Top 50 Small Business Leaders for 2023

Rob Gaydon: Charting a New Course in Philanthropic Business Leadership

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Top 50 Small Business Leaders for 2023

Our Leader, Rob Gaydon: Charting a New Course in Philanthropic Business Leadership


At Australian Fundraising, we’ve always taken pride in our unyielding commitment to community betterment and innovation. However, it’s one thing to set lofty goals and quite another to reach them. The guiding force behind our success, and the man who has made all our achievements possible, is none other than our General Manager, Rob Gaydon.

Having been honoured as one of Australia’s Top 50 Small Business Leaders for the year 2022, Rob hasn’t just met the criteria for such an accolade—he’s redefined them. In an era marked by global pandemics and natural calamities, his strategic foresight and resourcefulness have been nothing short of instrumental.

Under Rob’s leadership, we at Australian Fundraising devised ‘My Profile Page,’ a groundbreaking platform that has revolutionised the realm of school fundraising. Last year alone, this platform facilitated the raising of an extraordinary $22 million. It is not a mere digital aid but a comprehensive enterprise solution that embodies Rob’s vision for efficiency and societal impact.

But Rob’s ambition extends beyond fiscal achievements. His collaboration with esteemed entities such as Carbon Neutral and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation has seen us plant over 120,000 trees and corals. Rob has instilled in us a corporate philosophy that views environmental stewardship not as an optional extra but as an organisational imperative.

Social responsibility doesn’t end with environmental endeavours, either. Partnering with Dolly’s Dream, we’ve managed to raise more than $180,000 to combat bullying, transforming our brand into a beacon of social justice. This isn’t mere corporate lip service; it’s a tangible manifestation of Rob and Australian Fundraising’s belief that a business should be a force for comprehensive societal benefit.

However, what truly distinguishes Rob as a leader is his personal commitment to change. His recent decision to adopt a 13-year-old child from a disadvantaged background speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. Rob has not only opened his home but also extended the supportive culture of Australian Fundraising to create a transformative environment for the young individual.

In Rob Gaydon, we see more than a Manager or a Boss; we see a visionary Leader who leverages business acumen for societal good. In both his professional endeavours and personal commitments, Rob exemplifies what it means to be a truly modern, philanthropic business leader. And for that, we couldn’t be prouder to stand alongside him in this grand journey of making a meaningful impact.


September 1, 2023

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