Australia's leading fundraising supplier of highly successful fundraising products and fundraising ideas for schools, clubs, child care and community groups. We helped groups raise over $8 million in 2017.

We are a family owned and run business truly and totally dedicated to the success of our customer’s fundraising efforts. We know how monies raised from fundraising are so vital to the success of so many groups. Our products are successful and we won’t let you down!

NO MONEY IS REQUIRED UP FRONT to commence your fundraiser* and we supply all the fundraising materials to make your fundraisers easy to organise and run.

Please do not hesitate to request a FREE FUNDRAISING INFORMATION KIT by clicking onto the button below, it’s free, and we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable consultants who will readily help you with any questions. Phone 1300 133 022




Our Profitable Fundraising Programs

Billy G's Cookie Dough

Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough

Fundraiser for all groups

Australia’s favourite fundraiser. High profit and easy to set up and run. YOUR OWN FREE ONLINE SHOP

School Run 4 fun

School Run 4 Fun

Fundraising Idea for schools

Receive all the fundraising materials and incentives to make this a huge success. MAKE 70% CLEAR PROFIT

School Colour Fun Run

School Colour Event

School fundraising ideas

Turn your fun run from BLAND to GRAND with colour powder.

Holiday Raffles

Six Self-Run Holiday Raffles

Raffle fundraising ideas popular with schools, clubs and charities

High profit. Easy to set up and sell. Give away your own holiday raffle to the Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Fiji, Rydges, Bali, Vanuatu and Go Anywhere, Anytime

School Spell-a-thon

School Spell-a-thon

School fundraising ideas

Make your spell-a-thon fun and exciting for your students. Everything is provided. MAKE 70% CLEAR PROFIT



Fundraising ideas for childcare centres and kindies

Popular and successful fundraiser for early childhood centres. Make up to 70% cash profit and receive up to 30% value in prizes and program materials.

Scratch & Support Cards

Scratch & Support Cards

Fundraising ideas for small groups and teams

Cost is now only $12 per scratch fundraising card! Make $68 profit per person. Choose from 3 designs including a customised card with your group's logo.



Check out how your group could win with our promotions.

Small Groups

Small Groups

These fundraising products work well for small groups.

Make up to 85% profit!



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Fundraising Ideas

Australian Fundraising has been assisting fundraising volunteers since 1999, and has helped them to raise more than $45 million. We stand by our promise of “Fundraising Made Easy” with our easy to manage, highly profitable fundraisers, and proven systems that help fundraisers make more profit for their efforts.
If your school needs to raise money for something special, like new playground equipment or some other resource, Australian Fundraising can help you. We have worked with hundreds of schools in creating exciting and profitable fundraisers. Click here to learn about our great fundraising ideas for schools.
Sporting and other clubs often struggle to get the financial support that they need from members, so fundraising works to fill that gap. We have proven and profitable fundraising ideas for clubs, and can show you how to get your supporters behind you. Click here to learn about our fundraising ideas for clubs.
Financial support is the lifeblood of any charity. Australian Fundraising assists charities to raise money with a range of unique, high participation, fundraising events. If your charity could benefit from a fundraiser, we have profitable, easy to manage fundraising ideas for charities that will help you on your way.
Pre-Schools and Kindergartens represent a special challenge for fundraisers. Because the kids are small, the range of fundraising event available to groups can be limited. Australian Fundraising has proven, profitable fundraising ideas for pre-schools. The parents, kids, pre-schools and fundraisers just love them!

FREE Fundraising Tools

You can have the best Fundraising Idea but unless you execute it properly it will not achieve its potential! We offer a range of free Fundraising Tools to help you plan your fundraisers, make your fundraisers easy to run, more effective and more profitable.

There’s nothing worse than organising your fundraiser and finding out that it clashes with another fundraiser or event. The Calendars are a great tool when planning your fundraising events for the year. At a glance you know exactly what you’re doing what and when. We offer Planning Calendars for each state & territory.
If you’re new to fundraising or an experienced one looking for different ideas, you will find our Planning Guide is packed full of useful fundraising ideas and information. It will assist in making your fundraiser easy to run, as well as profitable and fun.
As an extension to our planning guides, we have developed specific Ebooks on how to set up and run successful Fun Runs/Walk-a-thons and a Raffle fundraiser. There is also the Ultimate Australian Fundraising Planning Guide which is an extended version of the Planning Guide. The E-books are jam packed with useful information and suggestions on how to run successful fundraising events.
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It is so important keeping track of your fundraiser to show amongst other things your profit, as well as completing your orders for the number of cookie dough tubs or prizes you require. We offer our easy to use software programs which automatically totals your orders that you send to our office. They’re also a helpful tool for controlling, managing and auditing your fundraising drives. Trust us, they are very simple to use and everyone who uses them love them.
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You should always send home a Parent’s Information Letter with your order forms, sponsorship brochure or raffle books. The letter will inform your supporters why you are running the fundraiser, where they return monies and when, and what incentive prizes are on offer. But where do you start? We offer a vast array of Parent Letter templates to assist with each of our fundraising programs. All the hard work has been done for you! They’re in a Word document so you can print them on your letterhead and make any changes.
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Unique, creative, easy and profitable fundraising ideas!

Since 1999 we've assisted over 30,000 schools, sporting clubs, child care centres, kindergartens, dance groups, music groups, scouts, social clubs, church groups and charity fundraisers organise and run successful fundraising drives, programs and events.

We've helped them raise over $70,000,000.

We have easy fundraising ideas and fundraising ideas that raise a lot of money.

We offer a range of proven and profitable fundraising programs and we will help you:

  • Run an easy and profitable fundraiser
  • Promote your fundraiser
  • Plan your fundraising programme or event
  • Motivate your students/players/members and their families to maximise their fundraising support for your fundraiser

You receive all the fundraising materials (order forms/sponsorship brochures, promotional posters, parent information letters, and more) to make our fundraisers a breeze to set up and run and to ensure success.

We provide incentive prizes for your sellers/participants that we know significantly lifts your sales and monies received.

Please call our office on 1300 133 022 as we would love to help you with your fundraising plans and answer any questions you may have.

* No money is required up front to schools, early childhood centres, registered clubs, community organisations and approved groups.