Why Traditional

Incentive Prize Programs
Still Rule School Fun Runs!

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Why Traditional Incentive Prize Programs Still Rule School Fun Runs! featured image

Why Traditional Incentive Prize Programs Still Rule School Fun Runs!

Hey there, Future Fundraising Superstars!

We’re in a digital age where everything’s getting a techy twist. While new is shiny and often appealing, some classics like our Traditional Incentive Prize Program stay unbeaten. Why? Let’s break it down.

Unique Benefits that Turn Heads (and Open Wallets!)

Monty the Monstars Golden Coins

Remember those Golden Coins? They’re not just glittery goodies; when you do one of our School Run 4 Fun programs they become a game changer. Our unique gamification method encourages more activities online. The result? Up to an extra $75 available in prize credit.

The cherry on top? The versatility of choice. Raise $50? You can mix and match your incentive prizes, choosing a prize from our $50-$74 prize or a combination of smaller incentive prizes. It’s all about giving students the power to choose, which amplifies their enthusiasm tenfold.

How It All Works!

Prize Book Open

So how does the price range mechanism work? We’ve designed it to ensure maximum value for your students when they pick up to five prizes. The amount is always calculated on the lowest figure in the range, meaning you get the best bang for your buck. Transparent and beneficial – that’s our motto.

For example, if a student raises $100 online, they will earn enough Golden Coins to receive $5 worth of free donations through our online platform, totalling $105. A student could then make any of the following choices based on the lowest figure in the range:

  1. a) 5 x $20-$29 prizes, or
  2. b) 1 x $75-$100 prize plus 1 x $30-49 prize, or
  3. c) 2 x $10-$19 prize, plus 1 x $20-$29 prize, plus 2 x $30-$49

How Does it Fit Into Our Fundraisers?

Whether it’s the explosive fun of a Colour Explosion or the ooey-gooey sensation of a Slime Spectacular, our Traditional Incentive Prize Program seamlessly integrates, supercharging the whole experience.

Combined with our ST4S Certified cyber-safe platform, it’s the perfect blend of traditional rewards and tech-savvy innovation. And let’s not forget our Monstar Madness incentive prizes – a separate delight altogether!

So, Primary School fundraising heroes, if you’re hunting for unparalleled value, a system that truly understands and motivates students, and a sprinkle of that old-school charm, look no further. With us, your students don’t just raise funds; they embark on an unforgettable adventure where the sky’s the limit.

Let’s make fundraising iconic, shall we? 🌟

September 14, 2023

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