Using Your Golden Classic Cookie Dough

You're The Chef!
5 Dough-Licious Ideas for Golden Classic Cookie Dough!

Make Your Own Cookie Magic with Golden Classic Cookie Dough!

It’s time for you to wear the chef’s hat with Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough! Our new unflavoured gourmet cookie dough gives you the chance to create your own scrumptious creation with absolutely any fillings you like! Discover our five favourite ways to use Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough!

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You’re The Chef! Golden Classic Cookie Dough

It’s time to step into the kitchen with Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough! In 2022, we bring back an old favourite – Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough!

The original, unflavoured gourmet cookie dough is the perfect way to let kids (and adults!) be creative in the kitchen. The cookie dough base is a clean slate for your to add in your favourite mix ins and make your own cookie magic!

But if you’re stuck for ideas, Billy G has a few flavours he loves to whip up using his Golden Classic Dough. Will you try one from the list, or come up with your own?


Pretzel & White Chocolate

Mmm, everyone loves a combination of sweet and salty! Pretzel and white chocolate cookies are exactly that. Enjoy the crunch of a pretzel chip inside the soft and chewy cookie, and some white chocolate for a creamy sweet side… what more you could dream of?!

We find mini-pretzels work the best for this recipe, but you can use larger ones and break them up! Make sure your cookie dough is thawed before you try to mix your pretzel and white chocolate into the dough, or your pretzels will likely be crushed.


Pretzel and White Chocolate Cookies

Pretzel and White Chocolate are the perfect sweet and salty combination for our Golden Classic Cookie Dough.


Coconut & Raspberry

If you’re looking for something slightly less decadent than pretzel and white chocolate, Coconut and Raspberry Cookies are a lighter (and fruitier!) alternative. You can use coconut essence, desiccated or shredded coconut for these cookies, potentially giving them a rougher texture. The raspberries can be fresh, frozen, or even the lolly kind!

Using fresh or frozen raspberries may mean that your cookies need to be gobbled up fast than if you were to use preserved raspberries – but that won’t be a problem, right?


Raspberry and Coconut Cookies are a healthier alternative than Pretzel and White Chocolate!

Coconut and Raspberry Cookies are a lighter and fruitier way to use your Golden Classic Cookie Dough!


Funfetti Cookies

Time to increase the fun factor with Billy G’s Funfetti cookies! Add in some rainbow sprinkles to your Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough for a fun twist on a favourite! Sprinkles are a fun treat that are perfect for birthday parties, school snacks or special holiday moments.

Pair your new rainbow creations with some fun cookie shapes using a cookie cutter. You’ll see smiles all round when Billy G’s Funfetti Cookies are involved!


Funfetti are like a party in your mouth! All you need is rainbow sprinkles.

Why not have some fun with rainbow Funfetti cookies?


Mini Apple and Cinnamon Pies

Reminding you of a yummy apple tea cake in a single chewy bite, apple and cinnamon cookies are a delicious nostalgic treat! These cookies may come across a little bit fancy, but they really are one of the easiest ways to impress your friends and family!

Roll out Billy G’s Golden Classic Cookie Dough until it is about a centimetre thick. Cut out 12 round, cookie sized  discs, and enough small rectangle strips for each cookie (we recommend 5-6 per cookie).

When you have placed your apple and cinnamon mixture in the centre of the round disc, drape your rectangle strips over the top. Then, cook for 12-14 minutes!


Apple and cinnamon cookies are a delicious nostalgic treat!

Apple and cinnamon cookies are a delicious nostalgic treat!


Choc Espresso Delights!

One  for the adults here – Billy G’s Choc Espresso cookies! These choc chip and coffee flavoured cookies are divine – perfect for a mid-morning pick me up! Simply mix your favourite espresso (or ground coffee) in with some choc chips and thawed Golden Classic Cookie Dough. Keep these ones out of the hands of children though… these choc-coffee cookies are for adults only!


These caffeinated cookies are for adults only!

These special choc-espresso treats are for adults only!


Make Your Own Cookie Magic

If you create a new and dough-licious cookie flavour with Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough, you can go into the draw to win a Razor Crazy Cart Shift (valued at $349)! Simply create your own cookie magic, and share a photo of your cookie creation on our Facebook page. The winner will be drawn at the end of each school term in 2022! Happy Baking!


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Exclusive to Australian Fundraising, Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough is only available through school or group fundraising. If you haven’t got your hands on a tub of Billy G’s Golden Classic Gourmet Cookie Dough, get in touch with Australian Fundraising ! You can book a Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser using the booking form below, or contacting our friendly team on 1300 133 022 today.


April 25, 2022

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