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The Best Colour Fundraiser Fun Run!

Looking to turn your event into an explosion of colour and raise record breaking results? Australian Fundraising has you coloured! The Colour Explosion™ School Fun Run is the go-to school colour fundraiser for over 1,060 schools representing over 465,000 students annually.

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Since its inception in 2017, the Colour Explosion™ School  Fun Run fundraiser has demonstrated its success by assisting schools in raising over $22 million. It has increased in popularity as students experience a fun and memorable event and raise overwhelming amounts of money for their school. Colour Explosion™ School Fun Run is a fundraising experience your students will never forget!

An almost completely self-governed school colour fundraiser, you will have a significant increase in freedom and funds, not to mention full support from a dedicated Fundraising Manager throughout the fundraising process.

We’ll ensure you have everything you need to have a fun and successful school colour fundraiser, including certified Indian high grade colour powder pre-packed in BPA free squirt bottles, new eco-friendly and ethical wheat fibre sunglasses, new environmentally friendly paper finale bags, new Colour Crew Kits for the co-ordinators, support wristbands, incentive prizes, cyber-safe and powerful online fundraising platform, fundraising materials and more.

Give kids the brightest day at school! Our Colour Explosion School Fun Run is one of the most popular Australian school fundraisers. Fill the air with fun and laughter as kids run around your Fun Run track, spraying them with water and vibrant colour powder. If you’re looking for the best fundraising ideas, our Colour Explosion School Fun Run can’t be missed! Join the colour craze that’s sweeping the nation, along with 1.6 million Aussie Kids that love our Colour Explosion School Fun Run fundraiser.


  • How our Fun Run works
  • Program Options
  • Student Race Pack
  • Online Fundraising
  • Incentive Prizes

How our Fun Run works

The School Colour Explosion™ Run is as simple as…

The School Colour Explosion™ Run promotes exercise, teamwork and community-mindedness with a whole lot of fun thrown in. We have both the know-how and the tools to make it happen.

We supply all of the fundraising materials, event inclusions and award winning customer service to make your Colour Explosion™ School Fun Run fundraiser highly successful and a memorable experience for students, teachers and parents. With no money required up-front, your school colour fundraiser is guaranteed to bank a profit!

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Program Options

Flexible options that’s right for you!

Select the program that best meets your needs. More inclusions, more profit or want to help the environment? The choice is yours.

Choose from three award winning Colour Explosion™ School Fun Run Packages:

Run Package Table


Go Green

35% + GST
40% + GST
40% + GST
Colour ExplosionTM Inclusions
Indian Colour Powder in Bottles
Indian Colour Powder In Boxes (No Bottles)
Wheat Fibre UV400 Sunglasses
Support Wristbands
Colour ExplosionTM Finale Bags
Fundraising Materials
Sponsorship Forms
Participation Certificates
Event Posters
Prize Posters
Class Promotional Posters
Fundraising Target Posters
Pre-Written Resources
Social Media Posts
Powerful Online Platform
Option Of Incentive Prizes Or Tree Planting
Incentive Prizes
Tree Planting
Online Fundraising Fees
GoFundraise Platform Fees
Was 6.6% Now Free
Was 6.6% Now Free
Was 6.6% Now Free
Credit Card
Transaction Fees
GoFundraise Annual Fee

*Based on your school being able to claim back the GST on our invoice.

Race Pack & Accessories

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The School Colour Explosion™ Pack offers real value

Nothing is free like others claim, but with our program it’s all inclusive in your costs. Receive a comprehensive fundraising pack and student race kit full of value. No one comes close to what we offer!

Receive an awesome range of fundraising materials, safe and certified safe Indian Holi colour powder pre-packed in BPA free bottles, support wristbands with options of wheat fibre and ethical UV400 sunglasses and Colour Explosion finale bags,  promotional posters and so much more.

Value of materials and accessories you receive!

We supply a comprehensive range of materials for your school colour fundraiser, which is all inclusive in the cost.

Accessories Table
Grand Super Grand
No. of Students $ Value Powder $ Value Powder $ Value Sunglasses $ Value
Finale Bags
$ Value Wristbands $ Value TOTAL
50 $105 $105 $120 $70 $25 $320
100 $210 $210 $240 $140 $50 $640
200 $420 $420 $480 $280 $100 $1,280
300 $630 $630 $720 $420 $150 $1,920
400 $840 $840 $960 $560 $200 $2,560
500 $1,050 $1,050 $1,200 $700 $250 $3,200
600 $1,260 $1,260 $1,440 $840 $300 $3,840
800 $1,680 $1,680 $1,920 $1,120 $400 $5,120
1000 $2,100 $2,100 $2,400 $1,400 $500 $6,400
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NEW Colour Crew Kits

Co-ordinators, there’s something for you! Stand out from the crowd with our new Colour Crew Kits. Each kit includes a rainbow wig, t-shirt, tu-tu, socks and wheat fibre UV400 sunglasses! Let’s get colourful for your awesome school colour fundraiser!

