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Fundraise for Your School Best School Fundraising Ideas

Discover some of the best school fundraising ideas in Australia! From Colour Runs to Cookie Dough drives, there are many ways you can host a successful and profitable school fundraiser. Plus, learn tips and tricks to make fundraising simple. Get started today! 

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Best School Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising events can be one of the most exciting events on the school calendar – if chosen, planned and run well! You can host a fundraiser that gets the whole school talking with Australian Fundraising. 

School fundraising ideas are not hard to find. But it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your school community!

Below is everything you need to know about school fundraising, ensuring your event is very successful and memorable for years to come.

From deciding the right fundraising program to knowing how to market your event, Australian Fundraising can help you turn your fundraising event from bland to grand!

Australian Fundraising offers the best range of school fundraising ideas, plus we take out all the hassle to make sure your school fundraisers are easy to coordinate and run. Most of all, they are highly successful and raise the funds you need!!

Choose From Our Great Range of Fundraisers!

Dough-licious and profitable, Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough sells itself!
Australia’s most exciting and colourful fundraiser, it’s the brightest day at school!
Have the slime of your life with our silliest and slimy fun run, ever!
Double the fun with the both colour powder and slime for your biggest fun run yet!
The most flexible fundraiser, our School Fun Run is a classic fundraising favourite!
Let's Glow Crazy! Light up the night with our new glow in the dark disco party!

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Ideas for Your Fundraising Committee


on which school fundraiser ideas will best suit your school and community


the fundraising event well in advance and lock the time into the school calendar


What’s your school fundraising goal and reason for fundraising?


a school fundraising committee to manage all aspects of the school fundraiser


regularly to progress the school fundraiser planning and implementation
Student - Elementary student

Trivia Night Fundraisers

Light up your community with a night of fun, laughs, and friendly competition. Trivia nights are incredible school fundraising ideas, as they offer an engaging platform for everyone to flaunt their knowledge while raising money.

The plan is simple! Organise a trivia event, charge an entry fee, and let the battle of wits begin. We could even connect with local businesses for prize donations, enhancing the appeal.

With us in your corner, we provide you with all the necessary promotional material and support to make the event a hit.


Running a trivia night fundraiser is packed with benefits. They’re cost-effective, easy to organise, and the enthusiasm they generate is infectious.

  • No up-front costs
  • Inclusive and suitable for all ages
  • A fantastic community builder
  • Can be run virtually or in-person
  • Brings together school, family, and local community
  • An interactive way to raise money
  • Support from our team in organisation and promotion

As exciting as they are, trivia nights require some planning and a decent-sized venue. They may not be the best choice for very small groups or communities with limited space.

Best For…

Trivia Night Fundraisers are perfect for schools, parent associations, community groups, or sports teams. Anyone who’s keen to combine learning, laughter, and fundraising will love this idea.

Baking - Image

Bake Sale Fundraisers

Who can resist the allure of freshly baked goodies? Bake sales are a tried and tested school fundraising idea, loved universally for their simplicity and effectiveness.

The concept is easy as pie! We rally our bakers, sell tickets (or the baked goods themselves), and watch the funds roll in. Every cookie sold contributes directly to our cause, and we’ll offer support throughout the process.


Bake sales have a recipe for success. They are straightforward to organise, foster community spirit, and let’s not forget – the delicious treats!

  • Low cost with high profit margins
  • Offers a platform for community members to showcase their baking skills
  • Encourages community participation
  • Involves students directly in the fundraising effort
  • Can easily be paired with other events for increased footfall
  • We provide all promotional material and support

Remember, a bake sale needs enough volunteers who can bake and help sell the goodies. Also, they’re best suited for larger gatherings or events.

Best For…

Bake Sale Fundraisers are perfect for schools, clubs, and groups who wish to combine the love of baking with the spirit of giving.

Bratwurst - Barbecue

Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers

An Aussie classic that always gets the crowds in! Sausage sizzles are the epitome of a fun school fundraising event. They’re a delicious way to bring together community members, have a great time, and raise funds.

All we have to do is fire up the barbie, sell tickets (or the food directly), and watch as our fundraising goal becomes a reality.


Sausage sizzle fundraisers are a top-notch idea with several appealing benefits.

  • A staple at community events, loved by all
  • Easy to organise and operate
  • Can draw a large crowd
  • Great profit potential
  • Fantastic way to engage local businesses as sponsors
  • We provide all necessary materials and support

Remember, sausage sizzles do require a suitable outdoor space and careful food handling.

Best For…

Sausage Sizzle Fundraisers are ideal for any group that loves a traditional Aussie gathering. Schools, sports teams, and community groups – let’s get sizzling!

Dugan + Lopatka CPAs - Raffle

Raffle Fundraisers

A raffle fundraiser is a classic school fundraising idea that’s easy to set up and can generate high returns. With donated prizes and raffle tickets sold to our community, this can be a thrilling and effective way to raise money.


