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When it comes to creating your fundraising reflections (for your AGM or annual report for example!), everything you’ve done can seem like a blur. You may not remember what went well, what was a flop, or all the ideas you had to do things differently. Discover 5 ways our Fundraising Coordinator Kit can help you quickly and easily capture your fundraising reflections!

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Fundraising Reflections for Busy People

Fundraising reflections can seem like annoying chore, but they can be an awesome way to make fundraiser bigger and better year after year. Whether you are handing over to a new fundraising coordinator, or simply wanting to keep track of your yearly fundraising initiatives, it’s important that you take time to reflect on your successes (and maybe failures too!).

Doing this at the end of your term on the committee can feel challenging, especially if the year/s becomes a blur of activity! There are a lot of misconceptions about fundraising reflections and committee hand over kits. Keep reading to discover how Australian Fundraising can help you make the entire process simple.


Fundraising made simple!

There are lots of misconceptions about fundraising reflections – mostly, that reflections are time consuming and not very helpful. Why dwell on the past when you have so much to do in the future?


A springboard for learning

Fundraising reflections and handovers help the future you (or your future fundraising committee) learn from your previous work. It’s like a big springboard, helping you reach greater heights next time around!


Your fundraising reflections can help you remember great ideas!

Don’t forget your great ideas! Using our Fundraising Coordinator Kit can be a great way to write your Fundraising Reflections.


Capture your ideas

Often, we think of some many great ways to improve a fundraiser while we’re in the midst of one. But once the time passes, we are stuck racking our brains to remember all of our fabulous ideas and community suggestions for school fundraising. A fundraising reflection – like the ones in our Hand Over Kit – help you capture them right away, so that no idea gets forgotten!


Save time next time!

If something works well, keep it! Your Hand Over Kit contains all the important information you need to recap your fundraiser, including your overall budget, expenses, profit, important contacts and more! Having this information on hand can make it easy to refer back to, rather than searching the archives of your emails for important information.


Forget trawling through old emails for information. Use our fundraising reflections kit to keep track of important information.

Forget trawling through old emails for information. Use our fundraising reflections kit to keep track of important information.


Fundraising Reflection Worksheets

Free Download!

Are you ready to give your fundraising committee all of the benefits of a fundraising reflection? It’s easy with Australian’s Fundraising new Fundraising Coordinator Kit! With lots of free worksheets to help you structure your reflections, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can summarise all the important features of your fundraiser.

Download your FREE Fundraising Coordinator Kit today!

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5 Fundraising Reflections to Help Your School

Now that you know WHY you should undertake reflections, how do we do it? You need something that’s quick, easy and digestible – you don’t want hundreds of pages of information to sift through every time you want to host a fundraiser.

That’s why we’ve created the Fundraising Coordinator Kit – a short and sharp fundraising reflection guide to help you keep track of your fundraising successes! Easily downloadable to quick to print, the Fundraising Coordinator Kit has everything you need to reflect on each and every fundraising event you host.


Key features

If you are handing over to a new Fundraising Coordinator, it’s important that your reflection has a brief overview of what the fundraiser was and why it’s so great! For example, your new coordinator might not know what the Slime Spectacular is, but filling in the icons from the Fundraising Coordinator Kit can quickly tell them that it’s a Fun Run, hosted by Australian Fundraising, has online fundraising and incentive prizes!

The Fundraising Coordinator Kit makes it easier than ever for you to summarise a fundraiser, with a selection of icons for you to choose from. Or, you can use the empty space to add your own!

Download your Fundraising Coordinator Kit!


Budget, Expenses and Profit

One of the first questions on everybody’s mind is: How much does it cost? By including your overall budget, total expenses and profit in your reflection, you will quickly be able to answer the burning questions, before going into greater detail if you choose.


Fundraising Goals

There are lots of reasons why schools and groups fundraise! It’s important that you consider your fundraising goal when choosing a fundraiser, as some can raise much more money than others. Including your fundraising goal (such as a new playground or STEM toys) in your reflection can help your team know which fundraisers work best for different outcomes.


Playgrounds are a popular reason why schools fundraise

You can fundraise for a new playground with Australian Fundraising. Ask us how!


Download your Fundraising Coordinator Kit!


Pros… and cons

Fundraisers are never perfect, but they can come close! Taking not of all the ways your fundraiser was a success is a great way to keep doing what works.

It’s also necessary to note what didn’t, or any areas you might like to improve next time around. These things don’t make your fundraiser a failure, but do provide helpful insight into areas you can change. This also helps to combat any rose coloured glasses when you look back!


Overall Score

Despite raising lots of money for your school or group, the organisation of a particular fundraiser may have been difficult. Or perhaps it didn’t raise much, but was hugely popular with families and students. The overall score section (rated using a 5-star system in the Fundraising Coordinator Kit) can help you easily show whether or not this fundraiser was a success at your school.

At the end of the day, your reflection serves to answer the question: Would you do this fundraiser again?


Download Your Free Fundraising Reflections Guide

Our awesome Fundraising Coordinator Kit includes everything you need to complete thorough yet simple fundraising reflections. With key features, contacts, budgets and more, download your FREE Fundraising Coordinator Kit today!

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April 1, 2021

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