Story Dog Finds New Family
Australian Fundraising Sponsors Story Dog

Sponsored at Last! Building Confident Readers through Furry Friends

We love our Furry Friends at Australian Fundraising! When given the opportunity to sponsor Murphy, a German Shepperd Story Dog, we couldn’t say no. Learn more about Story Dogs and Murphy’s impact on local schools.

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Story Dog Finds New Family

Fear can destroy intelligence. According to Story Dogs, difficulties with reading can be more related to fear than actual inability. Launched in 2012, Story Dogs helps children become confident readers with the help of a furry friend and reading mentor.

Research has long shown the benefits of animals in relaxation and reducing anxiety. Not only do dogs provide a friendly presence, but they allow students to read at their own pace without judgement.

Together with his owner Simon, Murphy the German Shepherd helps children in the Ipswich region to become confident readers. Originally purchased as a family pet, Murphy has become a valuable member of Simon’s family and the greater Ipswich community.

Dogs as part of the Story Dogs program are specifically chosen for their calm temperaments and positive attitude towards children. Murphy’s delightful personality and well-trained skills make him the perfect companion for students learning to read.

As Murphy’s Story Dogs sponsor, Australian Fundraising is proud to support Murphy and Simon in helping children develop their reading skills. Our sponsorship allows Murphy and Simon to continue visiting schools throughout Ipswich, providing companionship and growth opportunities for students who need some extra help.


Stay tuned! Murphy and Simon will be visiting Australian Fundraising to meet his new sponsors. We’ll make sure he gets lots of Doggie Dough treats from Billy G, and of course – lots of pats and cuddles.

If you’re interested in becoming a Story Dogs sponsor, check out Story Dogs today.

July 1, 2021

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