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Simple Tips For Easy Prize Delivery
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Incentive Prize Delivery Made Easy!

Prize delivery can be one of the most unexpectedly challenging parts of a School Run 4 Fun fundraiser! When your student’s incentive prizes arrive, the process of sorting and delivering hundreds of prizes may feel overwhelming. But there is nothing to worry about! Australian Fundraising provides you with all of the tools and systems to make incentive prize delivery simple and efficient. Learn more about our suggested process for organising and distributing incentive prizes.

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Simple Tips for Easy Prize Delivery!

Having hundreds of incentive prizes delivered to your school or groups’ door can feel a little overwhelming, and more than a little chaotic! Luckily, when you choose Australian Fundraising, you receive all of the tools and tips you need to make incentive prizes a breeze! Discover our tried and tested process for incentive prize delivery.


Secure a space

First things first! When your prizes arrive at your school or group, you need somewhere to put them. You also need somewhere for students to come to collect their prizes – we usually call this your collection point.

We recommend having at least one table for paperwork, but your prizes can be on the floor (if you don’t mind bending) or laid out on trestle tables. Remember Workplace Health and Safety protocols, and do your best to prevent injury wherever possible.

The perfect space to set up your prize sorting station/collection point will be:

  • Big enough for you to lay out all of your incentive prizes by category. You may have 15 different prizes if you chose automated prize ordering, or up to 70 different prizes if you chose traditional prize ordering. Brush up on your knowledge of traditional and automated prize ordering here.
  • Accessible to students and teachers. Students and/or teachers will be coming here to collect their prizes, so you want to be based somewhere everyone can get to easily.
  • Available for many hours at a time. It might take a little while for all students in your school to collect their prize orders – and you don’t want to have to pack up midway through! Consider other uses for your space and whether it will be required at the same time.
  • Undercover and out of the weather. The last thing you want is all of your students’ incentive prizes being rained on! Making sure you set up inside or under a shelter is the best way to keep everything safe and dry.


Your schools undercover sports area might be the perfect place to sort your incentive prizes.

Your school’s undercover sports area might be the perfect place to sort your incentive prizes.


Sort out your prizes

Your prizes will be delivered in boxes, and are not grouped into classes or students from our warehouse. While we do our best to group the same prizes together, sometimes there is a bit of overflow into multiple boxes. The easiest way for you to find and pick each prize will be by sorting them into categories, and laying each category out one by one.

For example, you will collect all the Squish Balls, and put them in one area. Then, you will collect all the Squeezy Bananas, and put them together. Then, the same for Soccer Balls, so on and so forth.

Some extra tips for sorting your prizes:

  • Each student’s prizes are listed in alphabetical order. Laying prizes out in alphabetical categories will help you find the correct prizes for each student quickly and easily!
  • Having a label or sign for each prize name will help you pick the correct prizes. You can ask your account manager for a list, or copy prize names from the sponsorship booklet.
  • Make sure all prizes are easy to get to, with your most popular prizes closest to you. This prevents tripping hazards and extra walking!


Sorting incentive prizes by category makes picking quick and easy!

Sorting incentive prizes by category makes picking quick and easy!


Print Your Student Prize Report

Through the Coordinator Dashboard on My Profile Page or Billy G’s Cookie Dough online platform, you will be able to download a student prize report. This report lists all of your prize-receiving students by class, and the prizes that they have ordered. You will use this list to collect each student’s chosen prizes, and then tick them off as they collect their prize.

If you’re having trouble finding your student prize report on My Profile Page or Billy G’s Cookie Dough online platform, reach out to your account manager today!


Contact Your Account Manager Today!


Start distributing class by class

It’s go time! Now that your reports are printed, your prizes are laid out, and volunteers are ready to go, it’s time to bring students to your collection point! We recommend doing this class by class, so that you don’t have your entire school or group waiting with excitement!

As each student comes to you, you will find their name on the student prize report. Then, collect their allocated prizes and give them to the student. Remember to tick off their name so that you know which students are still to collect their prizes (if absent on the day of prize distribution).

Make prize distribution entirely stress-free by:

  • Sorting student prize reports into the same order that which classes will be arriving. This prevents unnecessary sifting through hundreds of papers, and saves time when children are waiting!
  • Only bring prize recipients to your collection area. If only 20 students in a class are receiving prizes, perhaps the remaining students can wait outside or in the classroom with the class teacher.
  • Ask students to bring a bag or box to carry their prizes, or perhaps encourage students to store prizes straight into their school bags until the end of the school day.
  • Having stationery handy! Having some pens nearby means that you can easily mark students who did not collect their prizes, or make any extra notes.

Students who were absent on the day of collection can have their prizes delivered directly to their classroom at the end.


An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.

An awesome suite of incentive prizes are available through Australian Fundraising.


A Few Extra Tips & Tricks!

Consider bulky or valuable prizes.

Some students achieve huge results with their fundraiser and might have chosen some more valuable prizes. If you have students receiving one or more prizes from our $300+ incentive prize categories – such as a Lenovo Tablet or Nintendo Switch – these valuable items might be best delivered individually to classrooms. This encourages careful handful handling between you and home, keeping more valuable prizes safe and sound.

Similarly, some of our incentive prizes can be bulky, like our Razor Electric Scooter or Electric Dirt Bike! It may be challenging for little hands to carry these prizes from your collection point back to the classroom. Consider how you could help make this process smoother – like delivering them directly to classrooms, or have parents help with collection.


See all the prizes up for grabs with a School Run 4 Fun!



When it comes to fundraising, many hands make light work! Make sure you have 3-4 volunteers available throughout prize distribution to help keep everything running smoothly. We suggest having two or more volunteers to sort your prizes, and then two or more to pick and distribute prizes to students. If you have extra hands (lucky you!), these volunteers could be helping students line up, or walking them to and from the classroom and your collection point.



Give everyone a heads up that prizes are being distributed, especially classroom teachers. If possible, create a schedule of when you would like each class to arrive, with a list of students receiving prizes in their class.

Make sure you distribute the plan to teachers a few days in advance (and remind them again on the day!) to help them incorporate the disruption into their planning. Talk to your school Principal about the best way to minimise the impact for each year level.


Adorable mini Monty Plush toy as part of incentive prizes.

Don’t forget your Monty the MonSTAR incentive prizes!


Don’t forget Monty!

Australian Fundraising’s incentive prizes are the gifts that keep on giving! In addition to incentive prizes, don’t forget that some students may have also achieved a variety of Monty the MonSTAR prizes – like a mini plush, hologram sticker or bag tag! Don’t forget to distribute these awesome extras with your incentive prizes.


Learn More About Monty the Monstar Incentives!


Beware of the lunchtime rush!

Once word gets out that you’re distributing awesome prizes, don’t be surprised when you’re the most popular place for students to go during break times! Eager to collect their prizes, students might appear during break times asking to collect their prizes – or just check out the action! Be prepared for this by making sure your collection area is blocked off (or locked) and your prizes are safe from curious hands.


And that’s it! Student prize distribution can be one of the easiest parts of your School Run 4 Fun or Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser – you just need a method for the madness!


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June 8, 2022

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