St Thomas' Catholic Primary School
Makes a Colourful Difference

Captivating Colours, Resounding Fun

On the cold and chilly morning of May 31, 2023, St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary School transformed into a venue of vibrant hues and high spirits. The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun was no ordinary school event; it was an awe-inspiring spectacle teeming with joy, excitement, and loads of colour and laughter.

St Thomas Colour Explosion Today Show Cross featured image

St Thomas Colour Explosion Today Show Cross

A Day on TV

To kickstart the day, some brave souls gathered at the school at 5am to meet The Today Show. Tim Davies added an extra pinch of glamour by hosting live weather crosses throughout the morning. He was an absolute trooper, even agreeing (albeit reluctantly) to wear a merman outfit to promote the focus on the Great Barrier Reef. Behind this successful event, Australian Fundraising played a pivotal role in helping to coordinate and promote the amazing efforts of St Thomas’ colourful event to a nationwide audience.

Click on the image below to view the St Thomas’ Primary School – Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun Go Green fundraiser.

GBRF FB video

An Immersive Dunk Tank Experience

In a light-hearted twist, Principal Mr. Liam Beatty got the chance to dunk Robert Gaydon, General Manager from Australian Fundraising, into icy-cold water. It was a moment filled with laughter, cheers, and playful camaraderie that brought out huge applause from onlookers. With a morning that started off just a little over nine degrees, it is safe to say that Robert wasn’t in the tank for long before finding his way out to a towel and dry clothes.

Going Green for a Noble Cause

In a significant stride towards environmental consciousness, the school selected a GoGreen prize option to support the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The funds raised exceeded an impressive $24,000. Not only will this help upgrade the school’s sporting facilities, but also contribute to planting over 1,200 coral. For a school of only 340 students, this was an impressive outcome.

Spearheading Reef Conservation

With World Reef Day on June 1, the timing couldn’t have been better. Anna Marsden, Managing Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, spoke about the importance of children actively contributing to the protection and rejuvenation of the Great Barrier Reef. Anna commented on how wonderful it was to see children choosing to help such a noble cause, and that they really appreciate everything that is done at a grassroots level.

Unifying the School Community

The event was a triumph in bringing the school community together, with the excitement of the children constantly bubbling to the surface. Parents, teachers, and students relished every moment of the celebration and know that this will be a day that won’t be forgotten. Thanks to the wonderful support from Australian Fundraising in helping to shape such an amazing day, there were plenty of volunteers on hand to help cover the children’s white shirts in colours galore.

A Fun-Filled Finale

Capping off the day, the highest fundraising students earned the incredible privilege of sliming the Principal and Bulimba representative, the Honourable Dianne (Di) Farmer. It was a finale that radiated pure fun, rounding off a day filled with bright colours, fun activities, and abundant smiles.

The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun was a brilliant blend of excitement, education, and eco-consciousness. It served as a testament to St. Thomas’ Catholic Primary School’s dedication to holistic education, unifying its community, and shaping its students into responsible global citizens.




June 5, 2023

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