10 Reasons To Host A School Fun Run

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Why Host A School Fun Run? Top 10 Reasons

School Fun Runs have been a staple of school fundraising ideas for decades. Not only are they are an awesome fundraiser, they create wonderful memories that last a lifetime. Australian Fundraising gives you the top ten reasons why you should host a school fun run this year!

10 Reasons to Host A School Fun Run

When coming with school fundraising ideas, a fun run almost always makes the list. This is because fun runs are one of the most popular fundraising ideas for both students, teachers and P&C’s.

Discover the top ten reasons why you should host a school fun run this year!


1. Builds anticipation and excitement.

Watch anticipation grow for the big event! Just like a birthday party, students get more excited as the day gets closer.

By promoting your School Fun Run, kids naturally become excited to run their race. As students count down for the big day, their joyous attitudes create a fun and electric atmosphere around your school.

Having something to look forward to can also make it easier to persevere through long terms or difficult times at school.


Build excitement with a school fun run.

A School Fun Run can help build excitement and anticipation at school.


2. Encourage outdoor activity!

According to the National Health Institute, Australian school students are prone to insufficient physical activity at school.

Therefore, it is necessary for schools to encourage physical activity! Providing engaging avenues for participation can help encourage students to join in and get moving.

Not only that, but a School Fun Run also removes kids from the classroom and gives their minds and bodies a change of scenery – things that are known to benefit learning when they return.


3. Foster inclusion and encouragement.

With many schools being fragmented by different break times, grade divides and the challenging dynamics of multiple age groups, a Fun Run is the perfect way to bring everybody together.

Students help each other navigate obstacles, and bond over a fun shared experience.

Fun Runs foster inclusion and encouragement as kids navigate the track together or cheering for each other from the sidelines.


Say no to bullying!

Spread colour and kindness with a Do it for Dolly Charity Fun Run. Dedicated to preventing bullying and cyber bullying in Australian schools, Australian Fundraising is partnering with Dolly’s Dream with an exclusive Do it for Dolly Charity Fun Run. Learn more today!




Do It For Dolly Charity Fun Run


4. Easy to organize.

With the right tools and support (such as Australian Fundraising), a Fun Run is a low organization fundraiser or event.

Simply register your event, organize your volunteers, set up your obstacles and coordinate your event day!

Our comprehensive guide on How To Host a Colour Fun Run has everything you need to know to get started. Check it out today!


5. Easy online fundraising!

Reduce paperwork and administration time with Australian Fundraising’s School Fun Run online platform. Manage registrations, donations, materials, prize ordering and more completely paperwork free! That way, your fundraising heroes can get back to what they do best: supporting your school to reach their fundraising goal!

Learn more about how fundraising online can boost your profits with our Tips and Tricks for Fundraising Online and our How To: Building a Fundraising Website.


Damp skin and clothes makes our colour powder extra vibrant!

Foster inclusion and friendship with a School Fun Run!



Ready to race?

There are still five more reasons why you should host a School Fun Run fundraiser with Australian Fundraising.

But when you know, you know, right?

Express your interest in a Fun Run today. Register online or call the team from Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022.

Register Your Fun Run today!



6. Memories that last forever.

Do you remember participating a fun run? Perhaps a cross country day, charity event or term break-up?

There is nothing better than seeing smiles on young faces. Fun Runs give students a memorable day outside the classroom. Fill the air with colour and laughter, and give your students memories that last a lifetime with a Colour Explosion School Fun Run.


7. Incredible, high-profit fundraising!

Fun Runs can be amazing fundraisers for schools. Hence, they are very popular with teachers, school leadership and P&C Committees!

The anticipation helps students become excited to fundraise. Plus, fundraising soars when students hear about Australian Fundraising’s awesome incentive prize program, free headbands, free sunglasses and online fundraising platform. With other big prizes for the highest fundraising students, the fun run itself is the cherry on top!


Did You Know? Many P&C comittees love the ease of organization that comes with hosting a School Fun Run Fundraiser. A P&C Vice-President says, “A Fun Run Fundraiser is awesome. We fundraised more than $52 000 with Australian Fundraising – it’s like fete money without 16 months of planning!” Way to go!


Your free Inflatable Start Finish Arch will be reserved quickly!

A School Fun Run is easy to organize, yet brings in big profits!



8. End of term celebrations!

Forget pizza parties or challenging trips to a theme park. Give kids the brightest end of term celebration with a Colour Explosion School Fun Run!

No need to worry about reining in the noise, or damage to classrooms from over-excited students. Held on your school oval, you can get kids out of the classroom for their joyful end of term celebrations!

Don’t want to fundraise? No worries! The friendly staff at Holi Colour Powder can help you organize your own in-house School Fun Run. Talk to the team on 1300 133 022 to find out how!


9. Boost school spirits.

Sometimes, school can become a little exhausting – for both teachers and students! If morale is flat, it might be time to add some fun and excitement into the school calendar.

Fun Runs are great ways to boost school spirits and bring everyone together.

A fun promotional period (Slime A Teacher, anyone?) and an exciting Fun Run day can create an electric atmosphere around your school.


Boost school spirits with a school fun run!

Boost school spirits with an exciting School Fun Run!


10. Low cost and no risk.

Forget expensive fundraisers that require hundreds of dollars of upfront purchases. A Fun Run with Australian Fundraising is entirely risk free.

No upfront costs, no online platform fees*, loads of free inclusions and a massive set of incentive prizes for your students – you can’t look past a School Fun Run for your next fundraiser!



Ready to Race?

Are you ready to race a School Fun Run? Hooray! To express your interest in a School Fun Run with Australian Fundraising, you can register online or call the team on 1300 133 022!

See you at the finish line!

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December 1, 2020

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