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Best School Fundraising Ideas

Best School Fundraisers For 2021!

Fundraising is often one of the biggest responsibilities of the P&C or P&F committee. Yet, it’s often the most challenging! Make sure you host a successful fundraiser that everybody loves. Discover the five best school fundraising ideas for 2021.

Best School Fundraising Ideas for 2021

School Fundraising is one of the biggest responsibilities of a school P&C or P&F. But it’s also one of the most challenging! Coming up with new and exciting school fundraising ideas isn’t always as easy as you would think! Plus, you need to motivate students and parents to get on board with your fundraising idea.

We list five of the best school fundraising ideas for 2021 and exactly where you can find them – making your fundraising load lighter than ever.


1. Billy G’s Cookie Dough

Everyone loves delicious cookies, especially when they’re Grandpa’s secret gourmet recipe!

Billy G’s Cookie Dough is an exclusive fundraising-only cookie dough drive, delivering Australia’s most sought-after cookie dough direct to schools, kindergartens and sporting clubs.

With free shipping Australia wide and a huge profit margin of $3.50 on every tub, Billy G’s Cookie Dough is one of the most successful fundraising ideas for schools.


An amazing fundraising idea for schoools! Oakwood Primary School sold more than 2 600 tubs of Billy G's Cookie Dough in 2020!

Oakwood Primary School sold more than 2 600 tubs of Billy G’s Cookie Dough in 2020.


Bring in the dough!

  • 10 amazing gourmet flavours, including cheesy Doggie Dough for your furry friends.
  • Participants take cookie dough orders online, making it easy to tally your order!
  • Incentive prizes to encourage kids to participate.


Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough is the fundraiser that sells itself! Head over Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough to learn more about a cookie dough fundraiser.


Go To Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough!



2. Family Fun Colour Event Day

Get the whole family fundraising with a Family Fun Colour Event Day! Partner with Australia’s leading provider of Genuine Holi Colour Powder and accessories to host your own Colour Explosion Fun Run!

Raise money through event tickers, accessory sales, a sausage sizzle, or online sponsorship donations to really hit your fundraising goals! This event day is an awesome fundraising idea for schools and groups.


Colour Powder turns your School Fun Run from bland to grand!

Colour Powder turns your Fun Run from bland to grand!


Get Ready to Race!

  • Purchase genuine Holi Colour Powder in bulk (saving you hundreds of dollars!).
  • Arrange everything you need at Holi Colour Powder, including colour powder, sunglasses, accessories and squirt bottles!
  • Outstanding support and planning resources (including a track map) from Holi Colour Powder’s awesome customer support team.


Are you ready to race? Holi Colour Powder has everything you need to host the best Family Colour Event Day for your school or group. To learn more about hosting your own Colour Explosion event with Holi Colour Powder, click here.


Host A Family Fun Colour Event!



3. Host a Spell-A-Thon!

Get kids buzzing with excitement for a fundraising spelling bee or spell-a-thon! Partner with Australian Fundraising to benefit from their awesome incentive prize program and online fundraising platform, then host your own Spell-A-Thon event!


Did You Know? McDowall State School raised more than $50 000 by hosting a Spell-A-Thon with Australian Fundraising? That’s a school fundraising idea you can’t pass up!


A Spelling Bee or Spell-A-Thon is a great school fundraising idea!

Watch kids battle it out to be the best spelling class in the school!


Students can collect sponsors in the lead up to the big spell-off. When the day comes, every class can compete to spell the most words accurately. As students take turns to spell words correctly, they build up points to win a CLASS PRIZE!


Spell Your Way to Success!

  • Foster inclusion and encouragement as kids work together to become the school’s best spelling class!
  • Easily tailored for different grades, choosing words of various difficulties.
  • Participants can fundraise online using the cybersafe online platform, offered for FREE by Australian Fundraising!


Curious to know more about why Spell-A-Thon is among popular fundraising ideas for schools? Visit the Australian Fundraising website, or give the team a call on 1300 133 022 today!


Contact Australian Fundraising today!



4. Waste Free Wednesday

A Sustainability Drive is a environmentally friendly fundraising idea for schools. Teach kids the importance of being kind to our Earth while raising funds for your school or group.

Partner with an environmentally friendly school fundraising program like Plant-A-Difference, who will plant one tree or shrub for every $15 raised!


Sustainability fundraisers are popular school fundraising ideas.

Help families focus on sustainability while also fundraising for your school.


Participants could also host a Waste Free Wednesday, where students try to reduce their rubbish as much as possible. In the lead up to your Waste Free Wednesday, students can collect donations from friends and family using Plant-A-Difference’s unique online platform.

You could also setup a collection bin for recyclable materials, and cash them in at your local recycling station.


Sustainable fundraising, made easy!

  • Have kids and parents focus on sustainable behaviours, like collecting recyclable materials.
  • Encourage students to consider how their actions – especially regarding waste – impact the Earth.
  • Raise vital funds for your school or group while also planting native trees or shrubs in a biodiversity hotspot.


There are hundreds of ways you can host environmentally friendly fundraisers for schools! To learn more about the Plant-A-Difference fundraiser, visit the Plant-A-Difference website here.


Learn more about Plant-A-Difference



5. Colour Explosion School Fun Run

If organizing your own Family Fun Colour Evemt is a little heavy on organization, let the Colour Explosion School Fun Run do all the heavy lifting for you!

Simply register your school for a Colour Explosion School Fun Run, and the team from Colour Explosion will send you everything you need to host the brightest day at school!

Did you know? The Colour Explosion School Fun Run is loved by more than 1.6 million Aussie kids, making it one of Australia’s most popular school fundraising ideas!


Host a Colour Explosion School Fun Run with Australian Fundraising.

The Brightest Day at School! Book a Colour Explosion School Fun Run with Australian Fundraising!


The Brightest Day at School!

  • All-inclusive of Colour Explosion materials, including free colour powder, UV400 Sunglasses, Headbands and more!
  • All promotional materials (including a vinyl banner, sponsorship booklets, posters and parent letters) all written and printed for you.
  • FREE (no fees!) online fundraising platform makes it easy to collect donations and tally your progress.


Give students the brightest day at school with a Colour Explosion School Fun Run! Click here to discover more about the Colour Explosion School Fun Run.


Express Your Interest in Colour Explosion Fundraiser!

November 24, 2020

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