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South Grafton Public School's Dual Fundraising Success

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Case Study – Dual Fundraising Success

South Grafton Dual Fundraiser Success

When South Grafton Public School embarked on its fundraising journey for 2023, the goal was ambitious yet clear: to elevate the playground experience for its junior students and create an outdoor learning space that fosters creativity and learning for the senior ones. The challenge? They knew they needed a lot of money for this, but were concerned about the limited financial resources of the school community.

They were hopeful of raising a combined total of $15,000 in a community conscious of every dollar spent, and were astonished when they raised a total of $52,777. After covering all the costs for absolutely everything supplied by Australian Fundraising (from the product to the prizes, printing and online platform), it still meant a huge $31,666 for the school – something they didn’t think possible.

The Fundraising Coordinators who boldly took on this challenge were Cyndi Zoranovic (Senior School Years 3 to 6) and Candice Aland (Junior School Kinder to Year 2). They knew that they had to do something a little different than what had been done previously if they were going to experience any kind of fundraising success. This meant moving away from the one-size-fits-all fundraising approach.

Their strategy? Tailoring two distinct events – a Glowtastic Disco Party for the junior school and a Colour Explosion for the senior school two months later.

The Strategy

colour explosion fun run successWith a lot of families that have students in both the junior and senior grades, splitting the fundraising out over the two different events actually made it easier for them to fundraise. It meant that they didn’t have to fundraise for all of their children at the same time. Even just the couple of months apart made it easier to let the kids approach the same people at different times.

It was also really important to remind people what they were fundraising for, so having an end goal for how the funds would be used was critical. The junior school’s Glowtastic Disco Party turned a regular day into an extraordinary experience. With the help of blackout curtains, the school was transformed into a glowing wonderland, where even naptime couldn’t dull the sparkle. Candice commented that “the kids absolutely loved the Glowtastic Disco Party.

We were able to hold it during the day as we had blackout curtains for their nap time. Everyone had a blast, especially the parents that came along. We were also able to organise popcorn to be donated by the local cinemas which made for even more fun on the day.”

The senior school’s Colour Explosion painted the town in every colour imaginable, turning an ordinary fundraiser into a spectacle of joy and community spirit. “On the day we had a lot of different activities which involved as many people from the community as possible. It created a wonderfully collaborative environment, and the day was just a beautiful demonstration of school and community pride. The Colour Explosion built such a positive environment to all of the kids, because with Australian Fundraising no-one was left out, even if they weren’t in a position to raise money,” said Cyndi.

The Execution

glow in the dark disco fundraiserBoth events were incredibly successful because of the consistent promotion carried out during the fundraising promoting not only the upcoming event but the incentives along the way as well. From classroom visits by someone in costume to constant social media buzz, not a day went by without reinforcing the excitement of the upcoming event.

The ‘Slime a Teacher’ promotion became a hilarious highlight for both the junior and the senior school, motivating students to push their fundraising efforts further, raising more than they might have without the motivation. In the end, around ten students got to slime their favourite teachers, and it was a huge success.

The secret ingredient? Constant communication and an array of incentive prizes that made every student want to contribute, no matter how small the  donation. Both coordinators were so grateful that so much material was supplied. From printed brochures and a fence banner right through to prepared social media, it took a lot of the hard work away from them. They both agreed that the system that Australian Fundraising helped to implement was simple and easy to follow.

They were keen to make sure they did what was suggested by the on-hand fundraising expert. “It was so much easier stepping into this system, rather than having to try and do everything ourselves,” they said.

The Results

colour explosion fun run successThe outcome was nothing short of miraculous. The junior school not only met but exceeded its goal, raising a staggering $29,501 with just 232 students. The senior school followed suit, amassing $23,276. These results were a testament to the school’s innovative approach and the power of engaging the entire community in a collective effort.

There was a lot of benefit in fundraising online because friends and family from different areas were able to donate in a secure environment – not just locals. “I was shocked how much we raised, considering our goal was only $5,000,” commented Candice. “The little ones just absolutely loved the glow in the dark disco.”

Cyndi agreed as well, stating “we were absolutely astounded at how successful the fundraiser was, considering we are in an area that has a lower socio-economic population. We just didn’t think this kind of money was possible at our school. I had been involved in a colour powder fundraiser at my previous school, and this was my first time at South Grafton. Having used another company before, I found their process quite convoluted and harder to organise. With Australian Fundraising it was seamless and way easier to run.”

The Impact

glow in the dark disco fundraiserBeyond the impressive figures, the real success lay in the inclusivity of the events. Every student, regardless of their ability to contribute financially, was included in the day’s activities, ensuring that both events were a celebration of community rather than a competition.

This approach fostered a sense of belonging and pride amongst the students and their families, highlighting the school’s commitment to inclusivity and community spirit. It meant that any kids that weren’t able to fundraise still got to be included on the day and received a prize for at least setting up a page in the first seven days.

“Getting the sunglasses and headbands for every student was so great. We really didn’t want to exclude any of the students, so it made sense to us to use Australian Fundraising who ensure every child is included,” said Cyndi. Candice also said that” the incentive prizes were the biggest motivator for the little ones. They only had to raise $10 and they got something.”

Both coordinators noted it was great being able to track the progress during the fundraising on the secure platform. They could see how it was progressing and use incentives for classes to help build excitement and fundraise as much as possible.

The Testimonials

The feedback from the coordinators, teachers, parents, and students was overwhelmingly positive. “We will definitely do this again. It was quite easy to organise, and the kids just had so much fun. Incredibly pleased with how much we raised with 232 junior students from Kinder to Year 2,” remarked Candice Aland, Junior School Coordinator. Cyndi Zoranovic, Senior School Coordinator, echoed this sentiment, noting, “The Colour Explosion was an amazing event that really encouraged students to fundraise. If you haven’t tried one before, get on board and give it a go.”

The Lesson

South Grafton Public School’s dual fundraising success story serves as a powerful blueprint for schools looking to maximize their fundraising efforts. By understanding their community, leveraging the strengths of their coordinators, and choosing the right partner in Australian Fundraising, they turned their ambitious goals into a reality.

For schools contemplating their next fundraising venture, the message is clear: consider the unique needs and dynamics of your students and community. With creativity, dedication, and the right support, the possibilities are endless.


April 15, 2024

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