Rules for successful fundraising

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Rules for Successful Fundraising

Successful fundraising can be easier than you think.

Being a leader of a fundraising organisation can be demanding as you have to make sure that your members are taught the golden rules for successful fundraising. If volunteers or supporters are not 100% committed, it will be difficult for you to execute your plan. Fundraising success requires hardwork not only from members, but also from leaders.

5 golden rules of successful fundraising

Follow these 5 golden rules of successful fundraising, and your fundraising success rate will dramatically improve.

Combine these golden rules of successful fundraising with the top tips on how to do successful fundraising and you will leverage your results even higher.

Build Relationships with Your Donors

Donors should not be perceived as someone who makes a donation. They play an important role in making sure that fundraising goals will be accomplished at a given time. Once donors make a commitment to donate money, it is also your obligation to keep in touch with them so you will know how they are doing. They are not only the person who makes a donation as they also contribute to the success of the fundraising organisation.

Plus, when you build good relationships you can create greater success.

Partly because good relationships with donors usually lead to ongoing donations.

Though there is more. Good relationships with donors often lead to donors bringing more donors in. Essentially they become a source of referrals, they become fundraisers themselves. Plus they  often enhance the reputation of your organisation due to their association.

Having good donors, with good standing on a local, national, or even international level can really impact on the success of an organisation. So spending time cultivating relationships, developing positivity, can greatly enhance the health of your organisation, and opportunity for ingoing successful fundraising.


Educate donors about the cause they are supporting

Donors decide to leave if they do not know where their money is going. It is important to fundraising leaders to let donors know about the impact they make on your organisation. By showing the results, giving updates and sending stories provide donors an opportunity to know your organisations well. It only shows them that you are eager to give them results they are looking for.

When people understand things better, fundraising especially, they build deeper rapport.

In general, most people want to create a positive difference. They want to live in a happier, healthier world.

So taking time to educate people, which also helps build better relationships with them, can really transform your chances of successful fundraising. Hence why education is one of the 5 golden rules of successful fundraising.


Allow donors to make a difference

Not everyone can give their loyalty to your organisation without knowing the role they play. Many donors will find it useless to support your organisation if they do not find personal fulfilment. It is important that you a creative way to keep donors interested. As you welcome them, you will also have to find other ways to make every moment as compelling as possible.

By allowing donors to make suggestions you can achieve more success with events and campaigns.

This can be as simple as asking them to do a quick 2 minute multi-choice questionnaire for some feedback.

It can provide very useful insight for fundraisers on how to do more successful fundraising in the future for a start. Plus it helps people to feel more valued, beyond just giving money. They feel like they’re contributing more, and making more of a difference to the cause, and the world as a result.


Build trust

Donors feel they are deceived when they do not hear from you after you receive their donation. Dishonesty can lead to doubt and when donors find no reason to stay, it will not be difficult for them to decide to leave your organisation. Trust and transparency are two of the most important ingredients in building trust.

By building relationships with donors your will also build trust more effectively too. Hence one of the reasons building relationships is one of the top rule within these 5 golden rules for successful fundraising. Trust is what makes or breaks institutions. The more open and transparent your organisation, the better. Work from an ethical position, and communicate with people and teams effectively. By doing these things you will build trust, which will then grow your ability to fundraise successfully.


Respect donors

Your organisation may say the right words or even tell donors about their importance, but this will not matter if you do not have not prepared any concrete steps to prove that you can walk the walk. Show donors that you truly care. Outline principles of your service and discuss them with members and donors.

More importantly, when you discuss things with donors and fundraisers, talk with them. When you talk with them, rather than to them, you have a two way flow of information and ideas. Show respect. Something worth noting is that you may disagree with someone’s perspective, you can still show them respect though. Various people disagree with how certain celebrity fundraisers live and work, they still deserve respect in terms of what they helps others achieve, and the success they create with their involvement in fundraising.


Successful Fundraising Can Be Easy When You Do These Things

Creating success is all about attitude and behaviour. Regardless of what you are doing.

By following these tips, with a view to creating positive results, working ethically with your fundraisers and donors, and you will enjoy successful fundraising. Never over think it, these 5 golden rules for successful fundraising, alongside the tips on how to do successful fundraising are all you need to think about. Apply them to whatever fundraising activities you are doing be they fun runs, cookie baking, plantings or something else, and you will be successful, plus everyone will have a great time! Meaning that your next fundraising events will go well to. The more you follow these tips, the stronger your organisation and its fundraising capabilities will become. Fundraising need never be challenging, with help from Australian Fundraising it can be easy and successful.

November 1, 2020

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