Catholic Schools Go Green
Sustainability a Key Focus For Catholic Schools

Go Green! Catholic Schools Choose Sustainability

In a recent announcement by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, 115 Catholic schools will be powered by entirely renewable energy by 2038. With many choosing to employ sustainable operations well before then, environmentally friendly fundraising options are more popular than ever.

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Catholic Schools Go Green

Following recent announcements from the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane, many schools are now looking to expand their commitment to sustainability. Wanting more than just renewably powered buildings, over 115 Catholic schools are expanding their sustainable operations to areas like waste, ground maintenance and even fundraising!


Catholic Schools Choose Go Green Fun Runs

Fun Runs have long been a staple for school fundraising – and Catholic schools are no exception! Often choosing to fundraise for new buildings, resources or for charity, Catholic Schools are delighted to know that Go Green Fun Run options exist.

Focused on reducing the amount of landfill created by novelty fun runs like Slime Spectacular or Colour Explosion, Go Green Fun Runs offer schools an alternative without sacrificing the fun or the profit!


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Slime Spectacular School Fun Run

Colour Explosion School Fun Run


Choose eco-friendly fundraising with Australian Fundraising.

There are many benefits of eco-friendly fundraising, including reducing your carbon footprint and raising bigger bucks!


What is a Go Green Fun Run?

With a Go Green Fun Run, your school can choose a sustainable fundraising option that doesn’t cost the Earth. Discover our environmentally friendly fundraising options for schools looking to Go Green!


No prizes, no worries!

Have all the fun without all the landfill! When you choose a Go Green Colour Explosion or Go Green Slime Spectacular with Australian Fundraising, you’ll be saying no to excess waste. Replace incentive prizes with native tree planting, and receive your colour and slime in bulk packed cartons – rather than plastic bottles or sample bags. You’ll also reduce your waste by forgoing participation certificates, and instead letting the students own smiles be the measure of success!


A partnership with Carbon Neutral helps schools go green.

Australian Fundraising’s partnership with Carbon Neutral can help schools Go Green.


Tree Planting with Carbon Neutral

Your hard work won’t go unrewarded. For every $15 you fundraise for your school or group, Carbon Neutral will plant one native tree or shrub in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. This vulnerable ecosystem will be strengthened by your contribution, helping the damaged area thrive again.


Online fundraising

Online fundraising is not only a timesaver for parents, donors and organizers – it’s much more environmentally friendly! Running an online fundraiser brings in 3x more profit than cash-based fundraisers, and reduces your carbon footprint. Save paper, save time, fundraise online!


Online Planting across multiple devices

Fundraise online with our eco-friendly fundraising platform!


There’s no need to do away with classic school fun runs! They are awesome fundraisers that bring in a huge profit for your school or group, no matter what you are fundraising for! Don’t sacrifice the fun or the profit – instead, choose to Go Green with Australian Fundraising!

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Raise Big Dollars with Go Green Fun Runs!

Did you know? St Hilda’s Anglican School on the Gold Coast raised $38,326 with their Go Green Colour Explosion! They contributed 2,555 trees to the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, offsetting their carbon footprint for an entire year. Way to go St Hilda’s! You can read all about St Hilda’s awesome effort on our blog!


May 18, 2021

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