Golden Coins: How Do They Work?
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Bigger Incentive Prizes with Golden Coins

Have you started saving up your Golden Coins with Monty the Monstar? Our online fundraising platform is helping participants share in over $200,000 in extra prize credit – all with Golden Coins. Discover how you can achieve bigger and better incentive prizes with Australian Fundraising!

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What Are Golden Coins?

As a fundraising coordinator, you are always looking for exciting ways to involve students and motivate them to fundraise. Encourage students to aim high and fundraise big dollars with our new collectible Golden Coins – digital tokens that students can convert into real-life prize credit. Discover everything you need to know about Golden Coins at Australian Fundraising!

Golden coins are virtual tokens that can be redeemed for real life prize credit at the end of a School Run 4 Fun fundraiser. Students collect golden coins on their My Profile Page when they achieve online fundraising milestones or engage with their profile’s features.


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How Do Golden Coins Work?

Students collect Golden Coins simply by interacting with their online fundraising page! Across their fundraising period, students can earn up to 5,000 coins by updating their profiles, receiving donations, and sharing their page on social media sites like Facebook.

At the completion of the fundraising period, Golden Coins are automatically converted into real life prize credit (up to $75) that students can use to claim higher-value incentive prizes! This all happens automatically – there is no extra work required for coordinators, parents or students!


Collecting Your Golden Coins

Coins are awarded automatically to a student’s Coin Chest when they achieve one of the specified milestones. For example, when a student creates an avatar for their page for the first time, the student will be awarded 80 coins in their Coin Chest!

There are over 20 different ways students can earn coins, including their first donation and reaching major fundraising totals (eg. the first $10 raised). Students can collect up to 5,000 Golden Coins, which converts into $75 of incentive prize credit.


An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.

An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.


Did You Know?

Some of these achievements also double as Monty the MonSTAR badges. Students can collect all 10 Monty the MonSTAR badges to redeem a FREE real-life Monty Bag Tag. Learn more about all the awesome Monty the MonSTAR incentives that come with our School Run 4 Fun programs (excluding Go Green).


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Redeeming Your Golden Coins for Prize Credit

Students are rewarded for their fundraising efforts with Golden Coins! When your fundraiser ends, students will automatically be granted their free prize credit – shown on your My Profile Page as a Bonus Donation, up to the value of $75!

This free prize credit will be combined with your total amount fundraised to create your available prize credit.  Students can then mix and match their prizes up to the value of their available prize credit (for traditional prize ordering) or will be awarded all prizes up to the highest available category (for automated prize ordering).

For example, if you fundraise a total of $250, and covert your golden coins into $50 of extra prize credit, you will have a total of $300 of available prize credit to mix and match your incentive prizes! It’s that simple! With our traditional prize ordering model, you could select up to five prizes from various categories to the value of $300, or one big prize from our $300 — $499 prize category.


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Have Another Question?

Get in touch with the team from Australian Fundraising! We are available Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm to help you achieve your fundraising goals. If you have a question about Golden Coins, make sure you get in touch via our online enquiry form or by calling 1300 133 022 today!


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Benefit from every inclusion that comes with a fundraising program at Australian Fundraising!

Benefit from every inclusion that comes with a fundraising program at Australian Fundraising!


We Innovate to Motivate!

Golden Coins aren’t the only innovative way Australian Fundraising is helping to motivate students! Together with our 500g Colour Powder squirt bottles, our awesome Monty the Monstar prizes, new automated prize ordering and incredible cybersafe online platform, there are dozens of reasons why Australian Fundraising is the better choice for your school or group.

If you are ready to make the better choice for fundraising, book your fundraiser today with our quick, online booking form! To learn more about our programs, download our fundraising catalogue or contact our friendly team on 1300 133 022.

June 1, 2022

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