More Bang in Every Bottle!
Colour Explosion Cuts Back on Plastic Waste

New 500g Squirt Bottles Convenient, Efficient, Sustainable

Australian Fundraising is excited to announce our newest environmentally friendly initiative: 500g squirt bottles for our genuine Colour Powder! Not only does this upgrade make your Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun easier to set up and pack down, but these bigger bottles also reduce plastic production every single year!

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More Bang in Every Bottle! featured image

More Bang in Every Bottle!

At Australian Fundraising, we look for new ways to promote sustainable practices and environmentally friendly fundraising! But we never sacrifice our main goal of providing exciting, streamlined fundraising programs that ease the heavy lifting on volunteer committees! That’s why our newest sustainability initiative ticks every box: our new 500g Colour Powder bottles are convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly! Learn more about our new 500g Colour Powder bottles!


Small Teams in Mind

Fundraising teams come in all shapes and sizes! If you’re on the smaller end, you need a fundraising program that consciously considers fewer hands on deck! Our new 500g bottles do exactly that.

But don’t be confused: bigger bottles do not mean less powder! Schools and groups still receive a mammoth 100g of genuine Colour Powder for every student! It’s just packaged in a larger, more convenient squirt bottle.

With less space taken up by your Colour Powder delivery, fewer bottles to distribute on the day and far less pack up at the end, your volunteers can spend time in more important places: like covering the kids in Colour Powder and rallying the troops to fundraise!

Small teams are front of mind at Australian Fundraising.

Discover How Your Team Will Benefit from Australian Fundraising!


Quality colour powder is environmentally friendly and the secret to a great school colour run.

New 500g colour powder bottles mean more fun for everyone!


Cutting Back on Waste

Together with our Go Green option for incentive prizes, Australian Fundraising is consistently implementing new ways to cut back on waste. Aiming to be completely carbon-neutral by 2025, Australian Fundraising is gradually transitioning to less single-use plastic and entirely recyclable fundraising materials!

One of the first steps in this process: our recyclable 500g Colour Powder bottles! By simply upgrading a 350g squirt bottle to a new 500g squirt bottle is expected to keep over 500,000 plastic bottles out of production every year!

Plus, you can easily recycle these bottles through your schools’ waste management system – meaning each bottle can live a second, third or even fourth life (but no other purpose would be would more fun than a Colour Powder squirt bottle, right!?).

Helping you make sustainable choices is one of our biggest goals at Australian Fundraising.

Learn More About Our Commitment to Sustainability!


Fun Runs are full of colour - the last thing you want is to limit the excitement!

Bigger colour powder squirt bottles mean your volunteers can focus on more important things!


Get Started Today!

Are you ready to make the better choice for fundraising? Choose a company with fundraisers that won’t cost our Earth!

With our customers at the centre, every decision is made with your convenience and fundraising goals in mind – but never at the expense of your children’s future on Planet Earth. With Australian Fundraising, host the brightest Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun and enjoy the feeling of making a difference.

To get started, download our program catalogue or contact our friendly team on 1300 133 022! If you’re ready to lock in your Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, complete the online booking form below!


June 1, 2022

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