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Raise more with our innovative selection of incentive prizes!

Our huge range of popular toys and gadgets reward participants for fundraising, motivating them to reach their fundraising goal.

Offering more prizes across every fundraising milestone, students only need to raise $10 to receive a prize! From squish balls to PlayStations, every participant will aim for prizes they love. Bigger and better prizes are just the beginning with Australian Fundraising.

When you run a program with Australian Fundraising, the following prize options are available:

Traditional Prize Option Automated Prize Option  Care For A Cause Option


The following table shows you the prize options available with the different programs.

Automated Prize Option
Traditional Prize Option
Care For A Cause
ALL Fun Runs
Glowtastic Disco Party
Billy G's Gourmet Cookie Dough
Dolly's Dream Colour Explosion

One thing to note, is that with the Traditional Prize Option, if the student and their family raise money and earn sponsorship credit to spend on prizes, they can choose to donate this to one of the organisations from our Care For A Cause Prize Option. If the school chooses the Care For A Cause Prize Option on behalf of all their students, the students pick the organisation they want to support when setting up their profile page, and no prizes will be available to choose from.


Families are empowered to tailor their fundraising approach with Australian Fundraising in 2024. Participants can raise funds and redeem their fundraising credit towards the biggest and best range of incentive prizes.

traditional prizes available to students for school fun run 2024

Alternatively, they can support one of five amazing causes, all within the same online fundraising platform.

Care For A Cause Partners

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If waiting for indecisive participants to submit their prize orders drives you mad, our automated prize ordering option is for you!

Prizes are cumulative, meaning participants can win up to 15 incentive prizes along the way.

For example, if a participant raises $100, they will receive prizes A, B, C, D, E and F – that’s six high-quality prizes. Quicker for participants and volunteers, automated prize ordering takes another task off your to-do list.

Automated Prizes A to E 2024

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Care For A Cause OptionCARE FOR A CAUSE

Choosing to support five amazing causes instead of pursuing incentive prizes reflects a deep commitment to purpose and community. It’s driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact to communities and the environment throughout Australia.

Australian Fundraising offers an exclusive opportunity to support four remarkable organisations and create a lasting impact with our School Run 4 Fun and Glowtastic Disco Party fundraisers.

Care For A Cause Program and Partners

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