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Term 4 Fundraising Ideas Quick, Simple, Profitable

Term 4 is potentially the busiest term of the year! With awards nights, school tours, sports carnivals, graduations and end of year break up, it may feel impossible to squeeze fundraising in there as well. The good news? Fundraising can be quick, simple and profitable even in Term 4! Discover four ideas for fantastic Term 4 fundraising. 

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Term 4 Fundraisers

In an already busy term, it is understandable that fundraising may seem like too much work. Your P&C committee may be swimming in organization for other activities, or simply worn out after a big year. But your Term 4 Fundraisers don’t need to create unnecessary stress for your school community! Discover four fundraising ideas that can make fundraising quick, profitable and fun in Term 4.


Things to look for in your end-of-year fundraiser

Choosing a Term 4 fundraiser in very important. With limited time before students disperse for school holidays, and an already jam-packed school calendar, it’s necessary that you consider time frame, flexibility, and delivery of your Term 4 fundraiser.


A Term 4 Fundraiser must be short and easily managed.For a successful Term 4 fundraiser, ensure you have enough time to run it well.


Time Frame

Although Term 4 is a similar length to the other terms, time certainly does seem to fly towards the end of the year! As you approach year’s end, it’s important that your fundraiser is well and truly completed before students finish their school year.

This is especially important if you choose a fundraising program that includes incentive prizes, such as Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough or a School Run 4 Fun.

Ideally, you will choose a Term 4 Fundraiser that runs for 6-8 weeks including prize ordering.



Unfortunately, things don’t always go to plan! When hosting a fundraiser in the final term of the school year, you may not have the luxury of rolling over to the next term if you encounter unexpected hiccups. To protect yourself against any unexpected delays or the need to cancel, ensure you choose a fundraising provider who is renowned for their flexibility and excellent support.


Managing your fundraiser online makes a big difference.

Being able to manage your fundraiser online is very helpful when fundraising in Term 4.



The most time-consuming aspect of fundraising is often paperwork and cash handling. What if you could bypass that all together, and use an online fundraising platform designed specifically for students?

You can! When you choose Australian Fundraising, your Term 4 Fundraisers are made infinitely easier through our online fundraising platform. Designed specifically for school and group fundraising, the cybersafe, automated platform makes fundraising easier than ever.


Multipurpose fundraising events

As we have already mentioned, Term 4 fills up very quickly. Consider fundraising programs that can be partnered with existing school events. This encourages parent and student participation, and means that students don’t miss any additional class time.

Partnering your fundraising event (such as a Colour Explosion School Fun Run) with your existing athletics carnival is a fun way to achieve two goals in one! Another example is to host your fundraiser alongside your end of term celebrations, such as a Colour Explosion Break-up event.


Combine fundraising with existing events on the school calendar.

In Term 4, you may find it easier to combine your fundraising event day with an existing school event.


Term 4 Fundraising Ideas

Now that you know what to look for in your Term 4 Fundraisers, you might be wondering where to find them! Discover four easy ways you can host a quick, simple and profitable fundraiser in Term 4.


Discover all fundraising programs


Christmas Cookie Dough Fundraiser

There are few things that feel more like Christmas than delicious cookies! Billy G’s Christmas Cookie Dough fundraiser is perfect for Term 4, as it’s short, easy to manage and requires very little organisation! You’ll also make a huge profit of $3.50 on every tub, meaning your school or group will raise an awesome Christmas bonus with each and every sale.


The Fastest Fundraiser Around!

Billy G’s Christmas Cookie Dough fundraiser comes with everything you need to host a successful fundraiser. You can even start fundraising on the same day you register! 6 weeks from start to finish, there is plenty of time to host this fantastic Term 4 Fundraiser.


Fundraise with Billy G's Christmas Cookie Dough Fundraiser!


Spread some festive cheer with Christmas themed order booklets, and free Christmas Tree shaped cookie cutters with every tub of Gingerbread sold!


Stress less!

A completely online ordering and management system, as well as automated prizes mean that there is very little for you to do! Spend time focusing on more important things while our team do the heavy lifting for you.

To learn more about Billy G’s Christmas Cookie Dough fundraiser, visit the website.


Colour Explosion Fun Run

Perfect for an end of year break up event, or mid-term fundraising fun day, Colour Explosion Fun Runs are one of the most-loved events on a school calendar. It’s the colour craze that is sweeping the nation, and Term 4 is not too late to get involved.


Short on time or volunteers?

No worries! Running your fundraiser online, you don’t need to worry about cash handling, banking or rounding up lost change. Your Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun can be managed entirely online, making it the easiest cashless fundraiser on the market!


Learn more about the Colour Explosion Fun Run


A Colour Explosion Fun Run is the brightest Term 4 Fundraiser!

A Colour Explosion Fun Run is the brightest Term 4 Fundraiser!


Gamified Cybersafe Fundraising

When you host a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, students enjoy more than just the brightest day at school! The gamified online platform encourages cybersafe engagement online, while working towards higher fundraising totals!


The Hottest Toys in Fundraising

In addition, students will be begging for donations when they discover the HOTTEST toys in fundraising! Students can finish their fundraiser with a suite of new and exciting toys to keep them entertained over the holidays.

Incentive Prizes are included in your Slime Fun Run fundraising kit!

Students can choose incentive prizes, or you can swap prizes for tree planting. Ask us how!


Crazy Colour Day

If you want to have all the fun of a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun but aren’t sure about fundraising, why not host a Crazy Colour Day? With Holi Colour Powder, you can host a complete Crazy Colour Day with some organisation and cost! Students can pay a small entry fee to cover your expenses, and you can make a wonderful profit on top!

Holi Colour Powder has everything you need for a vibrant Crazy Colour Day, including Genuine Holi Colour Powder, Race Kits, Sunglasses, Colourful Dress Ups, Slime and more! With free shipping on orders over $150 and custom quotes for large orders, you can guarantee the brightest day at school with Holi Colour Powder.

Not sure how to host your own Crazy Colour Day? Discover our How To Guide on the Holi Colour Powder website.


St Hilda's School have an awesome Colour Explosion

Host a Crazy Colour Day with Holi Colour Powder! Fundraise by charging a small participation fee.


Slime Fun Run

Have the Slime of Your Life in Term 4 with a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun! If you have already hosted a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun this year, or perhaps are keen to try something new, the Slime Spectacular might be just the fundraiser for you!

A silly slime event is just the start of the fun when you host a Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun with Australian Fundraising! Students will fundraise like never before when they discover the awesome incentive prizes, $5,000 Razor Prize Pack Competition, awesome slime obstacles and game-based online fundraising platform.


Give kids the slime of their life with our Slime Spectacular Fun Run!

Give kids the slime of their life with our Slime Spectacular Fun Run!


No upfront costs

With NO upfront costs, there is no need to worry if your budget is a little tight towards the end of the year. You will receive your profits every 2 weeks – meaning that you don’t need any available funds to get started with a Term 4 Slime Spectacular fundraiser.


Record breaking profits

Schools and groups across Australia are raising record-breaking profits with the Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun! With huge event inclusions and a totally revamped online fundraising portal, schools are exceeding long held individual and state-fundraising records! Can you join more than 11 schools who have raised over $50,000 in 2021?


Watch Merrimac State School Hit $50K!

Merrimac State School Celebrates $50K Fundraised.

Channel 7 News celebrates Merrimac State School’s awesome fundraising achievement.


Prepare for your Term 4 Fundraiser today!

Booking your fundraiser as soon as possible means that you will have the maximum possible time to fundraise. Express your interest in a Term 4 Fundraiser to get started! Simply submit the online form below, or contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022.


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