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Benefits of Booking Now Make Fundraising Stress-Free

Coordinating a school or group’s annual fundraising can feel like a big responsibility. And it is! Booking your fundraisers early can reduce the stress that comes with coordinating annual fundraisers. Discover six reasons why booking early helps make fundraising simple and stress-free.

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Benefits of Booking Now!

If you are in charge of coordinating your school or group’s fundraising efforts in 2022, you may be searching for ways to make this responsibility simple and stress-free. With so many moving parts involved with fundraising, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin!

One of the easiest ways to get your school or group fundraising under control is to book early. Booking early allows you to lock in your fundraising programs and quickly tick off the hardest task from your fundraising to-do list!

Discover six reasons why booking early helps make fundraising simple and stress-free.


Secure Your Preferred Dates

A school or group calendar is often busy. Finding the ideal dates for your fundraiser is often a tricky task, and critical to the success of your campaign.

There is nothing more disappointing than finding the perfect date for your fundraising program, and then discovering that it’s already booked. If your date is already taken, you may miss out on the wonderful fundraising support offered by your account manager, or huge free extra inclusions (like an inflatable start finish arch!).

Booking your fundraising programs early in the year means that you get the first choice of available dates on the Australian Fundraising calendar! You will be much more likely to lock in the perfect date for your school or group, rather than having to rearrange events or miss out on awesome free inclusions.


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Booking early means you can look in the perfect date.

Lock in your preferred date by booking early!


Forget about the little things

Why do tomorrow what you can do today? Cross of all the little niggly tasks that take up space on your mind and to-do list! By booking early, you can offload lots of the little tasks to your account manager. Things like remembering to set up your online platform or organising your fun run itinerary can be taken care without you lifting a finger!

With all of the little tasks taken care of when you make your booking, you don’t need to worry about anything in the lead up to your fundraiser. Booking early means this is taken off your plate from the get go, and you can focus on more important things (like designing the best fun run obstacles or sliming a teacher!).


Don’t run out of time!

Whether it’s a homework project or a school fundraiser, no one enjoys organising things at the last minute! Prevent a mad scramble by booking your school or group fundraisers early in the year. Getting things in order early ensures that decisions are made with a clear head, and you have plenty of time to research the best options for your school or group.

Booking early also gives you plenty of time to implement ways to boost your fun run profit, or supersize your sales of Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough! The more time you have to seek business sponsorships and organise your fundraiser the better!


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Booking early ensures you have time to organise the best obstacles for your fun run.

Booking early ensures you have time to organise the best obstacles for your fun run.


Lap Up The VIP Treatment

Being a customer of Australian Fundraising means you get the best of the best customer service! Booking early means you get the greatest access to your account manager. You can tap into their knowledge and expertise at any point – and the earlier, the better!

Booking early means that your account manager can help you prepare your dates and fundraising schedule, set up your advertising nice and early and so much more. Lap up the VIP treatment and watch your fundraiser soar!


Claim Your Early Bonus Prizes!

Receive even bigger benefits of booking early if you pre-registered for your 2022 fundraiser! When you pre-registered, your school or group became eligible for early bonus prizes! Whether you booked a fun run like the Slime Spectacular School Run 4 Fun, Plant-A-Difference, or Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser you are entitled to your free bonus prizes!

To claim your prizes, simply book your fundraiser with Australian Fundraising before December 1, 2022 and the added incentives are all yours!


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Harness New Year Excitement

Everyone is motivated and inspired to get involved at the beginning of the New Year! Full of energy after summer break, people are most likely to support your fundraising campaign in the earlier terms. Make the most of the New Year excitement by booking your school or group fundraisers early and running them in Terms 1 to 3.


Harness back to school energy to boost support!

Boost support by harnessing back to school energy and excitement!


Take The Load Off!

Are you ready to book your fundraisers for 2022? Our programs are ready and running for a successful year of school and group fundraising! If you are ready to take the load off of your volunteers, book now or contact Australian Fundraising on 1300 133 022.


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February 21, 2022

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