6 Awesome Ways to Celebrate

National Tree Day in Your School

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National Tree Day 2023

6 Awesome Ways to Celebrate National Tree Day in Your School

National Tree Day is the perfect chance to get kiddos excited about Mother Nature and looking after our planet. If you’re all about teaching the next gen how to love and care for the environment, celebrating with us this Sunday, 30 July is just the thing. It’s not just about connecting with nature, it also teaches teamwork, creative thinking, and that we’ve all got to do our part to keep the environment healthy.


Ready for some fun ways to celebrate National Tree Day at your school? Check these out:


1. Get Your Hands Dirty with Tree Planting

Plan a tree planting event in the schoolyard or a nearby park. Maybe you can get some help from local green organisations or the government to pick and plant native trees. Let the kids get involved in the whole shebang, from getting the soil ready to look after the baby trees. Watching their trees grow will give them something to be proud of.

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2. Go Exploring with Nature Walks and Tree ID

Take a walk on the wild side around the school or a local nature spot. Let the kids check out and identify different tree types. You can use field guides or nature apps to make the task easier. This hands-on activity will make them more aware of the amazing variety of trees around them and help them appreciate nature even more.

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3. Unleash Creativity with Tree Art and Craft

Have some fun with tree-themed arts and crafts. The kids can make posters, paintings or even sculptures with recycled materials. Besides being loads of fun, this can be a cool way to chat about why trees are super important in our world.

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4. Learn with Tree Care Workshops

Get a tree expert or environmentalist to come over and teach the kids about tree care. From watering and mulching to dealing with pests, there’s so much to learn. This will motivate them to look after the trees in their neighbourhood.

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5. Speak Out with Environmental Presentations

Encourage the kids to prepare short talks on why trees matter and their role in keeping nature in balance. They can talk about the good stuff trees do, the bad stuff like deforestation, and how climate change is messing up our forests. This will boost their speaking skills and also spread awareness about big environmental issues.

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6. Make a Difference with Tree Planting Fundraisers

Fundraising is pretty popular these days, especially when it’s for a good cause. It’s no wonder that our Go Green School Run 4 Fun and Glowtastic Disco Party programs are absolutely soaring, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools and groups across Australia. Our Go Green School Run 4 Fun and Glowtastic Disco Party programs enable you to have all the fun, without all the landfill!

For every $20 your school or group raises, Carbon Neutral will plant a tree in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. Sounds fun, right?

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Celebrating National Tree Day is a great way to inspire kids about the value of trees and environmental care. By doing fun, educational stuff, we can help them develop a love for nature and understand that they have a big role to play in looking after our planet. Plus, the fundraisers give us a chance to do our bit to protect and restore the beautiful nature we’ve got.

Want to learn more? Request more info below, or contact our friendly team on 1300 133 022 today!


So, let’s get together as one big family, with our kids leading the charge, to celebrate National Tree Day with gusto and commitment to protecting Mother Earth for the next generations. Happy Tree Planting!


July 25, 2023

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