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Best school fun run Fundraiser! The Brightest Day at School!

The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is Australia’s most popular and profitable Fun Run for school and group fundraising. Fill the air with colour and laughter as students navigate your fun run track, being sprayed with our vibrant, non-toxic genuine Colour Powder! Turn your event into an explosion of colour and raise record-breaking results with Australian Fundraising.

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A crazy day of colour and fun!

Looking for a school fundraising idea that will give students an unforgettable event full of colour and lifelong memories year after year? The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun by Australian Fundraising promises all of this, whilst also being able to raise overwhelming amounts of money for your school! The Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is a fundraising experience your students will never forget!

Turn your school fun run into a crazy colour day and give your students the brightest day at school! Our Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun is among the most popular Australian school fundraisers.

Watch students race towards the finish line as they emerge through bright clouds of colour, filling the air with fun and laughter. Who wouldn’t love working as a team to get past obstacles and navigate the track whilst getting blasted with safe, non-toxic colour powder?

Join the colour craze that’s sweeping the nation, along with over 2 million Australian students that love our Colour Explosion School Run 4 Fun fundraiser.

  • How our school fun run works
  • Colour Explosion Options
  • Student Race Pack
  • Online Fundraising
  • Incentive Prizes or Go Green

How our school fun run works

Bigger, Brighter & Better than Ever! 

Make your Colour Explosion school fun run bigger, brighter and better than ever. You can host a colourful fun run event that will rival every other fun run before it.

Fundraise with confidence knowing that you are working with one of the most flexible fundraising providers in Australia. We understand plans change, which is why you can reschedule or extend your fundraiser at anytime.

We provide you with all of the fundraising materials, event inclusions and award-winning customer service that will make your fundraiser highly successful and memorable experience for all involved! With no money required up-front, your school is guaranteed to bank a profit!

Short on volunteers?

Introducing automated prize ordering. A game changer for school fun runs. An easier, quicker and more streamlined way to fundraise!

With our new exclusive new automated prize ordering option, students can receive up to 15 prizes. Prizes are automatically ordered when the student hits the prize goal. Automated prize ordering is the perfect way to ensure your limited volunteer hours are going to good use.

Automated Prize Ordering – Find Out More!

Do you love the customisation that comes with traditional prize ordering? It’s still an absolute winner and available for schools and groups. Choose your favourite way to order prizes!

Colour Explosion Options

Go Big with Australian Fundraising! 

Take your Colour Explosion school fun run to the next level with more inclusions than ever before.

Every school, irrelevant of size or socio demographics will receive FREE colour powder (100 gram allocation per student), FREE UV400 sunglasses and FREE rainbow headbands for every student.

Run Package Table

Incentive Prize Option

Go Green
(Tree or Coral Planting)

40% + GST
40% + GST
Free Colour ExplosionTM Inclusions
Genuine Colour Powder in 500g Bottles
Genuine Colour Powder in Bulk Boxes
UV400 Sunglasses for every student
Rainbow Headbands for every student
Coordinator Colour Crew Kits
Fundraising Materials
Sponsorship Forms
Pre-Written Resources
Social Media Templates
Participation Certificates
Giant Vinyl Promotional Poster
Promotional Posters
FREE Online Fundraising Platform
COVID-Safe Plans & Risk Assessments
Fundraising Incentives
Incentive Prizes
Tree or Coral Planting
Highest Fundraising Medallion
Fun-Raise with Monty Prizes

*Based on your school being able to claim back the GST on our invoice.

Student Race Kit

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More Inclusions. More Excitement!

The Colour Explosion school fun run comes with everything you need to reach your fundraising goals with flying colours. Turn your event bland to grand with our genuine, safe, non-toxic colour powder which is made from corn starch and food grade colours. Gluten free and biodegradable, it is completely safe for participant’s skin and eyes.

With new 500g colour powder bottles to reduce landfill and entirely recyclable fundraising materials, Australian Fundraising’s Commitment to Sustainability supports positive environmental impacts at every opportunity.

Our free UV400 sunglasses provide additional eye safety for every student. Get the biggest bang for your buck with Australian Fundraising’s Colour Explosion school fun run.

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Get your kit on with our Crew Kits

Stand out from the crowd with our Colour Crew Kits. Each kit includes a rainbow wig, t-shirt, tutu, socks and UV400 sunglasses! Let’s get colourful for your awesome school colour fundraiser! One Colour Crew Kit supplied for every 100 students. Maximum 5 per school.

Online Fundraising

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Technology that drives results!

It’s now easier than ever to boost your fundraising profits with an exciting, gamified, user-friendly online fundraising platform.

We have made our cyber-safe online platform as robust as possible, to help ease the load on your volunteers and encourage BIG donations from your school community.

You will benefit from huge advancements to our online fundraising platform, now with gamification elements to encourage engagement and $200,000 in free sponsorship credits. You can elevate your fundraising achievements beyond what would be otherwise possible.

It is of critical importance that we ensure the safety of children who use our online fundraising platforms. We were the first school fun run company to ensure photos of children do not appear online with reference to their name and organisation. Children can now create their own avatar. With this in mind, we’ve implemented the best practice solution to benefit from online fundraising whilst keeping children safe online.


Show me the money!

Australian Fundraising is dedicated in pouring more into your bank account this year.

