Let’s Go Green!

Tree & Coral Planting Fundraiser

Help restore landscapes, reproduce natural ecosystems and reduce carbon emissions whilst delivering high profits for your school or group with our Go Green School Run 4 Fun and Glowtastic Disco Party. For every $20 raised, you can choose to plant a tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, or one coral in the Great Barrier Reef! Make a difference on land and sea today!

Let’s Go Green!

Make a difference on land & sea!

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The Go Green Prize Option is this great program that lets your school shake hands with Mother Nature while pocketing funds for all the awesome stuff your school needs. You can pair it with our super-fun School Run 4 Fun programs like the Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular, or Colour Splatacular, or get your groove on with the Glowtastic Disco Party fundraiser!

For every 20 dollars raised, your young eco-warriors get to make the coolest choice: they can either choose to plant trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor (let’s call it Earth’s hair salon) through Carbon Neutral, or team up with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to plant coral.

Since the program started, schools and groups have helped to plant over 120,000 trees and coral. Every year, more and more schools are wanting to raise money in an eco-friendly way, and this is the perfect solution.


Why Should We Go Green?

By planting trees or coral, your school will be giving the environment a ginormous hug. The trees are not only the Earth’s lungs, but they’re a home to cute critters and beautiful plants. Being able to plant new coral on the Great Barrier Reef not only helps with regeneration, but makes it a happening home for marine life.


Brain Boost!

Apart from turning your students into Earth’s BFFs, this option is like an all-you-can-learn buffet. The students will not only get to raise money for their school, but also learn about the importance of caring for their planetary home.


Ditch the Clutter!

With Go Green, instead of getting more stuff as a reward, students get this warm, fuzzy feeling knowing they’re total eco-champions!

Choosing the Go Green prize option is like hitting the jackpot. You get to raise much needed funds for your school, get high-fives from the environment, and your students turn into smarty-pants eco-heroes!


Let’s Do This!

When you plan your next major fundraiser for the school, don’t forget to include the environment. Put on your eco-warrior capes, and get your school buzzing about the Go Green Prize Option. Everyone will want to be a part of this epic program?

For more info on how to be an eco-champion with our Go Green fundraisers, request more information about our School Run 4 Funs or the Glowtastic Disco Party, click HERE!

Together, let’s rock the fundraising world and give Planet Earth the biggest bear hug ever!


June 29, 2023

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