Raffles are a staple at many fundraisers, and for a good reason.

  • Easy to run, online or offline
  • Potential for high returns
  • A chance to involve local businesses through prize donations
  • Prizes add an exciting element to the fundraiser
  • We provide all promotional materials and support

Don’t forget, raffles do require us to source attractive prizes, and they might require permits depending on your local laws.

Best For…

Raffle Fundraisers are great for all organisations looking for an uncomplicated yet lucrative way to generate funds.

All Saints Church - Christmas

Christmas Carol Concert Fundraisers

Celebrate the festive season with a heartwarming Christmas Carol Concert. It’s a delightful school fundraising idea that unites the community in song, spirit, and generosity.

The approach is simple: organise a concert, sell tickets, and let the melody of carols lift our spirits and funds.


Christmas Carol Concerts offer a harmonious blend of music, community, and fundraising.

  • Celebrates the festive spirit
  • Brings together the community
  • Provides a platform for showcasing talent
  • Can be done virtually
  • All promotional materials and support provided

Remember, a concert needs a suitable venue or technical support – if done virtually. They are also seasonal, limiting their frequency.

Best For…

Christmas Carol Concert Fundraisers are perfect for schools, choirs, and community groups eager to combine festive cheer with a worthy cause. Let’s get those voices ready!

Fundraising - School

School Fete Fundraisers

Nothing beats the good old-fashioned charm of a school fete! School fetes are iconic school fundraising events filled with games, food, and stalls. They are the perfect stage for our community to come together, have fun and raise funds.

We organise the event, invite everyone in the community, sell tickets or charge per stall, and watch as the fete turns into a bustling hive of activity and laughter. It’s all hands on deck and all funds in the pot!


School Fete Fundraisers are grand, exciting and deliver multiple benefits.

  • A festive, fun-filled atmosphere that draws large crowds
  • Variety of stalls and games increase earning potential
  • Can involve local businesses through stall participation
  • Opportunities for creativity and community engagement
  • We provide all promotional materials and support

However, school fetes require a good deal of planning and volunteer power. They also need an appropriately sized venue, making them not as suitable for smaller groups.

Best For…

School Fete Fundraisers are best for schools and larger community groups seeking a big, joyous event that captures the community’s heart and generosity.

Auction - Bidding

Charity Auction Fundraisers

Charity Auctions introduce a thrilling element of bidding into our fundraising mix. They’re an exciting school fundraising idea where we auction donated items or experiences, adding an adrenaline rush to our efforts.

We source interesting items or experiences, get an auctioneer (maybe even a celebrity one!), and let the bidding war contribute towards our cause. Every raise of a paddle takes us a step closer to our fundraising goal.


Charity Auction Fundraisers are exciting, engaging, and often yield high returns.

  • Potential for high fundraising returns
  • Encourages active participation
  • Can be run in-person or online
  • Provides opportunities to involve local businesses through item donations
  • We provide all promotional materials and support

Remember, charity auctions require time to collect enticing auction items and might require certain permissions or licenses.

Best For…

Charity Auction Fundraisers are ideal for schools, parent associations, or community groups who aren’t shy of a bit of competitive spirit and are seeking a fun and engaging way to raise funds. Let’s get the bidding started!

Culinary arts - Cook

Class Recipe Book Fundraisers

What’s better than a cookbook filled with the treasured recipes of classmates and teachers? A Class Recipe Book Fundraiser combines the love of food with community spirit, making it perfect for all groups. Whether you’re a school, a community group, or even a sports team, our Class Recipe Book Fundraisers are tailor-made for you.

The process is straightforward. Collect recipes from everyone involved, compile them into a book, and then sell as many copies as you can!

The profit from each book sold goes straight back into your cause. Plus, everyone who contributes a recipe can have the satisfaction of sharing their culinary magic with others. What’s not to love?


Class Recipe Book Fundraisers are packed with benefits! They’re simple, engaging, and add a personal touch to fundraising that everyone can appreciate.

  • Easy to run and organise
  • No upfront costs
  • Popular with all age groups
  • Personal and meaningful for everyone involved
  • Perfect for showcasing our diverse cooking skills
  • Engages our entire community
  • Quick to compile and sell, raising significant funds per book
  • Encourages healthy cooking and eating habits
  • Comes with all promotional materials and support needed

The only potential drawback is the time it can take to compile all the recipes. However, with proper planning and organisation, even this task can become a fun and engaging experience!

Best For…

Our Class Recipe Book Fundraiser is the perfect option for schools, community groups, and even sports teams! Anyone who enjoys home-cooked meals and would love to share their favourite recipes can join in. Let’s get cooking!

Stock photography - Image

Environment Cleanup Day

Nothing says ‘community spirit’ quite like working together for a cleaner environment. An Environment Cleanup Day is a fantastic opportunity for us to make a tangible difference in our community while raising funds.

