fun from Australian Fundraising.

Working to empower and educate families, schools and communities about bullying prevention and the power of kindness, Dolly’s Dream is committed to preventing bullying and cyber bullying across the country. Discover our Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion Fun Run today!

You can help safeguard our children’s future by holding a Colour Explosion Buddy Run in Term 3 or 4, 2022. All funds raised go towards building a safe and supportive environment for all children. Learn more about the Alannah & Madeline Buddy Run today!

Frequently Asked Questions


How does a school fun run work?
A School Run 4 Fun is the easiest school fun run fundraiser!

Once you register your school or group for a school fun run with Australian Fundraising, we will help set up your online fundraising platform (My Profile Page or Plant-A-Difference). Your school or group will then fundraise for 4-6 weeks!

Australian Fundraising will send you everything you need for a successful school fun run! All you need to organise is any obstacles, like a commando crawler, slime pit or crazy noodle tent!

Once you have run your fun run and your fundraiser has closed, it’s time to order and receive your incentive prizes! Your profit will be deposited into your account at the completion of the fundraiser, and you will be charged an invoice from Australian Fundraising.

How much does a school fun run cost?
All school fun runs at Australian Fundraising have no upfront costs. Instead, we run a percentage-based model. Your school or group will keep 60% of the profit raised, assuming you are eligible to reclaim the GST on our invoice.

Your school fun run will cost your school or group 40% of the amount you fundraise, to cover the costs of your fundraising and advertising materials, account management, freight and more.

Who can participate in a school fun run?
A School Run 4 Fun is open to any school, sporting or community group! Our school fun runs are safe, inclusive and available for any school or group to participate.
How do we fundraise?
Fundraising with a school fun run is best done online! With our state of the art fundraising platform, you can host a cashless fundraiser that is exciting and engaging for all participants.

At the beginning of your fundraiser, each student will receive a sponsorship booklet with instructions on how to create their online profile. From there, participants will share their profile page via Facebook, email and text message!

What is included in a school fun run?
Your School Run 4 Fun program comes with everything you need to succeed! Every school fun run with Australian Fundraising comes with free colour powder or slime, free UV400 sunglasses, and free rainbow warrior headbands!

Each school fun run program with Australian Fundraising also comes with a Fundraising Kit, containing:

  • FREE Coordinator Colour Crew Kits (includes t-shirts, wigs, tutus, socks and rainbow sunglasses)
  • FREE Online Fundraising platform, with no credit card or transaction fees.
  • Sponsorship booklets, participation certificates, promotional posters and more!
  • Templates, resources social media posts, assembly scripts and more!
  • Incentive prizes or Go Green options
  • Monty the Monstar Prizes
  • Highest Group Fundraiser Medallion
  • Giant Vinyl Promotional Banner
  • Track maps, event itinerary, COVID-Safe plan, and risk assessments
How do incentive prizes work?
Every participant is eligible for an incentive prize when you choose a school fun run with Australian Fundraising. Simply by creating an online profile page, participants receive a FREE Monty the Monstar Hologram sticker, even if they don’t fundraise.

For students who raise $10 or more, they will also receive their first incentive prize. You can choose traditional prize ordering (where students can pick up to five prizes from various prize categories) or automated prizes. School who choose automated prizes give participants the chance to win up to 15 unique incentive prizes!

The more money participants raise, the bigger value their incentive prizes can be worth! Australian Fundraising also awards prizes based on the lower dollar value. That means, if a participant raises $100 and chooses a prize from the $24 – $49 category, they will still have $76 left to claim on other prizes!

What is Go Green?
Are you a sustainable school or group, looking to reduce your impact on the environment? At Australian Fundraising, you can replace incentive prizes with tree or coral planting! Host an environmentally friendly Go Green school fun run and make a positive impact on our environment.

In partnership with Carbon Neutral and The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, you can choose to swap incentive prizes for one tree or one coral to be planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor or the Great Barrier Reef! For every $20 raised, Australian Fundraising will replace your incentive prizes with a tree or coral. Ask our team about Going Green today!

Who do I talk to for more information?
Our friendly team is available to help you decide which school fun run fundraiser is right for you! You can contact our team on 1300 133 022, *am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Alternatively, you can submit an online contact form, or send an email to You can also request a Free Information Kit, sent directly to your school or group, with our 2022 Fundraising Catalogue, Sponsorship Booklets and more. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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How do I sign up?
Getting started is easy! Simply submit an online booking form, or contact the friendly team at Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 22. Booking takes less than 5 minutes, and is completely flexible – so you don’t need to worry if plans change!

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