7 Reasons Why Schools Fundraise
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A Purpose For Your Profit Discover Why Schools Fundraise

When signing up to host your own fundraiser, you may have a very clear idea of what your profits will be going towards. But this isn’t always the case! Discover seven popular ways schools and groups use the profit they made with Australian Fundraising.

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Reasons Why Schools Fundraise

Are you wondering if or why your school or group should fundraise? Perhaps your new to the scene, and not sure if fundraising is even worth the effort? There are lots of ways you can put your profit to great use, regardless of your size or location! Use these seven ideas to spark some inspiration for your next fundraiser.


Air Conditioning, Fans or Heating

For many schools, the stifling heat or crippling cold is a major distraction to efficient learning. Not to mention how uncomfortable it can be students and teachers!

Classrooms, halls and libraries often becoming very hot or very cold during the summer and winter months, yet investing in temperature control systems can be a massive expense for schools.

As such, air conditioning, fans and heating units are a big reason why schools fundraise with Australian Fundraising.


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Playgrounds are a popular reason why schools fundraise

You can fundraise for a new playground with Australian Fundraising.



Loved by hundreds of happy students every single day, playgrounds are an essential item for any school! But being outdoors and subject to intense use means that playgrounds often need to be maintained, updated or in many cases, completely replaced.

A playground is one of the most popular reasons why schools fundraise, and for good reason. They are often expensive, necessary and well-backed by the school community. Similar reasons why schools fundraise include basketball courts, soft land padding, grass or artificial grass and swimming pools.


Find Your Perfect Playground!

At Australian Fundraising, we partner with two local Australian playground manufacturers to make sure you find your perfect playground. We’ll even help with the logistics so you can focus on fundraising!

To learn more about our Playground Partners, contact our Customer Success team today!

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Water Bubblers

All that playing in the heat means kids need to stay hydrated! When drink bottles get lost or left in the classroom during lunch time, it’s critical that schools have water readily available for students.

Student water dispensers – usually in the form of bubblers – don’t come without a hefty price tag. Installation requires a water connection, plumbing, labour and the bubbler itself, meaning that fundraising is often required to help make these important fixtures a reality.


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As our society continues to explore the world around us, we need to develop more young science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) minds. Schools are increasingly turning towards the purchase of STEM toys to foster creative thinking for our aspiring STEM professionals.

Often times, these toys don’t come cheap, and to spread evenly across your school is a big task! Fundraising for STEM toys can help lighten the load and ensure that no student misses their chance to foster their young brains towards the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

If you’re fundraising for STEM Toys, our Slime Spectacular School Fun Run might be a great way to get everybody in the mood!


STEM toys are a great way to foster young minds, and a  reason why schools fundraise.

Many schools use their fundraising profits to provide new STEM toys.



If your school community loves to foster kindness among their students, a charity fundraiser is a great way to encourage compassion and generosity! A charity fundraising event like the Alannah and Madeline Foundation Buddy Run or Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion School Fun Run are two fun ways your school can have a great time while making a difference to the lives of those around them.

Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion Fun Run

Alannah & Madeline Foundation Buddy Fun Run


Student Events

Community is at the very heart of school-based fundraising. This is a big reason why schools fundraise! What better way to use your funds than giving them back to your school community, through a camp, excursion or graduation ceremony?

Student events often attract lots of support from donors due to the personal and nostalgic touch of fundraising for a momentous event, like a camp or graduation.

Using your fundraising profits to supply sports equipment is a good thing!

School Fundraising profits often go towards providing materials and resources, like sports equipment.


Resources and Materials

P&C’s, P&F committees and other fundraising committees are often behind many amazing aspects of a school and its ability to provide for students. Often, the first group to identify a need in the school is the committee!

New sports equipment, library books, computers or digital whiteboards are common and popular reasons why schools fundraise.

When a school makes a big profit, like One School Global did with a Colour Explosion School Fun Run, they may be able to provide all of these things and more!


Ready to Fundraise?

Does your school need some of these seven things? Start fundraising today! Our awesome fundraising programs (such as the Slime Spectacular School Fun Run) are proven to make a profit, ensuring that you will be able to provide your school or group like never before!

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March 4, 2021

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