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Our Commitment to Sustainability
Environmentally Friendly Fundraising

Our Commitment to Sustainable Fundraising

Australian Fundraising is committed to safeguarding the future of you and your children by putting the protection of the planet first. Learn about the steps we are taking to ensure our operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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At Australian Fundraising, we are committed to ensuring we ALWAYS consider the effects of our operations and be innovative to offset these impacts. Learn all about our ongoing initiatives and achievements below!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Every person deserves the right to be happy, healthy and look forward to a safe future. That’s why at Australian Fundraising, we care deeply about the impact of our business on the future of the planet. Our company is committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business is as environmentally sustainable as possible. Our customers are given meaningful and proactive opportunities to make a lasting, positive environmental impact through our selection of fundraising programs.


What we are doing

At Australian Fundraising, we are continuously improving our business and operational practices to minimise our negative impact on the environment. We have already implemented the following initiatives to achieve this goal.

  • Australian Fundraising was completely carbon neutral in the 2020-2021 Financial Year.
  • Holi Colour Powder Squirt Bottles are made of LDPE4 plastics, which can be recycled through school waste servicing, from environmentally-focused Waste Management Providers. We have also changed from 350g bottles to 500g bottles in order to reduce the amount of plastic bottles provided to schools.
  • Multiple options for customers to replace incentive prizes with tree or coral planting through our Plant-A-Difference initiative.
  • Private company contribution of 500 native trees or shrubs to Carbon Neutral annually, and 500 coral seedlings to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation in order to offset our carbon footprint.
  • Marketing and program materials (such as program posters and sponsorship booklets) are printed on responsibly sourced and recyclable paper.
  • Minimise individually packaged items wherever possible to reduce our businesses’ waste contribution.
  • Identified and implemented the re-use of plastic products where possible, as opposed to single use.
  • Limit landfill contributions within all levels of our business, particularly through the elimination and eradication of unnecessary waste production (such as reusable cutlery in our office, reduced printing and low carbon transport options).


Our future goals for sustainability

Global technology continues to provide opportunities for environmentally sustainable and circular economy inspired initiatives. Australian Fundraising endeavours to continuously improve our practices, products and opportunities for customers to engage in environmentally positive behaviour.

  • The goal of a net-zero carbon footprint by 2026.
  • The production and implementation of an environmentally aligned product range, including Fun Run and prize items to minimise plastic consumption and where possible, utilising re-usable & recyclable plastics where possible.
  • Limit/eradicate adverse packaging practices


Australian Fundraising encourages all of our customers to consider their environmental impact and make sustainable choices wherever possible. For more information on Australian Fundraising’s Commitment to Sustainability, please contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022.

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