How student's with Asthma
can participate in a school colour run

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How student’s with Asthma can participate in a school colour run featured image

How student’s with Asthma can participate in a school colour run

First a little about our Holi Colour Powder

Our Holi Colour Powder is 98% cornstarch and 2% colouring – It’s also gluten free! We source our colour powder from India. It’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, skin safe and non-flammable.


1. Wear a different colour T-Shirt / Accessories

The students that have permission to run in the event but are not allowed to get powder on them, ask them to wear a different coloured t-shirt, black is best so it really stands out from the white shirts. You could also ask them to wear some type of accessory such as sunglasses or a hat. The students may also opt to wear a face mask, bandana or scarf so this way it covers the student’s nose and mouth.

2. Incorporate water – add water to the bottles

You are able to add water into the bottles of powder so when you squirt the bottles there is no dust from the powder in the air. Make sure you add enough water so the texture is watery rather than thick so it sprays through the nozzle easily.

3. Separate race before the colour gets incorporated

The students that don’t have permission to get squirted with colour, run a separate race prior to the students that have permission for the colour. This way the students still feel involved and get to run the course and have some fun.

4. Separate running lane

When setting up the course for the event, you can make two (2) running lanes when it comes close to the colour powder stations. One (1) can go past the trestle tables with the volunteers squirting the powder and the other you can make go away from the powder. This way the students that cannot get squirted run nowhere near the powder station.

5. Press powder onto the student’s torso

Get the students that are not allowed to be squirted but can have powder pressed onto their torso/back to wear either a slightly different coloured t-shirt or accessory so they stand out. The volunteers can put some powder onto their hands and press the powder onto their shirts. This way it avoids the powder dust in the air.

For the parents that have any serious concerns, it may be best if their children don’t participate.

Any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022.

October 18, 2023

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