Most Successful School Fundraisers

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Successful School Fundraisers. Guaranteed! featured image

Successful School Fundraisers. Guaranteed!

Fundraising activities remain as the top method in generating funds for various academic projects and programs. In Australia, thousands of dollars are generated every year from different events organised by different schools in the country. This benefits countless schools and students in terms of academic programs and support that are as greatly helpful for their education.


What Makes A Successful School Fundraiser?

There are different determining factors for a successful fundraiser, depending on the type of activity and its general goals. However,there are common metrics at which fundraisers success is measured. This includes programming, participation, and profitability.

Programming for a successful school fundraiser is one that is carefully thought of and well-loved by the participants. These programs are not only feasible activities to raise money but they also provide value to the participants and one that they really enjoyed being part of.

The number of sponsors and people who participated in your event is an indication of its success or failure. If you have reached your target number of participants or more, then you were definitely successful.

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, the amount of money you raised in the fundraiser or activity and the money you have left after deducting costs and other expenses.



Most Successful School Fundraisers in Australia

Among the many types of school fundraisers that you can organize in your schools, there are some that have been proven and tested to yield a successful outcome. These fundraiser ideas were utilised by many schools in Australia and have helped them greatly in getting the money they want to raise.


1. School Fun Run

Some may think this is already old school, but fun runs remain to be among the top fundraiser ideas that guarantee success and profitability. Its programming and preparation are very easy and people are really interested in running to help a good cause. As well, it requires no big money up front so there’s no need for a starter fund.


2. Cookie Dough Fundraiser

In Australia, cookie dough fundraising is among the top choices in fundraising campaigns with the potential to yield big profits. Billy G’s Cookie Dough, one of Australia’s favourite fundraiser is an order form drive, there’s no upfront costs making it easier for organisers to start.


3. Raffle Fundraisers

Raffles are very easy to organise and can be started with no upfront cost, as well. It works by selling raffle tickets at specific prices which will be drawn on a specified date. Winning tickets receive prizes from the organisers.


4. Colour Explosions

Colour Explosion is a fundraising activity that is very much growing in terms of popularity. This dynamic, interactive, and colourful event is very popular among schools Australia wide. Safe and colourful vibrant powder is thrown over the children while they walk or run through a course. Australian Fundraising will put big smiles on over 400,000 students this year.

October 15, 2020

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