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Automated Prize Ordering Easy, Efficient & Exciting

If traditional prize ordering models aren’t your thing, Australian Fundraising has the game changing program option you’ve been waiting for: automated prize ordering. Now available for all School Run 4 Fun programs and Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough, the option for automated prize ordering is the most exciting, easy and efficient way to offer incentive prizes. Discover all the benefits that come with automated prize ordering. 

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New Automated Prize Ordering!

Prize ordering is the last step in a fundraiser. Unfortunately, it can also become the most tedious and time consuming. Introducing Australian Fundraising’s newest incentive prize option: automated prize ordering! After being incredibly successful with Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough, and receiving raving reviews from our School Run 4 Fun trial schools, automated prize ordering is a game changer for fundraising.


Win up to 12 prizes with Billy G's automated prize ordering.

Automated prize ordering means students can win up to 15 unique prizes, instead of just five.


What Is Automated Prize Ordering?

At Australian Fundraising, some of our programs (like Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough and our School Run 4 Fun programs) come with incentive prizes for participants.

In a traditional prize ordering model, incentive prizes are broken up into prize categories, and depending on how much a participant raises, they can choose up to five incentive prizes. With a traditional prize ordering model, participants must log in after the completion of your fundraising period to order their chosen prizes.

Automated prize ordering is changing the game for incentive prizes. Instead of having multiple prizes to choose from in each category, there is only one prize for each fundraising category. Then, prizes are automatically ordered when the student reaches each fundraising milestone. This means students can take home up to 15 unique incentive prizes! With no prize ordering at the end of the fundraiser, no waiting on students to make up their mind, you have nothing more to worry about when your fundraising period ends.


Automated incentive prize ordering is the easiest and most efficient way to fundraise.

Automated incentive prize ordering is the easiest and most efficient way to fundraise.


What About Traditional Prize Ordering?

Traditional prize ordering is still the most popular option for prize ordering! If you love giving students the option to mix and match their prizes, then traditional prize ordering is still the best option for you! This method of prize ordering also gives students a higher target to aim for.


Why Choose Automated Prize Ordering?

The fundraising industry has been using a traditional prize ordering model for over 9 years – why would Australian Fundraising give you the option to change it up now? Because we innovate to motivate, giving you and your participant more reasons to raise more funds! We are always looking for new, exciting and reliable ways to help you fundraise more with less manpower. Discover some of the best reasons why you should try automated prize ordering for your next fundraiser!


No Manpower Required!

If recent restrictions to onsite volunteers have reduced the number of volunteers you have onboard, automated incentive prize ordering can be an option! Reducing the hours and people required to confirm prize orders is the best way to make sure your fundraising program uses volunteer hours in the most effective way possible!


One Less Thing to Do!

When you’re a school or group volunteer, you often wear many hats, and have many balls to juggle at once! Automated prize ordering cuts your to do list in half, removing the tasks associated with reminding students and teachers to place prize orders, changing orders of students who change their mind, banking cash and more. Automated incentive prize ordering means that with only one click of a button, your fundraiser is complete.


Automated prize ordering means volunteer time can be used for more important activities.

Automated prize ordering means volunteer time can be used for more important activities.


More Prizes for Participants

Give your students more reason to fundraise! Where traditional prize ordering offers a maximum of five prizes, automated prize ordering offers up to 15 if they reach the highest prize category. From squeeze balls to Nintendo Switch Lite, there is an incentive prize to motivate any participant!


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Finalise Your Fundraiser in Days

Forget chasing students for weeks and weeks for their cash donations and prize orders! Automated prize ordering requires your fundraiser to be online only, meaning as soon as you say the word,  your fundraising period ends and incentive prizes can be ordered immediately! Students no longer change their mind, submit the wrong order or lose their sponsorship books – it’s online, ready to go.


No Mistakes!

Last but not least, automated prize ordering is efficient and streamlined, completely eliminating prize order mistakes! Not only does this protect any little hearts from being broken by mistake, but also protects you from chasing your tail and correcting mistaken orders.


An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.

An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.


Are You Ready to Fundraise?

Are you ready to start fundraising with incentive prize ordering? Once you have requested a free information kit and decided on your fundraising program, simply head to our Book Now page and submit your booking. It takes less than 5 minutes and your Account Manager will be in touch with your next steps. We can’t wait to fundraise with you!


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Have Questions?

Do you have questions about incentive prize ordering? No worries – our friendly team of Fundraising Specialists are available to help clear everything up! If you want to learn more about traditional or automated prize ordering, contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022, or submit the enquiry form below. You can also request a free information kit here


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January 31, 2022

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