Raffle Fundraisers – With the choice of world renowned resorts in seven (7) popular holiday destinations, we will help you set-up and run a successful and profitable raffle.

Would you like to run a raffle fundraiser but are hesitant because of all the work you would have to do if you did it yourself? Our established family holiday raffle programs take out all of the stress and strain for running a successful and profitable raffle.

Organisations have been successfully using our popular raffle fundraisers since 1999.The various raffle fundraisers are great as school term fundraisers and school fete raffle fundraisers leading up to and including fete day.

They are popular with schools, sporting clubs and charity community groups. 

Make up to 70% profit! Yugumbir State School made a clear profit of $8,000 running their Fiji raffle over 3 weeks.

  • There is no money up front to commence a raffle fundraiser
  • Tickets are only $2 or $3 for these really well sought after holdays destinations:
    - Sea World Resort and Water Park on the Gold Coast
    - Reef Hotel on Hamilton Island
    - Sheraton Fiji Resort
    - Holiday Inn Benoa Bali
    - Rydges Hotels and Resorts Australian wide and also New Zealand
  • We can get your raffle up and running within 14 days
  • You have extended payment terms: 20% after 30 days and the 80% balance is not due until 2 weeks before your draw
  • You will receive all the materials to ensure a successful, easy to run fundraiser:
    - The holiday resort and airfare certificates and Caltex cash Cards, cruise voucher
    - Professionally printed raffle tickets with your logo and raffle details
    - Promotional Posters
    - Parent's letters
    - Seller incentive prizes
    - Ticket tally system

    Personalised raffle structure for your group
    We've been offering our raffle fundraisers since 1999. We know what works! We know how to maximise profits and structure a raffle in terms of the number of raffle books and cost to match the group. Phone us and we'll go over what's best for your group.


"It was a pleasure dealing with Australian Fundraising with our major raffle. To set up the fundraiser, all that was required was a simple phone call, the artwork was generated within 24 hours and printed in such a short timeframe. The professional colour raffle books and promotional posters helped promote the raffle prize. The prize was well received and the winners were over the moon when they found out they had won the prize. Thanks for all your assistance". Samantha Richards

Please phone our Raffle Desk on 1300 133 022 to discuss how we will help you with running your very own raffle fundraiser. We can get your fundraiser up and running immediately.


Please read the information below on how our raffle fundraising ideas work for you:

1. Raffle Fundraiser Overview
2. Holiday Prizes Information
3. High Profit with our raffle fundraisers
4. Ease of setting up and running the raffle fundraiser
5. Free Incentive Prizes

    • It is easy to set up and run. Just forward your start and draw dates, draw location and logo and it is all set up for you.

    • Tickets are only $2 price RRP ($3 for Fiji and Bali raffle).

    • There is no money up front for schools, registered clubs and approved groups and also a payment plan over the life of the raffle; the final 80% is not due until 2 weeks before your raffle draw date.

    • Costs are based on books of twenty (20) tickets but we can supply books of ten (10) tickets.

    • It is your very own raffle fundraiser. Someone in your group or your community will win the raffle.

    • We design a raffle book structure that is best suited for your group; low break even and high profit.

You receive a complete fundraising package comprising:

    • personalised colour raffle tickets with your logo,

    • promotional posters,

    • seller incentive prizes,

    • parent letters,

    • ticket sales tally management systems.

    • Holidays are for two (2) adults and two (2) children (0-12 years). The Bali holiday is for three (3) children.

    • Winners have up to 12 months to use the holiday.

    • They can use it over the school holidays subject to availability. Some resorts have a small holiday charge such as the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa which is $30 per night per family over the Christmas/New Year period.

    • You have the choice of five exciting family holiday raffle prizes:

Gold Coast: 4½ Star Sea World Resort & Water Park on the Gold Coast including entries to the major theme parks,
Hamilton Island: 4 Star Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island with many free activities,
Fiji: 5 Star Sheraton Fiji Resort with many free activities,
NEW BALI: 4½ Star Holiday Inn Bali Benoa on Benoa Beach with many free activites,
Rydges: Thirty eight (38) Rydges Resorts-Hotels throughout Australia and New Zealand.

There are various raffle size packages and costs available for your group. We work with you and suggest the best packages for the size of your group which in turn maximises your profit.

Some package examples are:

Gold Coast: Sell 240 books, make $5,650 profit.
                  Sell 320 books, make $7,850 profit

Hamilton Island: Sell 240 books, make $5,870 profit
                        Sell 300 books, make $7,840 profit

Fiji: Sell 240 books, make $9,200 profit
      Sell 300 books, make $11,970 profit

Bali: Sell 300 books, make $7,385 profit with $2 ticket selling price
       Sell 300 books, make $12,385 profit with $3 ticket selling price

    • The best part with our raffle fundraisers is the ease for you to set it up and run your own self run fundraiser.

    • Decide on the best raffle package that suits your group.We'll help you here.

    • Work out your draw date and location for your draw.

    • We suggest a four (4) week selling period for your families with a two (2) week reminder period. Hence you would be looking at handing your tickets out six (6) weeks before your draw. Some groups work on longer selling periods.

    • Email your emblem/logo and booking form. Within 48 hours we will email your personalised ticket artwork.

    • Following your approval of the artwork, we will despatch your printed tickets within seven (7) days.

    • Included with the tickets are posters and a co-ordinator’s information pack.

    • We will email parent letter templates, tally sheets and instructions on downloading our easy to use ticket tally systems.

    • You’re off and running......
Included in all of our raffle packages are free individual prizes for your sellers, and also an iPod Shuffle 2GB which you can give to your highest seller or as a draw for everyone who sells a book of tickets.

Phone our office
Please call our office on 1300 133 022 and we can discuss how best to structure your raffle and help you to maximise your group's profit.


* Profit is based on your group remaining under the GST threshold