5 Ways to Celebrate World Tree Day

Happy World Tree Day! 5 Ways to Celebrate

Looking for a way to celebrate World Tree Day? Discover our 5 simple ways you can celebrate World Tree Day this year! Whether it’s an outside lesson or an Environmentally Friendly Fun Run, there are lots of ways to get on board and appreciate our Earth!

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World Tree Day: How You Can Celebrate

The first weekend of August is an exciting week for nature lovers – it’s World Tree Day! Celebrated on July 30, 2021 for schools and August 1, 2021 for the general public, World Tree Day is a special day designed to help us show a little bit of TLC to Mother Earth!Celebrating World Tree Day might sound a little tricky! That’s why we have put together five of our favourite ways to celebrate this year! A Go Green Fun Run might be solution you’re looking for!


Take the classroom outside on World Tree Day!

There is no better way to celebrate than enjoying the great outdoors! Why not take a lesson outdoors on Friday, and give students an opportunity to enjoy the nature around them.

Whether you stick to your normal lesson plan or try something different (perhaps play games, paint a picture or have students simply observe their world), World Tree Day can be an opportunity to take the classroom outside!


Take the classroom outdoors on World Tree Day!

Take the classroom outdoors on World Tree Day!


Plant some seeds – or even a tree!

Tree planting can be a little bit complicated, and not to mention messy! Planting seeds can be a much easier way to celebrate World Tree Day.

Provide students with a paper cup, and have them plant some seeds in cotton wool or soil. Then, you can watch your seeds sprout into tiny plants that they can take home and plant!

While not trees exactly, the notion of planting new life and giving back to nature can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate World Tree Day.


Go Green Fun Run

Have you ever hosted a Go Green Fun Run? You can have all the fun of a Colour Explosion or Slime Spectacular Fun Run, while helping to restore damaged Australian ecosystems!

For every $15 your school or group raises, we will plant one native tree or shrub in one of Australia’s biodiversity hotspots. Plus, your school gets to keep 60% of the profit you raise for yourself!

Simply trade your incentive prizes for tree planting, and you’ll be good to go! Celebrate World Tree Day by committing to a Go Green Fun Run!


Learn more about a Go Green Fun Run!


A Go Green Fun Run can be a great way to celebrate World Tree Day!

Have all the fun and make a positive impact on the Earth! Ask about a Go Green Fun Run today.


Facilitate some tree-inspired artworks on World Tree Day

Kids LOVE art on a Friday afternoon! When attention is low, teachers often turn to art to keep the class engaged. Why not celebrate with a tree inspired art afternoon? You could try:

  • Water colour paintings,
  • Line or still life drawings,
  • Charcoal sketching or rubbing,
  • Nature art,
  • Sculpting or more!

There are lots of ways you can introduce kids to the beauty of nature through art on World Tree Day!

Children can focus on art for World Tree Day.

Celebrate World Tree Day by having children create tree-themed artwork.


Plant-A-Difference fundraiser

Do you have your own Environmentally Friendly Fundraising idea? Pair it with Plant-A-Difference!

The Plant-A-Difference program provides you with everything you need for a successful fundraising experience: an online fundraising platform, sponsorship booklet, posters, an Apple Prize Pack competition and more! You can trade your incentive prizes for tree planting, and you have the perfect World Tree Day Fundraiser. Plus, your school keeps 65% of the profit!


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However you choose to celebrate our Earth this year, make sure you take a moment to respect the environment around you. Happy World Tree Day!

July 22, 2021

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