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Crazy Colour Day

Australia's Favourite Colour Day Crazy Colour Day

Looking for the best ways to host a Crazy Colour Day at your school or group? Whether you are wanting to fundraise or simply host the brightest day at school, you have come to the right place. Discover everything you need to know about a Crazy Colour Day!

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Crazy Colour Day

Everybody has heard of the colour craze sweeping the nation! A Crazy Colour Day is one the brightest days at school, giving schools and groups an incredible way to make memories and fundraise for vital resources, equipment or events.

Discover how you can host the most exciting day at school with a Crazy Colour Day.


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What is a Crazy Colour Day?

A Crazy Colour Day will be the most exciting Fun Run your school has ever hosted! Complete with colour powder, coloured sunglasses, rainbow headbands and obstacles galore, your Crazy Colour Day brings smiles and laughter to students, teachers and volunteers alike!

Fill the air with colour and laughter as volunteers cover participants in vibrant, non-toxic colour powder. Delighted with the amazing vibrant colour and abundance of fun, participants will be raving about your Crazy Colour Day for years and years to come.


Discover the wonder of a Crazy Colour Day!


To fundraise or not to fundraise?

A colour event is Australia’s favourite fundraiser! However, not everyone would like to use their Crazy Colour Day for fundraising – sometimes, you may just want to host the brightest day at school for the local community!


Why Fundraise with a Crazy Colour Day?

There are lots of reasons why a Crazy Colour Day makes an incredible fundraiser! Not only are they full of value, but they create a sense of anticipation and joy that can only come from an exciting event that promises big fun!

Fundraising with a Crazy Colour Day is easy with Australian Fundraising!  Our awesome Colour Explosion School Fun Run helps you host the biggest and best Crazy Colour Day, without the labour and difficulty of a painful fundraiser.

Our Crazy Colour Days come with everything you need to turn your Fun Run from bland to grand!

Did you know? One remote school raised over $71,490 with only 96 kids and a Colour Explosion Fun Run fundraiser! Now that is fundraiser that really works! Learn more about our Colour Explosion School Fun Run fundraiser today.


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Host Your Own Crazy Colour Day

Hosting your own colour fun run might seem like a better idea, especially if you aren’t interested in fundraising for your school or group. Choosing to host your own colour event is easy if you know where to look.

Holi Colour Powder is an awesome Australian-based company, creating a one stop shop for everything you need! You can purchase Colour Powder, Race Kits and extra accessories to make sure you Crazy Colour Day is the brightest day on the calendar for your school or group. With quick delivery and unbeatable prices, you’ll find everything you need at Holi Colour Powder.

Still not sure what you need to host your colour fun run? Check out our blog on How To Host A Colour Fun Run here.


Tips for hosting the best Crazy Colour Day!

Lucky for you, it’s pretty difficult to fail when it comes to hosting a wonderful Colour Fun Run event! But there are lots of ways you can add extra fun. Learn our top tips for taking your colour event to the next level.


Use an Australian company!

Some Colour Fun Run fundraising companies or Colour Powder Providers are not Australian owned and operated. Sourcing their powder from China, they can’t guarantee that the colour powder is safe, non-toxic and good quality!

Choosing an Australian company like Australian Fundraising assures that you are receiving the best quality vibrant colour powder – one that is 100% safe for skin and eyes. Made of 98% corn starch and 2% food-grade colour powder, the colour powder provided by Australian Fundraising and Holi Colour Powder is the absolute best in the business.


Spray participants with water first.

Make your colour powder stand out by spraying your participants with water first! Not only does this add an extra element of fun and excitement to your Crazy Colour Day, it helps the non-toxic powder stick to skin and clothes.

Participants will be mesmerized by the outstanding colour filling the air and landing on their skin. A little bit of water can have participants in awe!


Recruit your volunteers in advance.

Team work makes the dream work! Recruiting you Colour Blasters and track volunteers well in advance will ensure students have plenty of opportunities to be covered head to toe in colour powder!

Ideally, you will have four volunteers at each station, and up to 8 different stations around your track (Colour, Water, Obstacles and supervision).


Need More Helpful Hints?

Looking for more helpful hints and ways to supersize your Crazy Colour Day fundraiser? Discover nine more ways you can motivate participants to engage with your colour fun run fundraiser.


Discover 9 Helpful Hints


Frequently Asked Questions

A Colour Fun Run event isn’t as daunting as you may think. With exceptional support from Australian Fundraising, you’ll be hosting your colour event with ease! These frequently asked questions will help you get started.


I want to host a colour event day. What is the first step?

The first step in hosting your colour event day is choosing if you want to fundraise. If you want to join the 1 in 4 Australian Schools who love fundraising with a Colour Explosion School Fun Run, then reach out to the awesome team at Australian Fundraising! They can help you get started on 1300 133 022 or you can submit an online request for information.

If you would like to host your own Colour Fun Run event, visit the Holi Colour Powder online store to get started!


It’s raining on the day of our Colour event. Can we still go ahead?

If it’s raining on the day of your big event, it’s probably best that you postpone to another day. One of the most wonderful parts of your Colour Fun Run day is seeing the vibrant colour powder fill the air in a beautiful rainbow cloud!


How much does a Crazy Colour Day cost?

If you choose to host your colour fundraiser with Australian Fundraising, there are no upfront costs! You pay for your materials at the end of your fundraiser, using a proportion of the amount you fundraised. For more information, you can visit our Colour Explosion School Fun Run information page.

Choosing to host your own event requires you to purchase everything you need upfront. You can find all of the necessary costs at


We are not a school. Can we still fundraise?

Absolutely! It may be best to talk to the Fundraising Specialists at Australian Fundraising to work out the best way for your group or organize to fundraise. Give us a call anytime on 1300 133 022 or submit an online enquiry today!


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