Benefits of Eco-Friendly Fundraising
Going Green with Australian Fundraising

Environmentally Friendly Fundraising The Benefits of Going Green

Choosing an environmentally friendly fundraiser is a great way to teach students about environmental conservation and social consciousness. But are there more benefits that often go unnoticed? Discover five benefits of environmentally friendly fundraising with Australian Fundraising!

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Eco-Friendly Fundraising Programs

Although it seem obvious why schools or groups would choose eco-friendly fundraising programs, it can be difficult to justify to a P&C or leadership group. Plus, there are many reasons why environmentally friendly fundraising is a great idea for your school, your students and the world!


Why choose eco-friendly fundraising?

Giving students opportunities to be environmentally conscious citizens can be difficult to implement in school culture. But with Australian Fundraising, programs like the Go Green Slime Spectacular or Colour Explosion will have your school reaping the benefits of environmentally friendly fundraising in no time!


Reflect school values.

In 2021, many schools pride themselves on environmentally conscious behaviours. Whether it be recycle bins in the classroom or low-waste options in the tuck shop, many schools are opting for eco-friendly school behaviours.


Support school values through eco-friendly fundraising initiatives

Recycling is a popular way schools demonstrate environmentally friendly behaviours.


Show your commitment to your school values by choosing a fundraising program that reduces your carbon footprint without reducing your fundraising profit! Our eco-friendly fundraisers help you demonstrate your ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Bigger cause = bigger donations!

Having a dual purpose for your fundraiser can encourage donors to dig a little deeper! When they know their their donation is helping both their local community and the environment, they may be more likely to give a little bit extra to your cause!


Did you know? You can fundraise entirely online when you choose to fundraise with Australian Fundraising? Our awesome online fundraising platforms are completely cyber safe, and will save you hours in paperwork and cash handling! Discover more about Australian Fundraising’s online fundraising profile today!

Cybersafe Online Fundraising


Teach students to be environmentally conscious.

Many parents and teachers know that students often learn best through demonstration. Thus, there is no better way to teach students to consider the environment than by doing it yourself!


Environmentally friendly fundraisers can help children become more environmentally conscious.

Environmentally friendly fundraisers can help children become more environmentally conscious.


In choosing a Go Green Fun Run, students will replace their incentive prize toys with native tree planting – prioritising environmental care and restoration over their own reward. Not only can an environmentally friendly fundraiser be an important conversation starter, but it encourages students to consider what is important to them, and how their actions impact the world around them.


Reduce your carbon footprint.

You can make a difference – one tree at a time! In choosing an environmentally friendly fundraiser like Plant-A-Difference, you will work to reverse your school or group’s carbon footprint. For every $15 raised with our Go Green Fun Runs or Plant-A-Difference fundraising program, Carbon Neutral will plant a native tree or shrub in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, located in South Western Australia!


Reduce your carbon footprint and the impact of global warming.

Reduce your carbon footprint and the impact of global warming.


Moreover, choosing a fundraising program that intentionally reduces plastic with bulk packed coloured powder or slime, and online fundraising options instead of paper sponsorship booklets, you’ll be doing less damage to the environment right from the get go.


Curious about work of Carbon Neutral in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor? Australian Fundraising planted over 10 000 trees in 2020. Discover more about the impact of our Plant-A-Difference fundraising program today!

Learn more about Plant-A-Difference


Align school culture with the Australian Curriculum.

Students love it when their classroom lessons have real world applications! With sustainability being one of three cross-curriculum priorities in the Australian Curriculum, why not bring the topic to life with an exciting environmentally friendly fundraising opportunity?


Teaching kids to environmentally conscious is a benefit of eco-friendly fundraising.

Teaching kids to environmentally conscious is a benefit of eco-friendly fundraising.


Plant-a-Difference and Go Green Fun Runs with Australian Fundraising give students an opportunity to see sustainability and environmental restoration in action. Learn more about hosting an eco-friendly fundraising program today!


Start fundraising today!

Learn more about the awesome environmentally friendly fundraisers available with Australian Fundraising! Our friendly team of fundraising specialists are available to help you choose the best fundraiser for your school or group. Simply fill out the contact form below, or request your free, downloadable information kit!

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May 4, 2021

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