The Biggest Fundraising Year Yet

Australian Schools Smash Records

Record Breaking Fundraisers All Year Around!

Fundraising has gone to an entirely new level in 2021, with schools and groups across Australia achieving incredible results! With individual schools and groups smashing their personal bests and reaching new state record highs, 2021 has been a fundraising year like never before! Discover some of the awesome achievements of Australia’s highest fundraising schools.

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The Biggest Fundraising Year Yet!

With all the inconsistency and tumultuousness of 2021, it might be difficult to believe that this year was one of the biggest years for Australian school and group fundraising.

But with the help of a brand new, gamified online platform and more program inclusions than ever before, local Australian communities have raised more than $15 million for their schools and groups in 2021!


More Fun

The most important thing in any fundraiser is the FUN! Australian schools and groups sure had fun this year, with 1,010 Fun Runs happening in 2021! This is more than 1 in 4 government schools in Australia and doesn’t even begin to count the 220,000 tubs of Billy G’s Cookie Dough sold this year.

From climbing obstacles, cookie costumes, colour powder and, of course, our brand-new slime, members from all across the community had a ball supporting their school.


Students across Australia had lots of fun in 2021!

Fundraising took off in 2021, with schools and groups raising more than $15 million.


“It’s terrific! A highlight for our students every year!”

– Nick Gillard, Sports Coordinator


More profit

Profit is important when it comes to fundraising! Schools and groups definitely outdid themselves this year, raising a huge $15 million for their communities!

Across our communities, schools and groups are benefiting from the hard work of their P&Cs, parents and teachers! It is their time, effort and dedication that helps schools and groups reach their fundraising goals with flying colours.

All around Australia, schools and groups are benefiting from new playgrounds, shade cloths, excursions, books and materials, sports equipment, and so much more!


Merrimac State School Celebrates $50K Fundraised.

Watch Merrimac State School fundraise for their new shade cloths!


In 2021, Australian Fundraising was excited to launch our Profit for Playgrounds initiative. The program saw schools and groups partner with Imagination Play, a leading playground provider for schools and groups.

Connecting organizations with reputable, affordable and well-managed construction services, schools and groups can take the stress out of their major playground renovation. To learn more about our partnership with Imagination Play and how Australian Fundraising can help you achieve the playground of your dreams, contact us at 1300 133 022!


“[Billy G’s Cookie Dough is] Fantastic! Already, families are asking us to do it again soon. The online program is very easy to use, very, very happy!”

– Tammy Donnovan, Kindergarten Teacher


Bigger difference

Fundraising is all about helping out our schools, groups and local communities. In 2021, schools and groups took generosity to the next level with their incredible support for Australian Fundraising’s charity partners.

Launching in 2021, schools and groups around Australia raised a remarkable $100,000 for bullying prevention charity Dolly’s Dream. Participants filled the air with colour and laughter as they said no to bullying and helped fundraise for greater awareness, education and support in our schools and communities.


Even our Monster got in on the action for Do it for Dolly Day!

Even our Monster got in on the action for Do It for Dolly Day!


Lissa Lathwell, a teacher from a participating Do It For Dolly Colour Explosion School Run4Fun encourages anyone to consider supporting Dolly’s Dream. “You won’t regret it all!”

“The smile on everyone’s faces is the most amazing thing we have seen. From the time we announced we were having the Colour Explosion, everyone was excited and looking forward to it.”


“Being a school that values sustainability, swapping incentive prizes for tree planting made so much sense for us!”

– Sonia Leggit, P&C Committee Member


Sustainable fundraising soared to new heights in 2021, with schools and groups planting over 30,000 trees in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor! Environmentally friendly fundraising allowed students to give back to their local communities and consider the impact their actions have on the environment. You can discover more about environmentally friendly fundraising on the blog!


Schools and groups have planted more than 30,000 trees with Carbon Neutral in 2021.

Schools and groups have planted more than 30,000 trees with Carbon Neutral in 2021.


Everything You Need to Succeed!

It’s no wonder why so many schools and groups hit fantastic fundraising goals in 2021. They were supported by one of Australia’s most experienced school and group fundraising companies. With over 20 years of experience in school and group fundraising, we know all the tips, tricks and pitfalls you need to know.

You can put the fun back into fundraising with us! Our new gamified fundraising platform gives children a cyber safe online fundraising experience without exposing them to risks online. It’s designed specifically for children and education departments, ensuring it is safe, protected and reliable for fundraising!


“Our school loves the Colour Explosion. Australian Fundraising makes everything easy from the online platform, everything you need, support and prizes.”

– Amy Arnott, Fundraising Team


The best part? You are supported every step of the way by some of the best fundraising specialists in the business! We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the more important things: motivating your community to fundraise!


Build excitement with a school fun run.

A School Fun Run can help build excitement and anticipation at school.


Are You Ready to Race?

It’s not too late to participate in Australia’s biggest fundraising year yet! With registrations still open for Term 4 fundraising, you can still help your school reach its fundraising goals!

Why not pre-register for our 2022 fundraisers? With five awesome early bonus prizes available, you are sure to secure yourself an awesome bonus for 2022! Free cancellation and no lock-in bookings means it is risk-free, flexible fundraising at it’s best. Visit our Early Bonus Bonanaza webpage for more information. 


Happy fundraising!


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September 15, 2021

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