You will save thousands of dollars with FREE online platform fees and no credit card and transaction fees. That makes our online platform entirely free.

Platform Fee Was 6.6%
Now Free!
Annual Fee Was $450
Now Free!
Credit Card Fees Was at least 1.1%
Now Free!
Transaction Fees Was $0.20 per transaction
Now Free!

Incentive Prizes or Go Green

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We Innovate to Motivate

Add excitement and boost participation with our innovative selection of incentive prizes! Our huge range of popular toys and gadgets reward participants for fundraising, motivating them to reach their fundraising goal.

Offering more prizes across every fundraising milestone, students only need to raise $10 to receive a prize! From squish balls to PlayStations, every participant will aim for prizes they love.

Students will aim for bigger prizes in 2022, sharing in $200,000 of free extra prize credit! Collect Golden Coins on our online platform and claim them for real-life prize credit. Incentive prizes are an incredible way to motivate students and families to fundraise! They add an additional level of excitement and anticipation that is separate to your event day.

Bigger and better prizes are just the beginning with Australian Fundraising.

Go Green on Land and Sea

Join our goal to plant 150,000 trees and 100,000 coral by 2024! 

Make a difference on land and sea with our Go Green School Run 4 Fun options! Swap your incentive prizes for our environmentally friendly alternative. For every $20 you fundraise, you can fund the planting of one tree in sensitive environments, or give a coral a new home in the Great Barrier Reef!

Can’t choose between tree and coral planting? No problems, let your students decide instead! Your school can do a combined Go Green fundraiser and let each individual participant decide whether they plant trees in a biodiversity hotspot, or plant a coral on the Great Barrier Reef!

A Go Green fundraiser swaps incentive prizes for tree or coral planting, but also reduces landfill by using bulk-packed colour powder. Plus, the chance to win an eco-friendly Great Barrier Reef Whitsunday Escape is another awesome way to help your fundraiser reach massive fundraising targets for your school or group!

Planting trees and coral also has a positive impact on reducing climate change and directly contributes to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Why Choose Us?

All Materials Supplied
No Money Upfront
Award Winning Service
Online Fundraising
Incentive Prizes
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Australia’s Favourite Colour School Fun Run

We have you coloured! The Colour Explosion school fun run is the go-to school colour fundraiser. Previously, 96 students raised $71,490 with an Australian Fundraising Colour Explosion colour school fun run – this could be you!

Since its inception in 2017, the Colour Explosion school fun run fundraiser has demonstrated its success by assisting schools in raising over $50 million. It has increased in popularity as students experience a fun and memorable event and raise overwhelming amounts of money for their school. The Colour Explosion school fun run is a fundraising experience your students will never forget!

Our Colour Explosion school fun run is one of the most popular Australian school fundraisers, especially when paired with the best colour school fun run obstacles. If you’re looking for one of Australia’s best fundraising ideas, our Colour Explosion school fun run can’t be missed!

Australian Fundraising have been making fundraising successful and stress-free by doing the heavy lifting for fundraising committees like yours. With more inclusions than ever before, we can help you take your fundraising profits to new heights.

Although our online platform is the ultimate fundraising tool, the real results are generated by fundraising heroes. People who are committee members, just like yourself, and the generosity of your school community. We’ve helped raise more than $150million for schools and organisations since 1999. We promise that you are in good hands!

Incentive prizes or Go Green. The choice is yours!

Motivate families to raise more money with the hottest incentive prizes in fundraising. There are new prizes every year, in every single category, and students can reach for bigger goals.

Add excitement and boost participation with our bumper selection of incentive prizes. Offering more prizes across dozens of fundraising milestones, students only need to raise $10 to be eligible for an awesome fundraising prize. From squish balls to Playstations, every family is sure to find a prize to aim towards.

Incentive prizes are an incredible way to motivate students and families to fundraise! They add an additional level of excitement and anticipation that is separate to your event day.

Students can also share in $200,000 of free sponsorship credit by reaching milestones online. They can also reach for the stars and  become a Fundraising MonSTAR and be rewarded with a real life MonSTAR Bag Tag.

A New South Wales Public School turned an $8,000 in-house Walk-a-thon into a $65,759 with only 278 students due to the level of incentive prizes on offer. Each student will receive an incentive prize simply by raising $10 or more.

“We were hoping to raise over $20,000 and we were absolutely blown away to have raised that amount of money. The kids have also been well rewarded for their hard work. There’s no way we could have provided the level of prizes without partnering with a professional fundraiser”. Mrs Kelser

No Prizes. No Worries!

Our Go Green Option gives you the flexibility of replacing incentive prizes with native tree planting in communities throughout Australia.

For every $20 raised through the fundraiser, one native tree (or shrub) or coral will be planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor or the Great Barrier Reef.

The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor was once vibrant with expansive woodlands of York gum and Salmon gum trees. But from the early 1900s, Europeans have cleared more than 97% of the vegetation so they could farm. Now, parts of the landscape are not suitable for traditional agriculture due to problem soils that are increasingly uneconomic to farm in a drying climate.

Tree planting with the Go Green Option brings many valuable benefits to the environment such as:

– Sequester carbon,

– Help reduce soil salinity,

– Help combat wind and water erosion,

– Enhance biodiversity, and

– Restore habitat for native animals

It also directly contributes to the following United Nations’ Sustainable Development Global goals criteria

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