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DIY Colour Powder Shirt
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Make Colour Powder Stain Your Clothes!

One of the best parts of a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is being covered head to toe in vibrant colour powder! Follow these easy instructions to keep the colour powder on your white shirt, and wear it as a way to remember the brightest day ever.

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DIY: Colour Powder Shirt featured image

DIY: Colour Powder Shirt

One of the coolest parts about a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is having the colour powder on your clothes! Everybody loves the vibrant colours smattered across their skin, hair and shirts! You may love your wearable artwork so much that you want to keep it! It’s easy to make colour powder stain clothes, especially white t-shirts. Follow the simple instructions below to keep your Colour Explosion school fun run shirt for good!


How Do I Make Colour Powder Stain My Clothes?

It’s easy to keep colour powder on your shirt! Simply follow these five easy steps to keep the colour powder on your clothes.


1. Don’t shake it off!

As much as you might want to shake the colour powder from your clothes, try and keep as much on your shirt as possible. This may be tricky if you’re running around, but the more colour powder you can keep on your clothes, the more colour powder dye will stain your shirt.

We recommend removing your fun run shirt shortly after your race if you intend to stain your shirt with colour powder.

Fold it up and gently place it in a safe, plastic bag until you can take it home!


2. Spray and soak!

With a spray bottle, soak your entire shirt with white vinegar. And we mean SOAK! Spray your shirt until it’s dripping with white vinegar, especially in the areas with colour powder.

Make sure your shirt is laying flat when you do this, otherwise the colours with run and mix together. And don’t forget to spray the back of your shirt too!


It's Easy to keep colour powder on your colour run shirt!

Keep colour powder on your shirt with these easy steps!


3. Lay it flat to dry.

This is the easiest bit – simply lay your shirt flat to dry, and let the colour powder stain your shirt. Laying your shirt flat allows the powder to soak evenly into the fabric, and avoids mixing of colours.

Leave to dry until it is completely dry to touch.


4. Apply a hot iron.

You’ve almost finished making your colour powder stay on your school colour run shirt! There is only one big step left, and that’s trapping the colour using heat.

We recommend having an adult help with this step, as it can be dangerous!

Set your iron to high heat, and iron the shirt you would like to stain with colour powder. Give it a good iron, and press quite firmly.


Follow these easy steps to make colour powder stain your shirt!

Follow these easy steps to make colour powder stain your shirt!


5. One more dry…

The last step! Turn your shirt inside out, and put it in a clothes dryer for approximately 10 minutes. If you don’t have a clothes dryer, you can also use a hair dryer to help keep the colour powder on your colour run shirt. Simply heat the shirt evenly to trap the color powder on your shirt.



And that’s it! You now know how to keep colour powder on your clothes! Remember, the colour will fade a little bit after each wash. To help you colour last as long as possible, wash in cold water without detergent. Lay it flat to dry, and then iron after each wash.


March 3, 2022

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