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How one school Chaplain
boosted her fundraising with the Cross Country

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How one school Chaplain boosted her fundraising through online donations featured image

How one school Chaplain boosted her fundraising through online donations

About the Fundraiser

Fundraising Event: Classic School Run 4 Fun (done in conjunction with the School Cross Country event)
Prize Selection: Traditional
Collection Process:  Online + Cash
Total Funds Raised: $39,434
Total Students at School: 1,200
Number of Students Who Raised Funds: 405
Average Amount Raised per Student Online: $103

The Results

Click to download PDF of Case StudyRosalie Allen has been the Chaplain at Narangba Valley State School for over eight years, and prior to that was heavily involved with the P&C’s fundraising efforts.

“Not all schools have a Chaplain so we felt privileged when we received Government funding to pay for 1.5 days. What it meant was, fundraising was needed to be able to fund the other 3.5 days,” said Rosalie.

In the past, Narangba Valley State School put in a lot of effort trying to come up with ways to raise the money. Rosalie said “we used to run all sorts of fundraisers – way too many. It was overwhelming for the committee and volunteers, sourcing volunteers was challenging, and the parents got fatigued by the constant requests for donations”.

“Between the Chaplaincy Committee and the P&C, we would do BBQs, discos, dances, cake stalls and more,” said Rosalie.

“We used to feel as though we had to do a million fundraisers, then realised sometimes less is best”.

“In 2015, the Chaplaincy Committee decided to just focus on one big fundraiser a year with another community event to leave space for the P&C to run their own fundraising. Now we do one major fundraiser and work hard at promoting that.”

It wasn’t initially a natural thing for Rosalie to ask people for money through fundraising to help pay for her job, and is still something she struggles with like most people do.

By focusing on a single big event, Rosalie achieved a massive boost in funds raised with a few very simple things.

Rosalie realised that plugging into a yearly school event would help with the limited organisational manpower. Australian Fundraising had the perfect program to suit Rosalie’s needs.

The easiest and simplest option for Rosalie was to incorporate Australian Fundraising’s Classic School Run 4 Fun program into the school’s cross country carnival. This is a yearly event that required no additional manpower over and above what is normally done.

Having an account manager made it so much easier. “Cindy, our Account Manager has been fantastic to deal with. I know I can just ring up and if I’m having a challenge with anything, she’s super helpful and gets it sorted right away,” said Rosalie.

To make the most of their event, one element the Committee wanted to try was online fundraising. They suspected it might improve their results, but weren’t quite sure how to go about it.
Working with Australian Fundraising meant being able to use the existing platform and simply adding online fundraising as an option. Rosalie was blown away by how much extra they raised, with this year’s total coming in at $39,434.

Results from previous four years of fundraising

“Online fundraising felt too hard. Then the year we decided to use it, there was a big jump in funds and we couldn’t have been happier.”

The second thing Rosalie learned is that promoting the event doesn’t have to be hard. “The marketing support from Australian Fundraising is really helpful with the posters, banner, booklets, and things like the assembly announcement and intro letter to parents already drafted.

“The sponsorship booklet is a big thing for the kids. They love pouring over it and seeing what incentive prizes are available. It definitely helps them to get excited about the fundraising, and with the online quick link option, it’s easy for anyone to donate,” she said.

“I use a big thermometer as a campaign tracker to monitor how close we are to our goal. I’ve also started rewarding classes. Those with the most students to sign up and raise at least $1 are rewarded with ice blocks for the class.

“One fun idea I had was if the students met a fundraising goal, I would dress up in a crazy costume and do the cross country with the school mascot, Wall the Frog. With the amount of funds raised increasing each year, I think I’m going to have to raise the goal,” said Rosalie.

The best part is that the parents go along and support their children. It connects the fundraising with the school community and parents during a wonderful event.

When asked about her experience with Australian Fundraising she said “(they) have been really helpful and supportive from start to finish over the years. The best part is they understand that the money we raise is great, but is not our sole motivator. It’s simply something that enables us Chappies to continue to do the work that we love.

Rosalie loves her Chaplaincy work, and knows it’s easier to do one big fundraiser, put all your effort into that, get all the support you can get from Australian Fundraising and your account manager, and then get back to doing what you love for the rest of the year.

You may be feeling like Rosalie did … fundraising is too overwhelming, you’re short on manpower, and you’re uncomfortable asking for money. Australian Fundraising understand and are ready to help. Call us today on 1300 033 122, or click here to send us an SOS.

Inclusion Matters

At Australian Fundraising, we believe that every student should experience the joy and excitement of this event. So, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that every single student participating in the Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular, or Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun Programs are allocated colour powder or slime, sunglasses, and a headband, absolutely FREE, regardless of whether they raise money or not!
Why? Because happiness and inclusion matter!

Colour Powder or Slime:
Depending on the program, every student is allocated 100 grams of genuine colour powder or 1 litre of slime to shower themselves and their friends as they run or walk the course.

Protect those peepers and look cool doing it! Every student receives a snazzy pair of sunglasses to shield their eyes from the powder or slime, and of course, to rock that funky look.

Let them get their groove on with trendy headbands that add that extra flair on the day! Whether you choose to wear it like a pro or get creative, it’s yours to keep!

The Celebration of Unity

The School Run 4 Fun programs from Australian Fundraising are not just about raising funds; they’re a celebration of unity, diversity, and the sheer joy of being part of the wider community. The colour powder or slime gives every student the opportunity to feel a part of the school community no matter their situation, and together they become a moving masterpiece. Parents, teachers, and volunteers from the community are also encouraged to join in and make this event unforgettable. Their support, cheer, and presence make a world of difference.

Get Set, Ready, COLOUR!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of an inclusive and vibrant event that promises to be fun and profitable. The Colour Explosion, Slime Spectacular, or Colour Splatacular School Run 4 Fun Programs with Australian Fundraising will create memories that will last a lifetime for every student!

July 12, 2023

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