Scratch & Support Fundraiser

Having trouble finding good fundraising options for your small group? Would you like to make $68 profit per person?

The Scratch & Support Fundraiser is ideal for small groups such as school classes, sporting clubs, cheerleading groups, youth groups such as scouts and guides, church groups and groups where parents have to raise funds towards the cost of their child’s trip. It's effective, highly profitable, quick and easy.

You'll make up to $68 profit per card, or 85% profit*. Receive free Scratch & Suppport Cards for each ten (10) purchased. These free cards effectively pay for your invoice cost providing a 100% profit. We will help you reach your goals in a short period of time.

"What a simple and easy fundraiser! We made $4,000 profit in less than 4 weeks." Michelle Pritchard, Cheerleading Group



Scratch & Support – How do the cards work?

  • The fundraiser card has forty (40) concealed dots with the amounts of 50c, $1, $2 and $3 behind the dots.
  • Each person in your group approaches family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and asks them to scratch off two concealed dots on the card.
  • The donor pays the amount behind the dots as their contribution to your fundraiser.
  • The total value donated from each card is $80.


Scratch & Support Fundraising Cards Fundraiser Overview


      • It's an ideal fundraiser for smaller support groups.
      • It's easy to set up and run.
      • For every ten (10) cards ordered you receive an extra 2 cards for FREE. This effectively pays for the initial cost.
    • There is the option of generic printed cards or personalised cards with your logo/emblem.
    • Generic cards are despatched within 24-48 hours, personalised cards within 7 days.
    • No courier charges.
    • We supply parent’s letters, tally sheets and money collection envelopes.


    Scratch & Support Fundraiser Profitability

    Your income from each card is $80. With a low cost of only $12 (incl GST) per card and you make a clear profit of $68 profit per fundraising card*.

    If you order twenty (20) Scatch & Support Cards you will receive four (4) cards for free. When sold, you will generate an extra $320 profit. The extra income from the free cards when sold effectively pays your cost.

    Profit Chart

    Order Cards Free Cards Total Cards Total Income** Cost (incl GST) PROFIT*
    10 2 12 $960 $120 $840
    20 4 24 $1,920 $240 $1,680
    30 6 36 $2,880 $360 $2,520
    50 10 60 $4,800 $600 $4,200
    100 20 120 $9,600 $1,200 $8,400


    Personalised cards

    There is a one off charge of $20 per order.

     It’s as easy as...

    • We suggest you order one fundraising card per person in your group.
    • With the generic cards, we will despatch the cards and a How To fundraiser info booklet within 24-28 hours of receiving your order.
    • With the personalised cards, email your logo/emblem. We will send the layout for your approval. Following approval, we will despatch your cards within 7 days.
    • Hand out to your families/sellers and ask them to return the cards and monies within 3-4 weeks.
    • Use the tally sheets to keep track of your sellers and any outstanding cards.


    Phone our office

    Please phone our office on 1300 133 022 to talk to our Scratch Card experts.

    * Your profit is based on your group remaining under the GST threshold
    ** From the sale of all cards