The concept is simple. We select a local area that needs some love, gather as many volunteers as possible, and clean it up! Supporters can sponsor us per pound of trash collected or offer a flat donation for the cause. Not only do we raise money, but we also contribute to a cleaner, greener neighbourhood!


An Environment Cleanup Day offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the fundraising aspect.

  • Straightforward to organise
  • No upfront costs
  • Boosts community engagement and environmental awareness
  • Tangible positive impact on our local area
  • Teaches participants about the importance of cleanliness and conservation
  • Supportive and cooperative activity that brings us together
  • Comes with all promotional materials and the support needed to succeed

The potential challenge might be unpredictable weather, but with a backup plan in place, we can ensure our Environment Cleanup Day is a success rain or shine!

Best For…

The Environment Cleanup Day is an excellent idea for schools, community groups, or anyone passionate about environmental conservation. Let’s unite and clean up our neighbourhood!

Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe - Stock photography

International Food Festival

Embrace the flavours of the world while fundraising with an International Food Festival! This delightful event encourages everyone to share dishes from their culture, transforming our community into a global food haven.

The concept involves participants cooking or bringing dishes from various cultures, and everyone buys tickets to taste these culinary delights. The funds raised from the ticket sales go towards our cause. It’s a flavourful win-win!


An International Food Festival is a fantastic way to engage our community and embrace cultural diversity while raising funds.

  • Exciting and unique fundraising idea
  • Celebrates cultural diversity and introduces new cuisines
  • Engages our entire community
  • Promotes unity and understanding through food
  • Generates significant funds from ticket sales
  • Comes with all promotional materials and one-on-one support

Organising an International Food Festival can be time-consuming, and health regulations need to be considered. However, with good planning and volunteer involvement, we can make it a culinary success!

Best For…

An International Food Festival is a great fundraising idea for schools, community groups, or any group wanting to celebrate cultural diversity and good food. Let’s take our taste buds on a global tour!

Ideas for Your Fundraising Committee


on which school fundraiser ideas will best suit your school and community


the fundraising event well in advance and lock the time into the school calendar


What’s your school fundraising goal and reason for fundraising?


a school fundraising committee to manage all aspects of the school fundraiser


regularly to progress the school fundraiser planning and implementation

Why do schools fundraise?

School fundraising is critical as it aids in providing resources for your child’s best possible education. This includes the creation of new school facilities like sports courts, procurement of sports equipment and uniforms, facilitating air conditioning, helping students represent the school in sports or arts, purchasing books or materials for schools, and acquiring classroom resources. School fundraising thus plays a fundamental role in driving the quality of education and the school experience.


How can a school fundraising program help?

Fundraising programs, like those provided by Australian Fundraising, are the perfect answer to the daunting task of school fundraising. They come with everything necessary to host a successful and profitable fundraising event. Providing support, resources, planning, promotional materials, incentive prizes, and an online fundraising platform, these programs make fundraising ideas for schools exciting and stress-free!

Boost profits by promoting your school’s great fundraising ideas.

Promotion is key to creating a successful fundraising event. Communication channels like school newsletters, social media, promotional posters, parent information letters, and school assemblies can be used to engage the school community. The involvement of volunteers, competitions among classes, special dress-up days, community participation, and gratitude to everyone who contributed can all help to boost your fundraiser’s success.

Choosing a Fundraiser

The best way to fundraise for schools is to opt for an exciting fundraising program that captivates your students. Partnering with a company like Australian Fundraising not only increases profits but also alleviates stress. Even on a small budget, Australian Fundraising guarantees a profit of at least 60% of the fundraised amount!

Eco-Friendly School Fundraising Ideas

There are multiple eco-friendly school fundraising ideas available. Fundraisers like the Go Green Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, Slime Spectacular Run 4 Fun, Plant-A-Difference, and Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough are all environmentally friendly options. If incentive prizes aren’t your thing, opt for native tree planting instead!

Getting started with School Fundraising

Australian Fundraising offers turn-key solutions for school fundraising, ensuring highly profitable and easy fundraising campaigns. If you’re nervous about fundraising, rest assured that our specialists are here to guide you every step of the way!

How School Fundraising works

Running a school fundraising program is a breeze! The process involves booking your fundraiser, receiving your materials and resources, opening up the fundraiser online, hosting your event, finalising your funds, and voilà – your school fundraising program is complete!

Typically, our programs last 5 to 8 weeks, including preparation and prime fundraising time.

Fundraising made easy.

Stress-free school fundraising ideas are within reach with Australian Fundraising. Our programs are designed to make the process as smooth as possible, providing all the resources you need to succeed, along with constant one-on-one support. If you’re ready to dive into the world of fun and profitable school fundraising, we’re more than ready to guide you on this exciting journey!

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