Say no to bullying. Do It For Dolly!

Do It For Dolly '23!
Help spread kindness and unite in taking a stand against bullying this Do It For Dolly Day

Australian Fundraising is a proud supporter of Dolly’s Dream: Dolly’s Dream is committed to changing the culture of bullying by addressing the impact of bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide.

Schools and groups across the country have donated a massive $160,392 to Dolly’s Dream with Australian Fundraising since 2021.

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Do It For Dolly ’23! featured image

Do It For Dolly ’23!

With every flash of blue, students across Australia have stepped up and chosen to Do It For Dolly. Students are spreading colour and kindness to fundraise for Dolly’s Dream: Dolly’s Dream is committed to changing the culture of bullying through education and direct support to young people and families.

“We know the commitment and hard work that it takes to raise funds for a charity, and we are so thankful to everyone who fundraises for Dolly’s Dream,” says Sally Sweeney, Head of Engagement at Dolly’s Dream.

“With thanks to the generous support of students and schools, we can continue to run our anti-bullying programs including our online safety and anti-bullying workshops for students, parents, and teachers, as well as our Dolly’s Dream Support Line, which provides free counselling for anyone who needs it.”

Explore A Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion

Huge Donation with Colour Explosion Fundraiser

In the past two years, many schools and groups across Australia have participated in Do It For Dolly Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun the Dolly’s Dream Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, raising an awesome $160,392!

“The generosity of the schools and groups that go above and beyond to support Dolly’s Dream is truly inspirational”, says Sally. “It’s just so important for young people to understand that bullying is never okay, and that every donation to Dolly’s Dream makes a difference – big or small!”

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How You Can Help?

Through the Dolly’s Dream Support Line, educational workshops, and the Parent Hub, an online library of resources, tools and supports for parents, caregivers and teachers, Dolly’s Dream is one of Australia’s leading  organisations for anti-bullying advocacy and education.

However, none of these fantastic services can exist without fundraising. As a not-for-profit organisation, Dolly’s Dream relies on the incredible generosity of Australian communities to continue changing the culture of bullying.

Dolly’s Dream support comes from the community acknowledging that things need to change. While we don’t yet live in a world without bullying, Dolly’s Dream is working hard to spread the message of kindness.

With the support of schools and groups that raise funds for Dolly’s Dream, it means that we can continue to spread the word on anti-bullying advocacy and education. One of the best ways to do this is to help us celebrate ‘Do It For Dolly Day’.

If your school or group would like to support Dolly’s Dream work, there is no better way than hosting a Do It For Dolly  Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun! At absolutely no cost to your school or group, you can experience ALL of the fun features of a Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun, while fundraising for a great cause.

At no cost to your school, you’ll receive:

  • A cybersafe, online fundraising platform to fundraise for Dolly’s Dream.
  • A complete Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun event, including genuine colour powder, headbands, sunglasses, colour crew kits and more.
  • Incentive Prizes for fundraising participants, including extra incentives from Monty the Monstar.
  • A complete suite of fundraising resources, including social media posts, newsletter templates, assembly scripts and more.
  • Full support from a dedicated, one-on-one fundraising Account Manager.

Is your school or group ready to make a difference and Do It For Dolly? Book your FREE Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun event today!

Make a Difference and support Do It For Dolly Day

February 27, 2023

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