One Colour Crew Kit supplied for every 100 students. Maximum 5 per school.

NEW Colour Explosion™ Finale Explosion Bags

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. colour finale! Finish off your School Colour Explosion™ Run event with a blast of colour. With our Super Grand option, each student will receive a colour powder finale bag packaged in an environmentally friendly and biodegradable paper bag (no plastic). 

What’s a Colour Explosion Finale? Find out HERE

Online Fundraising

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Powerful online fundraising platform at your fingertips

Our powerful online fundraising platform enables your school to hit your goal by reaching donors far beyond the local community and saves hours during the collection process. This year we are projected to raise over $7.3M online – a record breaking year.

Australian Fundraising empowers our members to raise the greatest amount of money possible with a safe, positive online experience. It is of critical importance that we ensure the safety of children who use our online fundraising platforms. Children can now create their own avatar.

We were the first school fun run company to ensure photos of children do not appear online with reference to their name and organisation. With this in mind, we’ve implemented the best practice solution to benefit from online fundraising whilst keeping children safe online.

Free Online Platform Fees

Schools no longer pay online fundraising platform fees of 6.6% (inc GST) and will benefit in saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in online fundraising fees. Best of all, it’s exclusive to Australian Fundraising.

Platform Fee Was 6.6% - Now Free!
Visa & Mastercard 1.1% (Inc GST) + $0.20 transaction fee
AMEX 1.98% (Inc GST) + $0.20 transaction fee
Paypal 2.1% (Inc GST) + $0.20 transaction fee
Online Prize Ordering

Who needs Excel spreadsheets when you are provided with an online fundraising platform that does it all for you. Parents now have the ability to order their children’s prizes with a click of a button.

Incentive Prizes

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Award winning, on-trend prizes or Go Green. The choice is yours!

What better way to reward your students than by offering outstanding, on-trend prizes, some award winning and exclusive to Australian Fundraising. Create success with the industry’s best prize program!

A New South Wales Public School turned an $8,000 in-house Walk-a-thon into a $65,759 with only 278 students due to the level of incentive prizes on offer. Each student will receive an incentive prize simply by raising $10 or more.

“We were hoping to raise over $20,000 and we were absolutely blown away to have raised that amount of money. The kids have also been well rewarded for their hard work. There’s no way we could have provided the level of prizes without partnering with a professional fundraiser”. Mrs Kelser

No Prizes. No Worries!

Schools have been asking for an environmentally friendly fundraising option without offering student incentive prizes. Our new “Go Green” Option gives you the flexibility of replacing the incentive prizes with native tree planting in communities throughout Australia. View our Go Green Sponsorship Form here.

With every $15 raised through the fundraiser one native tree (or shrub) will be planted in Australia’s only global biodiversity hotspot which is located in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. This region has an exceptionally high number of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. The biodiversity hotspot label recognises that these plants, animals and ecosystems are at extreme risk of destruction.

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor was once vibrant with expansive woodlands of York gum and Salmon gum trees. But from the early 1900s, Europeans have cleared more than 97% of the vegetation so they could farm. Now, parts of the landscape are not suitable for traditional agriculture due to problem soils that are increasingly uneconomic to farm in a drying climate.

Tree planting with the Go Green Fundraiser brings many valuable benefits to the environment such as:

– Sequester carbon,

– Help reduce soil salinity,

– Help combat wind and water erosion,

– Enhance biodiversity, and

– Restore habitat for native animals

It also directly contributes to the following United Nations’ Sustainable Development Global goals criteria:

Why Choose Us?

All Materials Supplied
No Money Upfront
Award Winning Service
Online Fundraising
Incentive Prizes
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$ 73,895

Raised by St. Catherine's Primary School

$ 65,759

Raised Vaucluse Public School

$ 54,530

Raised by Harbord Public School

$ 52,589

Raised by Talara Primary School

$ 50,499

Raised by Biggera Waters State School

$ 45,515

Raised by Oakleigh West Primary School

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