Childcare, Kindergarten and Playgroup Fundraising Ideas and Fundraisers

Fundraising Ideas for Early Childhood Centres. Easy Fundraising Ideas for Child Care Centres. Fundraising Ideas that make a lot of money!

We offer a range of fundraisers that are always successful with child care centres, kindergartens and playgroups. Our fundraising programs below are available Australia wide. There is no money up front* to commence them and we provide all of the materials to make each program a great success with the least effort.

We provide:

  • all of the support, fundraising materials, order forms, promotion materials and co-ordinator guides to help you make your early childhood fundraiser a real success
  • easy to use tally management systems to help you manage your fundraiser
  • we're just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have

Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 should you have any questions about our fundraising programs for your child care, kindy or playgroup, or would like to request a free Information Pack.


1. Billy G's Gourmet Cookie and Biscuit Dough™ 

Australia's favourite fundraiser

Cookie Poster

Everyone loves the taste and simplicity of our cookie dough! Just scoop from the tub and bake fresh cookies!

One of the most popular fundraisers throughout Australia! It is an order form drive and there is no financial risk to your group. Our great tasting cookie dough is packed in 1kg tubs and 40 x 25g large cookies will be baked from each tub. Simple scoop and bake fresh cooked cookies. Product doesn't require refrigeration for up to 8 hours after delivery to your school which makes the process of handing out orders very easy. The tubs can be refrozen.

  • your suggested selling price is only $15-$17/tub (cheaper per 100g than most baked cookies in the supermarkets, and ours taste better!),
  • you make a high profit of $3.50 per tub,
  • there are new, free incentive prize for your students to maintain interest and support,
  • new promotion posters
  • new parent letters
  • you will receive a 20 page colour order form for each student/member
  • new free online fundraising platform/shop

Please go to the Cookie Dough page to see how to run this very moorish fundraiser. 


Free Fundraising Support

We offer an extensive array of support and materials to make your fundraisers successful with least effort – naturally all free.

  • Planning Guide
    Our planning guide is packed full of useful information. Click here to download a copy of the Planning Guide.
  • Ebooks
    We have commenced putting together a range of Ebooks to provide useful information on how to run particular fundraisers. Our first Ebooks are “How to maximise fundraising profits for a school walk-a-thon or fun run using less volunteers?” and “Fundraising Essentials”. Click here to download copies of our Ebooks.
  • Planning Calendars
    Calendars are essential tools to assist with your scheduling throughout the year. 2014 calendars are available. Click here to download a copy for your State or Territory.
  • Thermometer
    Would you like to put a Thermometer up on your web site so everyone can see how you are tracking? Click here to download the thermometer.
  • Tally Sheets and Software
    We offer our easy-to-use, much liked software programs that automatically total cookie dough orders/a-thon sponsorships/raffle ticket and chocolate sales. We also supply hard copy tally sheets.
  • Parent’s Letters
    Most people are hesitant about parent’s letters as they don’t know where to start in the first place! We supply a vast array of parent letters including letters to go home with the order forms and reminder letters. You can download these from our Member Login section following the booking of our various programs.
  • Personal Support
    We’re a family owned and operated business and we’ve been in fundraising since 1995. Our family and our dedicated employees are always available to help make your fundraisers easy and effective.

* To approved customers
Profits are based on your group remaining under the GST threshold