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How Do Incentive Prizes Work? Everything You Need to Know

Learn everything you need to know about incentive prizes with Australian Fundraising! We offer three prize models at Australian Fundraising, ensuring we have something for everyone! Read more to discover how incentive prizes work at Australian Fundraising.

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How Do Incentive Prizes Work?

Incentive prizes are a powerful way to motivate students to fundraise – that’s why we offer them! But, with hundreds of children fundraising for your school or group, incentive prizes can feel like more work than they are worth.

At Australian Fundraising, we have developed an incentive prize system that makes the whole process quick, fun and stress-free for everyone. Discover exactly how we put the fun back into fundraising with incentive prizes!


Incentive Prizes are a powerful way to motivate kids to fundraise.

Incentive Prizes are a powerful way to motivate kids to fundraise.


What are incentive prizes?

Incentive prizes are toys or gifts awarded to participants at the end of their fundraiser. Prizes are given to participants depending on how much they fundraise, with more valuable incentive prizes being awarded to participants who fundraise bigger amounts.


Why do you offer incentive prizes?

Incentive prizes have been a part of school fundraising for decades! They are a well-known and popular way to encourage students to reach bigger fundraising goals. Rather than fundraising simply for a good cause, you can appeal to students desire to achieve cooler toys and gadgets in the prize pool!


Lava Lamps are a popular incentive prize for fundraising programs

Lava Lamps are a popular incentive prize in Australian Fundraising’s collection!


How do incentive prizes work?

Incentive prizes are actually very simple! Depending on whether you choose automatic prize ordering or traditional prize ordering, you can finalise your prize orders within a few days! Read more to find out how each of our prize options work at Australian Fundraising.


Automatic prize ordering

Automated prize ordering is changing the game for incentive prizes. Instead of having multiple prizes to choose from in each category, there is only one prize for each fundraising category. Automated prize ordering is the perfect way to ensure your limited volunteer hours are going to good use on the ground. Requiring less manpower and incredibly streamlined for efficiency, automated prize ordering lightens your load by more than 20 hours.


 How does Automated Prize Ordering Work?

With our exclusive new automated prize ordering option, students can win up to 15 unique prizes. These prizes are spread across 15 milestones, and each prize is automatically ordered when the student hits the prize goal. Students only need to raise a minimum $10 to receive their first automated prize.

Prizes are cumulative, meaning students can win up to 15 incentive prizes along the way. For example, if a student raises $500, they will receive prizes A, B, C, D, E AND F – that is SIX high quality prizes! That’s more bang for your buck with incentive prize ordering.

Quicker than ever, all of your prizes are delivered in one go, only days after the end of your fundraiser. You will then receive a print out of what prizes each student has received, and can distribute quickly and easily!


Learn More About Automatic Prize Ordering!


Slime is a popular incentive prize for students

Slime is one of the most popular incentive prizes among younger children.


Note: At Australian Fundraising, most of our programs (excluding Plant-A-Difference) include incentive prizes! If you choose Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser, you automatically receive automated prize ordering as part of your program. Traditional prize ordering is not available for Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser.


Traditional Prize Ordering

If you love the flexibility and individuality that comes with incentive prize ordering, then traditional prize ordering might be for you!

With traditional prize ordering, there are 70 different prizes for students to choose from! These prizes are broken up into 12 prize categories, based on different fundraising amounts. Every dollar fundraised is $1 of prize credit you can claim. Students only need to raise a minimum $10 to choose their first prize!

When students to choose a prize from a prize category, the lower dollar value is used from their incentive prize credit. For example, if you choose a prize from the $30 – $49 category, you will use up $30 of your prize credit.

Participants can order up 5 prizes across multiple categories, which Australian Fundraising call Mix and Match. Use up all of your credit by mixing and matching across categories to get more prizes for your hard work!

With traditional prize ordering, participants must log on to their online profile page at the end of the fundraiser to submit their prize preferences. You cannot close off your fundraiser until each student has submitted their prize order, which can become a challenge for teachers and organisers!


View all incentive prizes!

Australian Fundraising has over 80 unique prizes in our incentive prize collection!

Australian Fundraising offers over 70 unique incentive prizes, across our different programs.


Go Green Instead!

Do incentive prizes contradict your school’s commitment to sustainability? Why not Go Green?!

Our Go Green School Run 4 Fun programs enable you to have all the fun, without all the landfill! Australian Fundraising has exclusive partnerships with Carbon Neutral and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, allowing you to replace incentive prizes with tree or coral planting!

For every $20 raised by your school or group, Carbon Neutral will plant a tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, or the Great Barrier Reef Foundation will plant a coral in the Great Barrier Reef! The best part? Students are able to choose their cause when they sign up for their online platform, allowing each student to make a meaningful contribution to a cause they believe in.

The Go Green option is in place of incentive prizes, and is entirely automated! Australian Fundraising will calculate your school or groups contribution at the completion of your fundraiser. Australian Fundraising then purchase the native trees/shrubs coral on your behalf, and Carbon Neutral or the Great Barrier Reef Foundation do the planting for you!


Fundraise for the Great Barrier Reef.

Help save the Great Barrier Reef with a Go Green Fun Run!


Frequently Asked Questions

With so many different options for incentive prizes, it’s likely you have questions about which one is right for your school or group! Read through the frequently asked questions below, or contact our friendly team on 1300 133 022!


How does Mix and Match work?
Mix and Match is one of the most exciting elements of traditional prize ordering! Mix and Match allows participants to choose prizes across multiple prize value categories, and use up the full amount of their available prize credit.

For example, participants who fundraise $100 have $100 of available prize credit (assuming they have not collected online coins and participated in Australian Fundraising’s HUGE $200K Prize Credit giveaway!). When using traditional prize ordering, the participant may choose to order:

  • Mini Wireless Speaker from the $50-$74 category
  • A crystal growing kit, from the $30-$49 category, and
  • Squishy Colour Changing Ball, from the $20 – $29 category.

All together, the participant has spent $50 + $30 + $20 (totaling $100) and therefore using up all their prize credit by mixing and matching from various categories.

Alternatively, the participant could chose two prizes from the $50 – $74 category, and use all of their prize credit that way.


How many prizes will I receive?
At Australian Fundraising, we give participants as many prizes as possible! For those who choose automated prize ordering, this is a total of 15 unique prizes if they sell 75 tubs or more! For traditional prize ordering, students can receive five prizes or use up all of their prize credit, whichever comes first.


Can we do both Go Green and incentive prizes?

In some occassions, we may negotiate with a school or group to receive both incentive prizes and participate in a Go Green fundraiser. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022 (8am – 4pm AEST, Monday – Friday) and ask our friendly team for more information!


What are the incentive prizes?

Great question! You can view all the incentive prizes for Fun Runs in the Sponsorship Booklet! Billy G’s Cookie Dough prizes can be seen on the order form here.


I have more questions. Who can I ask?

No problems – our friendly team of Fundraising Specialists are available to help you out! You can get in contact with Australian Fundraising anytime by calling 1300 133 022 (8am – 4pm AEST, Monday – Friday), or submitting an online contact form. You can also view our Fundraising Catalogue.



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March 15, 2022

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