Quinns Rocks Primary School
Happy to discover the difference an Account Manager made to their fun run

About the Fundraiser

Total Funds Raised: $25,748
Total Students: 390
Number of Students Who Raised Funds: 140
Average Amount Raised per Fundraising Student: $166.30
Fundraising Event: Colour Explosion® School Run 4 Fun
Prize Selection:  Traditional
Collection Process:  Online and Cash



Discover the difference an Account Manager made to one school’s fun run featured image

Discover the difference an Account Manager made to one school’s fun run

Quinns Rocks Primary School is an Independent Public School located about 30 minutes north of Perth in Western Australia.

With a small school of just under 400 students, Quinns Rocks Primary School puts a lot of time and effort into fundraising. In the past they have organised their own fun runs, sausage sizzle, quiz nights and chocolate drives with mixed results.

Deputy Principal and Fundraising Coordinator Nigel Rogan said they were very skeptical initially when Australian Fundraising mentioned the amount of money that could be raised.

“I honestly didn’t believe the hype,” said Nigel. “After some of the flat results we’d had in the past regardless of the effort we put in, it seemed like a marketing pitch.

“To raise $5,000 for a small school like us would have been great, but to raise over $25,000 in total was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.

“Thanks to the amazing support I received from our Account Manager Nat for the promotion and running of the event, hosting a Colour Explosion School Run4Fun with Australian Fundraising showed me a whole new level of what’s possible with fundraising,” said Nigel. “It just made the whole process so much easier.”

In past years, funds that have been raised have helped to pay for the school trip to Sydney and Canberra. With COVID implications the feasibility of this trip was affected, so instead the funds were used to support families in the school with subsidised bus pickups and drop-offs.

Nigel said that “some families had been impacted financially with the recent pandemic, so it was great to be able to use these funds to support as many families as possible. With the additional money we weren’t expecting to raise, we were also delighted to be able to build a bus shelter to protect our students from the sun and the rain.”

“I didn’t believe the hype about how successful the Colour Explosion would be. In the past we’ve tried all sorts of fundraising ideas ourselves – putting in lots of effort with very little return. Our Account Manager Nat gave us some great tools to promote the event. I was amazed by the amount of money the students raised, especially online. Thank you Australian Fundraising for helping us to raise more than we thought possible.”
Nigel R. – Quinns Rocks Primary School


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March 13, 2023

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